M4 Engineering Inc. Acquires Phoenix Technology Works a New Prototyping Powerhouse is Created

M4 Engineering Inc. Acquires Phoenix Technology Works a New Prototyping Powerhouse is Created
Long Beach, CA, June 14, 2024 --(PR.com)-- M4 Engineering Inc., a leading Engineering, Test, and Prototyping firm in the field of conceptual design, analysis and product development has acquired Phoenix Technology Works (PTW) Maricopa, AZ to increase its footprint in full vehicle prototyping and tooling for composite applications.

The purpose of this acquisition is to create a new prototyping powerhouse by combining M4’s agile engineering, test, and fabrication skills with PTW’s extensive experience in complex, large scale composite parts and tooling. This will provide clients with access to a one-stop conceptual design, analysis, prototyping, and test solution that will help accelerate innovation and reduce time to functional prototypes.

The goals of this acquisition are:

1) Combine large scale advanced prototyping with multi-disciplinary engineering
2) Provide greater geographical coverage for local clients in the Southwest
3) Help reduce the costs and accelerate the time to prototype

The project lead for this effort is Brent Scheneman, Design, Prototyping and Test Manager at M4.

Dr. Myles L. Baker, President, M4 Engineering Inc. commented on this transaction:
“M4 has worked with Dan Welch and his team at Phoenix Technology Works (PTW) since 2009 and have always been very impressed with PTW's capabilities. M4 believes that the combination of M4’s outstanding design, optimization, and testing capabilities and PTW’s tooling and prototyping capabilities would be a great offering to its customers and extremely excited to finally make this a reality. We look forward to helping companies create the next generation of aerospace prototypes".

PTW is an engineering and manufacturing company with the capabilities and capacity for large-scale tooling and full production of aerospace composite parts. PTW excels in the design and build of projects on the cutting edge of Aerospace prototype development and low-rate production.

The technicians and engineers at PTW have extensive experience in composite systems and the production of large-scale, high-precision parts, prototypes, and tools. Specializing in Tooling Design, Master Pattern Fabrication, Composite Tooling, Direct Tooling, First Article, Part Fabrication, and Bonding of Assemblies.

Dan Welch, Owner of PTW, commented on this award: " PTW is thrilled to enter this new chapter as part of M4. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for the company and opens a world of opportunities. The team at PTW is excited to be part of this journey, eager to contribute to the collective success, and explore the exciting ventures that lie ahead. Together, we will innovate, grow, and shape the future of our industry".

This approach of combining advanced engineering with similar prototyping skills under one roof is especially important during this aerospace renaissance. Today many startups are looking to partner with experienced providers to help develop and design totally new types of aircraft with very short schedules, small budgets, and complex technological demands.

Jetzero, located Long Beach, CA is a good example of one of those startups. It is developing a blended wing commercial aircraft as the best first step toward the ultimate goal of zero-carbon emissions aviation. According to Jetzero, the aircraft will launch in 2030 with 100% SAF compatibility, and the internal volume to accommodate zero-carbon hydrogen.

Tom O’Leary, Jetzero’s CEO commented on this acquisition: "We view M4’s strategic acquisition of Phoenix Technology Works (PTW) as an extension of M4’s ongoing commitment to JetZero’ s success. By bringing PTW’s large-scale tooling and composite manufacturing capabilities in house both JetZero and M4 will be able to be more agile and move faster in creating our full-scale Air Force demonstrator.” M4 has been working with Jetzero for over 3 years in developing this next generation aircraft.

The challenge of integrating the M4 and PTW teams and capabilities falls on M4 Design, Prototyping and Test Manager, Brent Scheneman. Mr. Scheneman added: “We’re eager to merge forces, leveraging our collective strengths to provide solutions to a wide variety of customers. Thanks to M4’s design, optimization, and testing capabilities, along with PTW’s tooling and prototyping capabilities, this strategic transaction propels us into an era of unparalleled innovation and growth, setting the stage for a bright and prosperous future”.

About M4 Engineering, Inc.: M4 Engineering is based in Long Beach, CA and focuses on solving complex challenges that arise during the development of new products, ground and marine vehicles and also manned and unmanned space and flight vehicles. M4 was founded in 2001 by Dr. Myles L. Baker to help commercial companies and government agencies predict and optimize vehicle performance, with emphasis on providing Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) software and services.

About Phoenix Technology Works: PTW is a privately owned engineering and composite parts and tooling manufacturing company. Founded by the husband-and-wife team, Dan, and Lori Welch. PTW has been supporting the Aerospace industry since 2003.

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