Gadfly Tees

A group of five college friends originally from Soho, London have recently relocated to Soho, New York and created a new tee-shirt company that has become the must have item of the season: GADFLY Tees.

This Tee-shirt line was developed to give these five highly and perhaps overly educated friends the chance to spew their words of wisdom, delight and venom across the chests and breasts of men and women around the world. To facilitate this lofty endeavor they have set up on-line stores in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. They have also surprisingly been able to enlist the services of the upscale showroom “Heaven Sent” in New York City to represent the wholesale division of The five friends all have intern positions at various Fortune 500 companies representing the worlds of entertainment, politics, media, fashion and even the new career phenomenon, life coaching. With this in mind, they all plan to operate behind the shield /shroud of anonymity as they say they plan to truly shake things up with this brand of tee-shirts as time goes along... However, one member in particular says that luckily he also has a friend interning at the ACLU and have him on speed dial / standby just in case.

Private Company