Guardian Launches New SunGuard® Website Part of New Architectural Glass Program Coming in September

Guardian has launched a new comprehensive website -- -- devoted exclusively to SunGuard®, the company’s growing brand of advanced architectural glass products. - August 24, 2007 - Guardian Industries

Southern Cross Building Products Puts Wind Back in Local Sea Scouts' Sails

Southern Cross Building Products donated a 24' Catalina sailboat to a local sea scout ship. "We are always looking for ways to strengthen our ties to the local community and felt that the young adults of Sea Scout Ship (SS247) give back a positive message to our community." said Rodrigo... - July 26, 2007 - Southern Cross Building Products, LLC

Weathered Stone™ Announces New Streamlined Product Display

New Streamlined Product Display Takes In-Store Retailing to the Next Level - July 05, 2007 - Weathered Stone

Weathered Stone™ Improves Stone and Leather Panels

Improved stone and leather panels will create less waste. - June 20, 2007 - Weathered Stone

VitraStone Earns 2007 Installation, Use & Maintenance Earth Day Award

Ryan and Jamie Waxman are co-founders and creators of VitraStone Eco-Friendly Sinks and Surfaces. VitraStone is announcing its award winning product line of vessel sinks, integral sink-tops and countertops. Dedication to environmental responsibility and the social need for affordable ecological... - June 07, 2007 - VitraStone LLC

Weathered Stone™ Column Install Premieres on SplashCast

Bendable Stone Column Installs Have Never Before Been Available for Public Viewing. - May 20, 2007 - Weathered Stone

“Zoo Furniture” Expands Concrete Product Line

Front Range Precast Concrete (FRPC), manufacturers of concrete utility structures for septic service, water cisterns, and advanced treatment units are producing a new product line for 2007. Prefabricated concrete housing for animals like Athos and Diesel is another way FRPC helps contribute to the... - May 10, 2007 - Front Range Precast Concrete

Weathered Stone™: The Perfect Complement to a Man Space

Weathered Stone™ will transform a ho-hum room into a haven of masculinity. - April 11, 2007 - Weathered Stone

New Durra-Core™ Adhesive Makes Weathered Stone™ a Practical Flooring and Countertop Option

Weathered Stone™ is not just for vertical surfaces, the new Durra-Core™ Adhesive hardens and waterproofs Weathered Stone™ from the inside out. Durra-Core™ Adhesive is a two part epoxy designed to saturate the product. While still wet, the Durra-Core™ Adhesive will... - March 30, 2007 - Weathered Stone

Atlanta Re-Bath Welcomes DuraBath™ SSP Materials

Re- Bath, America’s largest One-Day Remodeling company, has announced that it will immediately begin to supply their new DuraBath™ SSP building material to their 175 franchised operations across the country including Georgia’s Atlanta Re-Bath located in Marietta and Decatur. Remodeling for life in mind, Atlanta Re-Bath welcomes the new materials. - March 21, 2007 - Atlanta Re-Bath

Weathered Stone™: Natural Stone’s New Competition

Weathered Stone™ the World’s First Bendable Stone is a hand made stone and leather replica covering that is only 1/32nd of an inch thick. Weathered Stone™ can be adhered to practically all solid, interior spaces. “Weathered Stone™ can be installed over a multitude... - February 22, 2007 - Weathered Stone

A Call for Celebrities to Donate Their Hair to Make and Auction Diamonds to Support African Charities

Heart-In Diamond is calling the Blood Diamond producers and Hollywood to participate in its charitable action. The company proposes creating diamonds from celebrities' hair to auction for a charitable cause. - January 29, 2007 - New Age Diamonds

Heart – In Diamond: Personal Diamond Grown with Addition of Carbon Extracted from Hair

New Age Diamonds, the leading manufacturer of cultivated color diamonds announces the launch of its new product Heart – In Diamond – a personalized diamond grown with addition of carbon extracted from human or animal hair. - January 24, 2007 - New Age Diamonds

Largest Vedic Green Designed Development in the USA Will Use Green E-Board™

Mandala Club, the largest Vedic green design development in the USA has picked Southern Cross Building Products as its supplier of environmentally friendly specialized building panels called GREEN E BOARD™ that are manufactured to minimize carbon emissions and help eliminate interior health... - January 18, 2007 - Southern Cross Building Products, LLC

SUNY Awards Innovative Stone with Training Grant

Innovative Stone® announced today that it received a $30,400 Workforce Development Training Grant from the State University of New York to fund English training classes for its workers. - October 18, 2006 - Innovative Stone

R&R Grosbard and New Age Diamonds Present the Fire Flower Jewelry Collection

The collection was designed by R&R Grosbard with colored diamonds cultivated by New Age Diamonds. - May 31, 2006 - New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds: Your Personal Diamond Created from Human or Animal Hair

New Age Diamonds proudly presents a new and unique patented product, "Your Personal Diamond" (YPD) - personalized lab-grown diamonds created from human or animal hair. The product is for the funeral and pet market as well as other jewelry related industries such as weddings, gifts and beauty salons. - March 30, 2006 - New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds' Jewelry Support Program

New Age Diamonds launches a program to promote their fancy colored cultured diamonds in jewelry of contemporary design and to support individual jewelers and small businesses in diamond industry - now giving special discount to jewelers. - October 26, 2005 - New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds is Expanding Capacities

The first introduction of New Age Diamonds to worldwide market brought to the company numerous contacts. As that obviously shows growing interest to synthetic diamonds New Age Diamonds took a decision to increase production and to start mutual partnership with respectable concerned companies. - August 17, 2005 - New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds - diamonds for the modern world

Original producer of cultured diamonds is entering the market - Russian lab-grown diamonds of gem-quality are available now, in orange, vivid yellow and greenish. Affordable beauty for new generation. - June 28, 2005 - New Age Diamonds

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