Epitope Diagnostics Introduces Novel Fecal NGAL Specific ELISA Kit for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Epitope Diagnostics introduces its novel fecal neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) ELISA kit. This is the first commercial kit that is developed for measurement of NGAL levels in human stool sample. Fecal NGAL is potentially a better marker than those currently used in clinical practice. - September 01, 2015 - Epitope Diagnostics, Inc.

KinderPharm LLC Acquires Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometric Research and Development Company

KinderPharm LLC., announced that it has acquired PKPD Bioscience, Inc., a clinical pharmacology and pharmacometric research and development company. The purchase will strengthen the capabilities of KinderPharm LLC to provide pediatric PK/PD modeling and simulation as well as Pop PK and sparse sampling. - September 01, 2015 - KinderPharm LLC

Keynote Line-Up and Seven FDA Speakers Confirmed for Immunogenicity and Bioassay Summit 2015, Organized by Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Seventh annual event to focus on technologies and strategies for safe and efficacious products in the clinic. - August 31, 2015 - Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Bioo Scientific Honored for Increasing Austin’s Ability to Compete in the Global Marketplace

Bioo Scientific, an Austin-based biotech company which manufactures food and feed safety test kits and products supporting life science research, received the British Airways International Trade, Investment & Expansion Award, which recognizes investments by international companies in Austin that create jobs locally, as well as Austin-based companies who have a global impact through products and services provided worldwide. - August 30, 2015 - Bioo Scientific

Ambu Partners with ValueCentric in Data Enhancement Initiative

Ambu chooses ValueCentric for their expertise in data cleansing and enhanced Master Data Management services. - August 27, 2015 - ValueCentric

Bioo Scientific Enables the Sensitive Detection of a Broad Range of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics in Food

Bioo Scientific’s MaxSignal® Beta-Lactam ELISA Test Kit has been validated for the screening of a wide range of beta-lactam antibiotics in a number of food matrices, with detection limits as low as 0.8 ppb. - August 27, 2015 - Bioo Scientific

New England, North Carolina Motorcyclists Hit Road for Kids

From the mountains of North Carolina to history-rich sites of Massachusetts, motorcyclists hit the road over the weekend for kids battling brain tumors. These family-friendly Ride for Kids events, held in Asheville, N.C., and Framingham, Mass., raised $84,236 to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor... - August 27, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

ALPCO Releases New STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Adiponectin ELISAs

ALPCO Releases New STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Adiponectin ELISAs

ALPCO has launched its new STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Total Adiponectin and HMW Adiponectin ELISAs. - August 25, 2015 - ALPCO

DaVinci Biosciences Announces Publication of "Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Arthritis" in the Book Anti-Aging Therapeutics, Volume 17

DaVinci Biosciences, LLC, a company committed to improving the quality of life for those suffering from degenerative diseases, announced today that the Vice President of Research and Development, Rafael Gonzalez’s, paper “Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Arthritis” has... - August 25, 2015 - DaVinci Biosciences LLC

Molecular Innovations, Inc. Issued U.S. Patent for Human Prorenin ELISA Kit

Molecular Innovations, Inc. has been issued United States Patent Number 9,085,795 for its unique and novel “Human Prorenin ELISA Kit.” - August 23, 2015 - Molecular Innovations

AdvantaPure(R) Welcomes Mark Mistretta as East Coast Sales Manager; Brings Sales and Engineering Experience to Assist Customers with Process System Integration

AdvantaPure announces the appointment of Mark Mistretta to its team. Mistretta fills the east coast sales position vacated due to the recent promotion of another team member. His experience in sales and mechanical engineering will help AdvantaPure’s Single-Use system customers work out their biopharma fluid flow concepts and application challenges. As Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Mistretta is responsible for the management and growth of accounts in the eastern U.S. - August 21, 2015 - AdvantaPure

St. Louis Motorcyclists Rev It Up at Ride for Kids

St. Louis motorcyclists gathered over the weekend to honor 11 local brain tumor survivors at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Ride for Kids event. The family-friendly event, held at St. Charles Community College in Cottleville, raised $46,290 to support the foundation's lifesaving research... - August 19, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Concept Life Sciences Acquires CXR Biosciences to Augment Its Expanding Service Base in Discovery and PreClinical Sciences

Concept Life Sciences, scientific Laboratory and consultancy group has acquired CXR Biosciences. This marks its fourth acquisition since it was formed in July 2014. Led by Executive Chairman Michael Fort and Chief Executive Officer Alan Morgan the Concept Life Sciences Group currently has over 600... - August 18, 2015 - Concept Life Sciences

NanoHybrids Launches Gold Nanoparticles Custom Designed to Improve Lateral Flow Quality and Reproducibility

Careful selection of indicator particles is absolutely critical to the performance of any lateral flow assay. NanoHybrids’ new line of monodisperse gold nanoparticles can enable the development of lateral flow assays that meet the highest specifications of the industry, particularly with respect to sensitivity and reproducibility. - August 16, 2015 - NanoHybrids

Eurogentec (EGT), Belgium, Appoints MoBiTec GmbH as Distributor for Germany

Eurogentec (EGT) is a leading provider of innovative products and services to the life science, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical community. MoBiTec is selling the products of AnaSpec, which now is part of EGT, for more than 10 years already. The agreement allows MoBiTec to also offer EGT's state-of-the-art qPCR kits, oligonucleotides, and further products related to genomics to its customers. - August 14, 2015 - MoBiTec GmbH

KinderPharm Raises $1 Million to Further Advance Pediatric Drug Development

KinderPharm, a full-service contract research organization (CRO) dedicated exclusively to pediatric drug development, has raised $1 million from a Series A comprised of individuals, companies and angel investors. The $1 million investment will be used to further advance the clinical development of new medicines for children. - August 13, 2015 - KinderPharm LLC

ADC Contract Manufacturing Market: Opportunities Ahead

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are a new class of therapeutic drugs consisting of a cytotoxic drug linked to a monoclonal antibody. These novel conjugates are believed to be very effective and efficient in treatment of a disease. However, manufacturing such highly potent toxic molecules is accompanied with several known and unknown challenges. - August 10, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Dr Nader N Youssef Appointed Chief Medical Officer of electroCore

Dr Nader N Youssef has been appointed Chief Medical Officer of electroCore, the US based electroceutical healthcare company. Nader brings more than 15 years of clinical, academic, and industry research experience to electroCore. He was previously Executive Director GI Global Clinical Development... - August 09, 2015 - electroCore

Pinnacle 21 CEO Max Kanevsky Named to PharmaVOICE 100

Pinnacle 21 announced today that its president & CEO, Max Kanevsky, has been named to the prestigious PharmaVOICE 100 list of the most innovative and influential people in the life-sciences industry. - August 07, 2015 - Pinnacle 21

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Agrees to Invest in AmnioChor

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Agrees to Invest in AmnioChor

AmnioChor is a biotech startup engaged in perinatal stem cell technologies, founded with a long term vision and operating on a near term mandate. The vision is the ability to satisfy the therapeutic needs of Mesenchymal and Epithelial stem cells as the critical high volume foundation of new cures. The immediate mandate is to create the bank to serve that need through the cryopreservation of the living amniotic membrane of the placental sac. - August 06, 2015 - AmnioChor

Vitamin Weed: Get Healthy, Not High: Big Brother Star Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Cannabis Book

Dr. Michele Noonan Ross plans to educate both patients and doctors with her new book Vitamin Weed: Get Healthy, Not High, a revolutionary 4-step plan to reversing endocannabinoid deficiency and restoring balance to your body. Launching July 22nd on the Publishizer crowdfunding platform, 10% of book sales will be donated to the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation to directly fund cannabinoid research. - August 06, 2015 - GreenStone Labs

Motorcyclists in Three States Help Children with Brain Tumors

Ride for Kids motorcyclists gathered in three states over the weekend and raised $103,927 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The events in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania honored 25 local brain tumor survivors on Aug. 2: Andrea, Andrew, Angel, Annabelle, Bo, Catie, Gianna, James, Jon,... - August 05, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Israel Patent Allowance for GH, IGF-1 and Obesity Vaccines to Braasch Biotech

Israel Patent Allowance for GH, IGF-1 and Obesity Vaccines to Braasch Biotech

Israel Patent Office allows patent for treatment of hormone deficiencies and obesity in humans and pets. - August 01, 2015 - Braasch Biotech LLC

Fannin Innovation Studio Expands Team as Life Science Portfolio Grows

Dr. Michael Heffernan to lead R&D of novel biomedical technologies. - July 29, 2015 - Fannin Partners, LLC

Riders in Midwest, South Raise Funds for the PBTF

From the southern hills to the Midwestern plains, Ride for Kids motorcyclists combined to raise more than $90,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation on July 26. More than 300 participants attended the East Tennessee and Kansas City Ride for Kids events to honor their local brain tumor... - July 29, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Fannin Innovation Studio and University of Houston Announce the Formation of GuidaBot, LLC

Technology enables interventions using real-time MRI guidance. - July 25, 2015 - Fannin Partners, LLC

New Technology from MR Solutions Could Mean That Our Children Can Still Have Helium Party Balloons in the Future

Helium filled party balloons could be relegated to the past if the supply of helium dwindles, but MR Solutions, the world technology leader in preclinical MRI systems could be riding to the rescue with scanners that do not require liquid helium. - July 25, 2015 - MR Solutions

Bioo Scientific Increases Multiplexing Capabilities for Illumina Sequencing with >2000 Single-Index Barcodes

Bioo Scientific has released NEXTflex-HT™ Barcodes, single-index barcodes for Illumina sequencing, significantly increasing throughput capacity for next generation sequencing. The NEXTflex-HT Barcodes permit dual error correction to preventing ambiguity in sample differentiation due to PCR errors or sequencing instrument miscalling. Each pair of consecutive barcodes is fully color balanced and suitable for low level multiplexing. - July 24, 2015 - Bioo Scientific

MiTeGen Announces Mutual Distribution Agreements with Rigaku Reagents

MiTeGen LLC, a provider of innovative consumables for X-ray diffraction, crystallography and protein crystallization to academic, pharmaceutical, industrial and government researchers around the world, announced that it has signed mutual distribution agreements with Rigaku Reagents. - July 23, 2015 - MiTeGen, LLC

NanoHybrids Enters into Distribution Agreement with Eikonix

NanoHybrids Inc, a biotechnology company based in Austin, Texas, and Eikonix, UK, a distributor of imaging systems and contrast agents announced today that they have entered into an agreement that adds NanoHybrids’ premium gold nanoparticles to Eikonix's extensive offering of scientific... - July 23, 2015 - NanoHybrids

Global Biosimilars Market, 2015-2025

Characterised by increased utility in chronic diseases and capital intensive manufacturing, the global biopharmaceutical market is expanding robustly. As the demand for biologics is increasing continuously, manufacturers are on the lookout for novel strategies that will help them attain maximum returns on investment. - July 22, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Drip & Prep – RNA Isolation Has Never Been so Easy; FortiusBio LLC do Cell Lysis Cards to the Utmost

MoBiTec GmbH's new partner FortiusBio LLC is a US startup biotech firm that does only one thing good: to soak filter paper with proprietary lysis solutions and make cards which lyse cells and preserve nucleic acid (even RNA) integrity at room temperature. - July 22, 2015 - MoBiTec GmbH

Ride for Kids Crosses Borders to Raise Funds for PBTF

Ride for Kids motorcyclists rode in three states to raise $392,428 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation over the weekend. Riders in Minnesota, New York and Wisconsin honored 27 brain tumor survivors on July 19: Alyona, Amanda, April, Beckett, Carra, Catrina, Connor, Dominic, Emily, Hunter,... - July 22, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

The Journal of Headache and Pain Reports That electroCore’s Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (nVNS) Treatment is Effective in Migraines

-- 65% of the study participants reported pain relief(1) by 2 hours after treatment, with 56% already reporting pain relief by one hour, and 35% were pain free by one hour -- Authors stated that nVNS was safe, well tolerated and effective in many patients and may reduce medication overuse and... - July 17, 2015 - electroCore

Non-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Market to Witness 9% Annualized Growth, Predicts Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Non-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Oncology, 2015-2025” report to their offering. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape and the future outlook of kinase inhibitors not specifically targeting tyrosine... - July 16, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Ohio Motorcyclists Raise Funds for the PBTF

Motorcyclists from the Buckeye State banded together for children fighting brain tumors at the 24th Marysville Ride for Kids over the weekend. The July 11 event, which benefited the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, honored local brain tumor survivors Erin, Jared, Naomi and Seth as Ride for Kids... - July 15, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

MR Solutions Displays World-Leading Cryogen-Free Magnet Technology at ISMRM and SNMMI Conferences

Delegates visiting MR Solutions’ new exhibition stand at ISMRM 2015 and SNMMI 2015, in June 2015, were thrilled to see the company’s 3T, 4.7T and 7T MRI cryogen-free magnet technology for preclinical imaging. The preclinical MRI systems provide superior soft tissue contrast and high spatial resolution and can now be placed inside a Class 3 or 4 laboratory as external venting is no longer needed. - July 15, 2015 - MR Solutions

A Fully Functional Diagnostic Laboratory in a Box - MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, Offers Coyote Bioscience's MD-Box-Lab

Whether a veterinarian in the field or a tropical disease specialist in the savanna - one of the things they certainly do miss most is a fully operational laboratory for reliable molecular biologically supported diagnostics. - July 15, 2015 - MoBiTec GmbH

ValueCentric Announces Advanced Service Level Monitoring Module

The module is part of a series of solution-oriented modules designed to provide users with one-click solutions to common problems. - July 15, 2015 - ValueCentric

Bioo Scientific Releases Enzyme Assay for Sulfite Detection in Food and Beverage Samples

Bioo Scientific’s MaxSignal® Sulfite Assay Kit, is a convenient and robust system optimized for the screening of the preservative sulfite that is highly prevalent in food and beverage samples. This enzyme assay uses a rapid aqueous extraction, and an enzymatic reaction that requires only 20 minutes. The kit can detect as little as 0.5 ppm of sulfite in aqueous extractions, and incorporates an innovative new format which offers more accurate results when testing “high-creep" samples. - July 10, 2015 - Bioo Scientific

Companion Diagnostics Market to Grow at 22.9% Over the Next Decade, Predicts Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “Companion Diagnostics Market, 2014 - 2024 (2nd edition)” report to their offering. The study offers an extensive analysis of this growing market, including market forecasts for the period 2014-2024. Shefali Asija, the principal analyst... - July 09, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies Market

The problem of counterfeit products has been a common challenge to all the industries across the globe. Counterfeit drugs create substantial public health hazards and cause crucial safety concerns. This field has attracted several companies which have developed many technologies with an aim to prevent counterfeiting in the pharma industry. - July 06, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC Expands Clinical Pharmacology Capabilities

CRO Completes 65-Bed Expansion to Increase Capacity to 200-Beds - July 05, 2015 - Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market to Witness 24.1% Annualised Growth, Predicts Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of "Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market - 2014 - 2024" report to their offering. The study offers a comprehensive view of the emerging market of CTLA-4, PD-1, PD-L1 and several novel immune checkpoint inhibitors (IDO-1, IDO-2, KIR, OX40, CD70,... - July 05, 2015 - Roots Analysis

HPAPIs and Cytotoxic Drugs Manufacturing Market to Evolve Rapidly, Reports Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis has announced the addition of “HPAPIs and Cytotoxic Drugs Manufacturing Market” report to their portfolio. The report provides an extensive study of the contract manufacturing opportunity for this rapidly expanding market. It identifies various CMOs active in this space,... - July 04, 2015 - Roots Analysis

Rare Diseases: Market Opportunities Predicted by Roots Analysis

The report provides a comprehensive study of the pipeline drugs being developed for rare diseases by several top pharmaceutical firms. - July 03, 2015 - Roots Analysis

ALPCO and Cisbio US, Inc. Announce Sales and Distribution Agreement

ALPCO and Cisbio US, Inc. Announce Sales and Distribution Agreement

Starting on July 1, Cisbio US, Inc. will have exclusive access to ALPCO's colorimetric and STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Diabetes and Obesity products. - July 01, 2015 - ALPCO

Micro Booster Pump for the Heart Selected as Semi Finalist in International Life Sciences Competition

Thinner than a #2 pencil and with a sleek appearance more like a torpedo than a life-saving heart pump, Aortix™ has been selected, from a pool of more than 280 applicants, as one of 17 life science projects named a semi finalist in the Universal Biotech Innovation Prize 2015. Two winners, who... - July 01, 2015 - Procyrion Inc

Northern Indiana Motorcyclists Unite for Kids

Motorcyclists showed their support for children with brain tumors by raising $53,920 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation on June 28. More than 200 participants gathered for the Northern Indiana Ride for Kids in South Bend to honor brain tumor survivors Adler, Daniel, Hannah, Jayden, Jennifer... - July 01, 2015 - Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Prefilled Syringes Market, 2015-2025

Injectable drug delivery systems have traversed a long way from conventional syringes with vials to prefilled syringes, auto-injectors, pen injectors and needle free systems. These modern devices have become preferred devices for parenteral administration of drugs, mainly used for treatment of chronic conditions requiring patients to self-administer medication several times a week. - June 29, 2015 - Roots Analysis

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