Free Solutionary Guidebook Gives Teachers the Tools to Help Students Create a Better World

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) has produced a newly-revised version of its downloadable Solutionary Guidebook.

Surry, ME, October 28, 2022 --( In schools across our nation and around the world, students are witnessing the impact of disease, conflict, and inequity. They’re seeing, feeling, and fearing the effects of climate change. And, they’re internalizing our struggle to come together respectfully and intelligently to solve problems and create a more just, healthy, and humane world.

The Solutionary Guidebook empowers students to address the many problems that concern them by providing a four-phase process that helps them research and think critically; determine the interconnected causes of problems; discover leverage points for creating positive change; and implement innovative solutions.

This “solutionary” approach not only empowers students, it also diminishes the polarization that is driving individuals and communities apart. By fostering collaboration and creative thinking, it unites people with diverse perspectives around finding meaningful solutions to real problems. The Solutionary Guidebook has already been used in schools, nationally and worldwide, reaching tens of thousands of students.

“I always thought school was sit down, write what you're supposed to, get your homework done,” said one sixth-grade student about their experience. “Now it's about looking at problems in the world. Now I realize that I can change some things.”

Teachers and administrators who want to prepare students for the world they will both inherit and shape can pursue further professional development with IHE to build whole-school engagement around the solutionary approach.

Zoe Weil, President of IHE and author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The World Becomes What We Teach: Educating a Generation of Solutionaries had this to say about the revised guidebook:

“There are so many challenges in our nation and world, with rates of depression and anxiety among youth on the rise. The Solutionary Guidebook helps address the mental distress young people are experiencing while at the same time deepening their learning by helping them apply their academic skills to solve the problems they care about most.”

Educators in all settings can download the free guidebook at:

The Institute for Humane Education offers resources, professional development, and graduate programs that empower educators to take a solution-focused approach to teaching about real-world issues concerning the environment, humans, and animals.
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The Solutionary Framework

The Solutionary Framework

A multi-step process that guides students through the four phases of becoming a Solutionary.