Gaitri, the creative spirit behind Crysobel, conceived the fine jewelry collection as an expression of her personal experiences. Each handcrafted piece showcases her diverse background rooted in Africa and Asia while reflecting her current urban lifestyle in San Francisco. Her inspiration for the name Crysobel is derived from Chryoberyl, a gemstone regarded to promote tolerance and harmony – fitting for a collection born out of a childhood spent in the war torn lands of Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. In a nod to her homeland, Sri Lanka, which was so unfortunately thrown onto the world’s stage during the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Gaitri hopes to shed a brighter light on this beautiful island nation by showcasing its world famous precious and semi-precious gemstones in her designs. Each of her creations is a fusion of the traditional artistry of the east and the contemporary aesthetics of the west… her original interpretation of the old and new.

Gaitri’s passion for jewelry and design extends back into her childhood when at the age of ten she was introduced to Sri Lanka’s stunning gems and intricate jewelry craftsmanship. It was at the age of ten that she designed her first piece, a blue sapphire ring. The seeds of a future in jewelry design were planted but they were to remain dormant as Gaitri continued down a “predictable and reliable” career in engineering and marketing in the San Francisco bay area.

In 2004, living in San Francisco, Gaitri scoured the land and the Internet in search of jewelry for her upcoming nuptials; jewelry that expressed her contemporary design sensibility and her traditional eastern roots. She found nothing… and after years of dormancy, the design spirit was re-awakened. Not to be discouraged by the lack of options, Gaitri designed her own jewelry for her wedding day …and Crysobel was conceived.

Crysobel debuted with a line of earrings in the fall of 2006 in time for the holidays. A line of bracelets will follow in the spring of 2007.

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