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Promote EVERYTHING About Your Business on is a unique business community where you have a Full Company Profile with which to promote your business, post products and services with full descriptions and images, distribute press releases, post job opportunities, and more.
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Paid & Free Press Release Distribution
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View an example of a Company Profile is a unique business directory, covering all industries, where each business gets a Full Company Profile in which to promote EVERYTHING about its business.

Control your own “Company Profile” by editing your company information at any time.

Very easy - no computer skills needed whatsoever.

Paid & Free Press Release Distribution
Your press releases will be distributed to our many powerful distribution points such as:
Online News Sites such as Yahoo! News, Google News, MSN News, NBCi News, AskJeeves News, Lycos News, Excite News, Topix News, Webcrawler News, MetaCrawler News, and more...
General Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more...'s Proprietary Syndication Network and XML feeds - enables you to gain additional exposure to your press releases through distribution to many third party websites.
Emailed to worldwide and local contact points such as journalists, media outlets, freelance writers, newsrooms, analysts, and more... who have opted in to receive press releases either from the industries in which you place your company profile, from your company specifically, or from all press releases. - posted in the main press release section, in the press release sections of the industries in which you place your company profile, & in your company profile; archived forever, as long as you have your profile.

Product Directory & Service Directory is a full Product Directory and Service Directory targeted toward both “business to business” and “business to consumer” markets. List all your products with images, specifications, and full descriptions. People will find your products when searching in the Product Directory, your Services in the Services Directory, or in your company profile.

Job Search Website is a complete, fully functional, job search website with the ability to list all your available job openings, have potential employees apply online for your jobs, as well as many other human resources tools. People will be able to find your jobs in a search on, as well as find them listed in the company profile.

Search Engine Optimization
Create a powerful, additional online presence and control what people see when they find your business in searches. Increase your search engine visibility by entering relevant descriptions of your company, its products and services, and other information.

Client Testimonials
" is like nothing we've ever seen on the Internet, providing our company with a highly effective means to promote everything about our business. We have generated numerous quality leads through our Company Profile & the Service Directory. Also, our Press Releases distributed via the Press Release Distribution Service have produced excellent results with our target market as well as with the media."
Prime Visibility, LLC
- Andrew Hazen, President
" has proven to be a valuable tool for our company to promote our services and generate quality leads. We are excited to have recently closed a large deal with a customer that found our Company Profile on We also found great success in our Human Resources effort by posting our job opportunities in the Job Search Website. Thanks so much!"
Global Retail Maintenance
- Sean Blank, CEO
" has been a fantastic return on investment, providing us with outstanding client leads and serving as a valuable tool in the growth of our company."
Outsourced Ad Ops
- Craig Leshen, CEO

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