Packaging Resources Celebrating 25 Years of Growth and Success

Packaging Resources Inc. celebrates 25 years. Since 1999, PRI has provided innovative packaging solutions for Food Processor, Food Service, and Institutional Cleaning markets. PRI team embodies the core values: Collaborative, Passionate, Respectful, Resourceful, Nimble, and Community. Thanks to Packaging Resources' dedicated team. - May 14, 2024 - Packaging Resources, Inc.

Immediate Availability: Molded Fiber Packaging Capacity with Exclusive Benefits at Norwalk Packaging

Immediate Availability: Molded Fiber Packaging Capacity with Exclusive Benefits at Norwalk Packaging

Norwalk Packaging announces the immediate availability of 3 tons per day of molded fiber packaging for sustainable business operations in various sectors. Full-capacity commitment comes with exclusive benefits like preferential pricing. - March 23, 2024 - Norwalk Packaging,LLC

Sustainability in Every Box: Bakery Packaging Boxes Launches New Line of Eco-Friendly Boxes

In a proactive move towards environmental responsibility, Bakery Packaging Boxes proudly announces the launch of a new line of eco-friendly boxes for bakery products like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. - January 29, 2024 - Bakery Packaging Boxes

From Marie-Antoinette to the Digital Age – How Artworks Reach Their Collectors in the US

The renowned art shipping company Chenue looks back on a 260-year history that traces its origins to crafting transport crates for the French queen Marie-Antoinette. Today, Chenue is a global leader in art transportation and has developed an innovative shipping solution called "Moviiu," ushering the transport of artworks into the digital era. - December 21, 2023 - Moviiu SA

Coast Package Material Launches Innovative Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Coast Package Material serves multiple industries with safe and sustainable pouches. Since these pouches are demanded far and wide in the world. - January 28, 2023 - Coast Package Material

Oliver Inc. Expands Oklahoma Facility

Oliver Inc. Expands Oklahoma Facility

Oliver has expanded their Oklahoma Facility and added new heavy equipment with the long-term plan to add 25 additional positions. - December 03, 2022 - Oliver Inc.

Digital Lion Helps Support Those in the Middle of Ukraine Conflict

Digital Lion, a professional web development, graphic design, and online marketing agency, is helping those in need in Ukraine and encouraging others to do the same. - July 14, 2022 - Digital Lion Inc.

Brodmann17 and Rhonda to Disrupt the Video Telematics Market with Their Cloud Connected Camera Platform Powered by Ambarella’s Edge AI Vision SoC

Brodmann17 and Rhonda to Disrupt the Video Telematics Market with Their Cloud Connected Camera Platform Powered by Ambarella’s Edge AI Vision SoC

Rhonda Software, a professional camera design house and Brodmann17, the leading provider of Vision-AI patented technology for automated driving, announced today the launch of an ADAS camera platform based on the Ambarella CV25 edge AI vision System on Chip (SoC). This is the first technology... - November 22, 2021 - Rhonda Software

Gregory Abbott Launches New Website for Left Coast Industries

Gregory Abbott Launches New Website for Left Coast Industries

Gregory Abbott, an experienced fabricator who specializes in prototyping, is excited to announce the launch of a new website for his company Left Coast Industries. - September 14, 2021 - Left Coast Industries

JUXIANG Printing Brings a Variety of Magnetic Gift Boxes for Customers

JUXIANG Printing has launched a whole new range of magnetic giftboxes due to high demand from the customers. The newly launched magnetic gift boxes come in variations and answer the rising demand for premium quality gift boxes. - August 23, 2021 - JUXIANG Packaging Printing Ltd.

DSPACK, a Manufacturer Specialized in Producing Eco-Friendly Food Packaging and Masks, Will Enter the Global Market

Founded in 1985, DSPACK produces packing products free of volatile organic compounds by utilizing the latest equipment in Korea. - August 18, 2021 - Daesung Packing Industry Co., Ltd.

RevArt and VivaTerra Announce Partnership to Launch Art and Nature Collection

VivaTerra’s first fine art collaboration and a curated gallery of women artists will be available in this year holiday season. - June 30, 2021 - RevArt

Schmancy Launches Desi Vibes Collection with an Indian Twist for Creative Packaging

Desi Vibes collection includes pop-arty motifs with Indian designs and colors. The range includes gift hamper, jeweler, cosmetic and bakery boxes. - June 18, 2020 - Schmancy

New Online Marketplace Allows Entrepreneurs to Book On-the-Spot Graphic & Web Design Sessions with Local Designers

New Online Marketplace Allows Entrepreneurs to Book On-the-Spot Graphic & Web Design Sessions with Local Designers

Founder and CEO M.D. Chau got the idea for on-the-spot graphic design sessions in 2014 while standing in the middle of an Orange County jewelry store. After testing the market by forming a different company at the time, he found that both customers and designers were happier with the concept. Now, with easier access to online marketplace technology, he launched with hopes of scaling the idea across the U.S. and worldwide. And, he's doing it all during the COVID-19 crisis. - May 10, 2020 - In Person Design Inc.

PacknWood Food Service Supplier to Sell Eco-Friendly Brown Sugarcane Pulp Containers

PacknWood is proud to announce its newest line of eco-friendly brown sugarcane pulp containers. Brown sugarcane pulp is a natural byproduct of harvesting sugarcane, which makes it a very sustainable process. It is a dry and fibrous residue left behind from crushed sugarcane once the juice is... - February 26, 2020 - PacknWood

PacknWood to Sell Mini Kraft Cardboard Pizza Boxes for Restaurants, Caterers, and Food Delivery Companies

PacknWood now sells eco-friendly Mini Kraft Cardboard Pizza Boxes that are biodegradable and compostable. The new Mini Kraft Cardboard Pizza Boxes are made from sturdy Kraft cardboard that can be recycled and is considered biodegradable. The small 3.5” by 3.5” size can be utilized in a... - February 26, 2020 - PacknWood

Food Service Supplier PacknWood Launches New Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fiber Takeout Packaging

PacknWood recently launched its new line of bamboo fiber "Buckaty" salad boxes available in three different sizes: 24 oz, 32 oz., and 50 oz. The compostable round takeout containers are made from cardboard made from bamboo fiber, which is highly renewable and sustainable over the long... - February 26, 2020 - PacknWood

Shorr Packaging Announces International Expansion with New Facility in Mexico

Shorr credits the expansion to the strong partnership and collaboration between the company and its customers. - February 21, 2020 - Shorr Packaging Corp.

Digital Lion Donates 10% of Year’s Profit to Child Development Institute

Digital Lion, a company specializing in web and graphic design and development, donates 10% of their profits to support youth mental health programs. - November 16, 2019 - Digital Lion Inc.

PacknWood Food Service Supplier Launches New Size of Eco-Friendly Sugarcane Plate

PacknWood is excited to announce now offer one of its newest products: Bio n Chic Sugarcane Plate - 6.3" x 6.3". The new 6.3 inch by 6.3 inch size is now available due to high demand. Hotel operators, food trucks, and event caterers often request a smaller plate for wedding hors... - November 13, 2019 - PacknWood

PacknWood Now Sells Eco-Friendly Wheat Straws

PacknWood is pleased to offer new cocktail and long-sized wheat straws. The new wheat straws offered from PacknWood are made entirely from wheat. The wheat straws are environmentally-friendly, compostable, and biodegradable. Each straw is toxin-free and better for the Earth, too. Unlike some other... - November 12, 2019 - PacknWood

Eco-Friendly Hotel Food Service Retailer PacknWood to Exhibit at The Hotel Experience

PacknWood is excited to be an exhibitor at The Hotel Experience at the Javits Center in New York City. The Javits Center is located at 429 11th Avenue, just over half a mile from the PacknWood showroom and office. Participants are invited to come see all of the hotel and food service supplies... - October 30, 2019 - PacknWood

Eco-Friendly Food Service Retailer PacknWood to Exhibit at IBIE

PacknWood is one of the 1,000+ vendors to be featured in the IBIE Expo Hall in Booth #745. The event takes place from Sunday, September 8 to Wednesday, September 11. Tickets are still available. - August 30, 2019 - PacknWood Redesigns Political Logos of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates redesigns political logos of the 2020 Presidential candidates inspired by their personalities and their brand of politics. - April 20, 2019 - Logo Design

Digital Lion Donates 10% of Profits to EvenStart Foundation

Digital Lion, a company specializing in Web and graphic design and development, is donating 10% of the year’s profits to EvenStart Foundation. - December 20, 2018 - Digital Lion Inc.

China-Based Manufacturing Firm TedPack Announces Launch of Onsite Ultimate Guide to Packaging Pouches

China-Based Manufacturing Firm TedPack Announces Launch of Onsite Ultimate Guide to Packaging Pouches

Many choices can be made when a company decides on what packaging to use. To help make things easier Chinese packaging manufacturer TedPack now features a deeply informative Ultimate Guide to Packaging Pouches on their growing website. - November 29, 2018 - TedPack Company Limited

The Super Mini-Emulator VAXEL Adds UltraScale to Its Lineup Boosting the DUT Block Size to 6 Million Gates

VAXEL is a market proven Super Mini-Emulator using FPGA evaluation boards. It has full capabilities for RTL design verification and yet the license is very affordable. Major Japanese OEMs are equipping all their RTL designers with VAXEL and saving weeks and months from their ASIC development projects. - August 20, 2018 - VAXEL Incorporated

The Premier Snack Bag Series from Packaging Resources Offers an Eco-Friendly Alternative for Grab and Go Packaging

Packaging Resources is introducing the Snack Bag Series, an exclusive brand that is easy to pack, easy to open, and easy to use. The Snack Bag Series offers superb visibility, is eco-friendly, keeps food fresh, keeps sandwiches and wraps together while eating, and reduces food waste. - May 15, 2018 - Packaging Resources, Inc.

Digital Lion Donates 10% of Profits to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids

Digital Lion, a company specializing in web development, graphic design and digital marketing, has chosen Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids for this year’s 10% donation. - October 19, 2017 - Digital Lion Inc.

Protective Packaging Corporation to Donate 15,000 Moisture Barrier Bags for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Protective Packaging Corporation is donating 15,000 moisture barrier bags to the Salvation Army for use in hurricane relief efforts throughout the Gulf Coast, Florida and the southeast. These bags are military-grade, moisture barrier bags designed to protect contents from harsh conditions,... - September 14, 2017 - Protective Packaging Corp.

Artco Group Announces the Creation of a New Custom Promotional Products Division

Artco Group Inc., Manufacturers, Designers and Installers of Custom Store Fixtures for Retail Interiors, with over 33 years in the industry, announced today the creation of a new Division that will produce custom promotional displays. Karen Estrada, the head of this new Division, is thrilled for... - July 25, 2017 - Artco Group

New Trend: Monogrammed Leather Accessories, Now Available on Kickstarter

Thomas & Co., the leading leather company based in Mexico City, today announced it would be offering its products to all the world. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind leather accessories, will tie up with Kickstarter to unveil their new cool and trendy collection... - July 01, 2017 - Thomas & Co.

Angleboard Named to Food Logistics' 2017 Top Green Providers List

Annual list recognizes sustainability in the food and beverage industry. - June 22, 2017 - Angleboard

Global Packaging Partners, Inc. Announces Major Collaboration

Global Packaging Partners, Inc. (GPP), a certified minority owned business, based in Brentwood, TN, has established a collaborative relationship with a third party (3PL) logistics provider. - March 12, 2017 - Global Packaging Partners, Inc.

Computer with Many Unique/Original Features is Trying to Reach the Crowd to Make Production Possible

Entropy is a modern intelligent design made after years of extensive research; Designed to be the most balanced Small_Form_Factor desktop computer on the market. - November 26, 2016 - BottleNext

TransSiP’s Desmond Wong Named ACE Awards Finalist

UBM Publishing has announced that Desmond Wong, Founder and CEO of TransSiP Inc. has been chosen as a 2016 ACE Awards Finalist. The ACE (Annual Creativity in Electronics) Awards, in partnership with EE Times and EDN, showcase the best of the best in today's electronics industry. ACE celebrates the promise of new talent and innovation, as well as paying tribute to the lifetime achievement of a top industry veteran. - November 14, 2016 - TransSiP, Inc.

A Unique New Way to Craft a Professional Espresso by Hand

The Flair Espresso Maker is half way to its $45,000 target on Kickstarter, and promises to make hand-crafting professional quality espresso at home a reality. - November 06, 2016 - Flair Espresso

Candle Packaging USA New Female Round Candle Cover 2.88

Candle Packaging USA launched their brand new female round candle cover 2.88 assists in keeping dust out of and the scent in their customers products, proudly manufactured in the USA. - October 27, 2016 - Candle Packaging USA

TransSiP's JC-PFM™ DC-DC Conversion Solution and Harmony™ SNJ Conditioner Named 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards Finalist

ECN/Electronic Component News has announced that TransSiP’s submission to the 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards has been named a 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards Finalist. The ECN IMPACT Awards recognize the top products and services in 17 categories across the design engineering landscape. The competition seeks... - September 25, 2016 - TransSiP, Inc.

Digital Lion Makes Donation to Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research

Digital Lion, a leader in the Web development, graphic design, and digital marketing field, donated a portion of its profits to a charity helping those in the community. - August 27, 2016 - Digital Lion Inc.

TransSiP Announces Breakthrough in DC-DC Converter for IoT/Wireless Power and Performance Baseline

With the unveiling of patent-pending JC-PFM DC-DC technology at the APEC (Long Beach) last March, simultaneously achieving long battery life for IoT/Wireless devices with no compromise in maximum system performance at all conditions became reality. - July 16, 2016 - TransSiP, Inc.

Excellicon Introduces Automated Clock Domain Crossing Tool (CDC) Eliminating Complex Setup Process, Enabling Full Hierarchical for Multi-Mode Analysis

Excellicon Introduces Automated Clock Domain Crossing Tool (CDC) Eliminating Complex Setup Process, Enabling Full Hierarchical for Multi-Mode Analysis

Excellicon Inc. an innovative provider of end-to-end timing constraints products announced release of its latest product ConDor (Clock Domain Review), providing fully automated CDC tool. ConDor CDC product will change the way the designers will approach the CDC analysis by completely eliminate... - June 03, 2016 - Excellicon

Excellicon Provides Multiple Techniques for Timing Constraints Promotion or Demotion

Excellicon Provides Multiple Techniques for Timing Constraints Promotion or Demotion

Excellicon Inc. an innovative provider of end-to-end timing constraints and clock analysis products announced several options for propagating timing constraints up or down the hierarchy. Excellicon products now provide three techniques for promotion and/or demotion of timing constraints. First is... - June 03, 2016 - Excellicon

Excellicon’s End-to-End Timing Constraints Solution Results in Significant Business Growth for 2016 Fiscal Year

Excellicon Inc., reports over 400% business growth expanding its install base, and customer count for fiscal year ending April 30, 2016. The revenues also grew over 200% as a result of rapid adoption of Excellicon’s products. The rapid growth is attributed to the need for automation of timing constraints flows and the fact that Excellicon is the only company that provides an end-to-end timing constraints and clock analysis solutions for SOC design. - May 25, 2016 - Excellicon

Bookcoverpedia - A Revolution in a Self-Publishing Book Cover Design

The most advanced and most complete platform for premade book covers in the World. - May 03, 2016 - Nessgraphica

STEM-Based Weather Balloon Competition Announced for Washoe County School District

Glass Ceiling, developed by TigerWare Developments, challenges Washoe County High School students to touch the edge of space in a STEM-based competition using High Altitude Weather Balloons. - August 18, 2015 - TigerWare Developments

Summitsoft Introduces Powerful & Affordable Graphic Design Software

Summitsoft Corporation has recently released its illustration and design software titled “Graphic Design Studio”, bolstering its industry-leading productivity software portfolio. The software offers graphic design tools for all experience levels and includes 2,000+ pre-designed vector... - April 30, 2015 - Summitsoft

Artco Group Gears Up for the Annual Duty Free Trade Show of the Americas

Artco Group, Manufacturer & Designer of Store Fixtures, is excited to attend to the upcoming Duty Free Trade show of the Americas. The event, hosted by the international association of airport duty free stores (IAADFS), will be held in Orlando Florida from March 22nd through the 25th. As every... - March 14, 2015 - Artco Group

Lehrmitt Design Studios Offers 3D Printed Chocolate Design and Molds

Lehrmitt Design Studios offers revolutionary chocolate design and mold-making using 3D printing technologies. - February 28, 2015 - Lehrmitt Design Studios

Digital Lion Donates Portion of Profits to Calgary-Based Charity

Digital Lion, a professional web development, graphic design and online marketing agency, announces that they are donating a portion of their profits to the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS). - February 18, 2015 - Digital Lion Inc.

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