Independent Bookstores in Seven Cities to Host Banned Books Week Events on Same Night

On Tuesday, September 27, seven bookstores will host “A Night of Silenced Voices,” community events honoring the freedom to read and celebrating Banned Books Week. American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE), a project of the American Booksellers Association, announced the 7 independent bookstores will participate in “A Night of Silenced Voices” to celebrate diversity and honor freedom of expression during this year’s Banned Books Week (September 25–October 1). - September 24, 2016 - American Booksellers Association

BookWhirl Offers a New Book Review Service

The self-publishing company is collaborating with the US Review of Books for new Book Review. - September 17, 2016 - BookWhirl Publishing

New Book Release from Fireship Press – Charlatan – A Historical Novel of Madame de Montespan, the Long-Time Mistress of King Louis XIV and the Royal Scandal that Ensues

1676 - In a hovel in the centre of Paris, the fortune-teller La Voisin holds a black mass, summoning the devil to help an unnamed client keep the love of the King of France, Louis XIV. Three years later, Athénaïs, Madame de Montespan, the King’s glamorous mistress, is nearly forty. She has borne Louis seven children, but now seethes with rage as he falls for eighteen-year-old Angélique de Fontanges. Athénaïs must do something to keep the King's love and secure her children's future. But how...? - September 15, 2016 - Fireship Press

New Book Release from Fireship Press – the Prophet of Cobb Hollow, a Gripping Historical Novel of Love and Vengeance; Told with Eloquence and Suspense

Kane weaves a mesmerizing tale of one man and his decades-long retribution to avenge his beloved. Whether seen as a realistic glimpse into our forgotten past—or as the mythic retelling of narratives spun around the mystery that spawned his legend—he is the only man to have walked through the portals of our national history. He is the oldest living human on earth and now his oral collections are told as it was lived. His name is Reuben Shadrack Judah, and he is: The Prophet of Cobb Hollow. - September 01, 2016 - Fireship Press

Color Me a Happy Cat: a Nifty Ingenious Adult Coloring Book

A new and creative conception has been materialized in the world of animal art as the universe of cat loving devotees welcome a recently launched adult coloring book. Titled as “Color Me a Happy Cat,” the book is a Kickstarter campaign launched with a sole purpose of spreading awareness... - August 25, 2016 - Artist Ginger Reynolds

Bookwhirl Launches Blog Tour Service

The self-publishing company offers its newest publicity service for August. - August 03, 2016 - BookWhirl Publishing

The Hungry Horizon, a Debut Novel by Mike Hawthorne Follows the True Exploits of the Infamous Pirate, Bartholomew Sharp and His Band of Buccaneers

Jamaica, Christmas 1679. In Morant Bay, a fleet of buccaneers secretly prepares to attack the Spanish Main, in defiance of the peace treaty between England and Spain. A veteran of the Dutch Wars and Henry Morgan’s sack of Panama, Tom Sheppard flees from a brawl in Port Royal with his two young turtle-fishing mates to join the expedition and escape the threat of the gallows. - August 01, 2016 - Fireship Press

Series Entries and Debut Novel Highlight Class Act Books' July Releases

With its July titles, Class Act Books publishing releases entries into two of its series, as well as a debut fantasy novel. With its July titles, Class Act Books publishing releases entries into two of its series, as well as a debut fantasy novel. The Lost Sons is the sixth novel in Toni V. - July 20, 2016 - Class Act Books

Never Surrender Wins Prestigious Marie M. Irvine Literary Excellence Award

The Marie M. Irvine Literary Excellence Award welcomes its newest winner for 2016, Never Surrender – a historical fiction by author, Deanna Jewel. Historians and romance novel fans will find a new addition to the list of prestigious writing awards with Deanna Jewel’s newest novel,... - July 14, 2016 - Doce Blant Publishing

BookWhirl Taps Into Cinemas with New Marketing Service

The self-publishing company offers its newest marketing service for July. - July 03, 2016 - BookWhirl Publishing

Gloria Searched and Was Found

Four decades. One state. Three countries. Two continents. Sixteen years of searching. Bonded at Birth is an inspiring story of loss, survival, determination, and persistence. What begins as a compelling journey searching for her birth mother develops into a passionate quest when Gloria plunges into the world of genealogy research to discover her paternal roots. With an adoption that’s kept secret and with no information other than a yearning to find her roots and heritage, can Gloria do it? - June 22, 2016 - Gloria Oren

Class Act Books Releases Fifth Entry in Series

The June release from Class Act Books publishing is The Sunday Man, book 5 in the McCoys family saga. This entry tells of Liam McCoy, son of Colin, whose story was narrated in The Good McCoy Lad, book 2 in the series. Liam McCoy was brought to Nebraska from Ireland as a child when his father... - June 18, 2016 - Class Act Books

Another Buddy Bench Installed in Massachusetts, Inspired by Local Author, Arlene Lagos

Another Buddy Bench Installed in Massachusetts, Inspired by Local Author, Arlene Lagos

Millis CFB Elementary is holding a buddy bench dedication ceremony on Wednesday, June 22nd at 1:30pm. The dedication is a gift from the fourth grade class of 2024 and is inspired by the book, "Outside The Circle" by Arlene Lagos. - June 14, 2016 - CFB Home and School Association

Your 2016 Feminist Summer Reading List: “Jailbreaking the Goddess” Revolutionizes the Feminine Divine

"Jailbreaking the Goddess" has been released by Llewellyn early in response to high demand. A formal book launch is planned for July and review copies and interview opportunities are available beginning June 1. - June 03, 2016 - Jailbreaking the Goddess

BookWhirl Introduces New Marketing Tool

The self-publishing company offers its newest marketing service for June. - June 03, 2016 - BookWhirl Publishing

Debut Novel Published by J.L. Eck

Debut Novel Published by J.L. Eck

A retelling of the myth of the Hawaiian Naupaka flower. - May 07, 2016 - J.L. Eck the Writer

BookWhirl Launches New Marketing Service

The self-publishing company offers its newest marketing service for May. - May 05, 2016 - BookWhirl Publishing

Catholic Social Teaching Expert Issues Challenge to American Catholics in New Book

Author Daniel Schwindt has released a new book titled “The Papist’s Guide to America.” Schwindt’s central thesis is that Catholics are necessarily alienated from the American political context. He also believes that this alienation not new or even surprising. Using the... - April 27, 2016 - The Mad Papist

GCSRi Publishing Releases a New Social Security Book about the New Rules and How to Maximize Benefits

Social Security: Maximize Your Benefits (2nd Edition) is here. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and includes over 100 more pages. Some of the Social Security deadlines are quickly approaching. You may be eligible to receive more than you think. Additionally, there are many benefit maximum strategies that are still available. - April 22, 2016 - GCSRi Publishing

Class Act Books Released Third Entry in New Family Saga

“You’re a menace, Padraig, an’ I see no hope o’ you changin’. Is there?” Quinton McCoy paused, giving his son a gimlet stare out of eyes as green as the serpentine in Connemara marble. “Is there?” Padraig pretended to think, then shook his head. - April 17, 2016 - Class Act Books

Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples Named Foreword Reviews' 2015 Indiefab Book of the Year Awards Finalist

The Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples is on the shortlist for its third indie publishing award, a Foreword Reviews' 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award for travel. A stunning new guide to the city of Naples, Italy, this beautifully illustrated book is the creation of four women with deep ties to this southern Italian city. - March 16, 2016 - Partenope Press

Deanna Jewel at And Books Too!

Saturday welcomes a host of book lovers and romance novel fans who will join author, Deanna Jewel as they gather at And Books, Too! located on 6th Street in Clarkston, WA. - February 26, 2016 - Doce Blant Publishing

Class Act Books Begins Two New Romance Series

February is Romance Month, and in keeping with that, Class Act Books is releasing the first entries in two new romance series. The series The McCoys, by veteran author Toni V. Sweeney, deals with the adventures of the three sons of Quinton McCoy: Donal, Colin, and Padraig. Beginning in 19th... - February 19, 2016 - Class Act Books

Barnacle Bill Bedlam Rampages Barnes & Noble This Month

Celebrity pirate, Barnacle Bill Bedlam, will make an appearance in St. Petersburg, FL to greet fans and autograph his latest book: The Tales of Barnacle Bill: Skeleton Krewe. - February 16, 2016 - Doce Blant Publishing

Class Act Books Novels Receive Awards

Class Act Books publishing has received two awards in the latest Paranormal Romance Guild's Reviewers Choice competition. NEBRASKA: Walk the Shadow Trail and When Only the Nightmare Remains garnered First and Second Place awards in this year's contest. NEBRASKA: Walk the Shadow Trail by Toni V. - January 27, 2016 - Class Act Books

Double Dragon Publishing Novel Receives Award

"Through a Glass Darkly" has received the 2015 PRG award for Paranormal Horror/Suspense. The novel, written by Donald Allen Kirch recounts a paranormal investigation group who attempt to solve the mystery surrounding a so-called haunted house. Ignoring local law enforcement warnings... - January 27, 2016 - Double Dragon Publishing

Bookangel Indie Book Review Column Now in the Croydon Citizen would like to announce that from December 2015 their newspaper book review column will now be published in the Croydon Citizen. Reviews of small press and indie books will be appearing in the Citizen's print edition from December 2015. - January 23, 2016 - Bookangel (for Ragged Angel Ltd)

Class Act Books Releases Romantic Duo in January

Class Act Books releases for January are romances by two of its veteran authors. "Love is Silent," by Icy Snow Blackstone, is set in the early 19th century, expounding on the problems involved with teaching the deaf. Though sign language had been known in Great Britain as early as 1570,... - January 17, 2016 - Class Act Books

Cutter Slagle Slays Lu's House of Fit — December 28, 2015

Spine-tingling suspense writer, Cutter Slagle will visit Lu's House of Fit to and greet the public as he signs limited edition, numbered copies of his newest release, "The Next Victim." - December 28, 2015 - Doce Blant Publishing

December Releases Full of Mystery and Suspense

For its December releases, Class Act Books has chosen three series novels of suspense and mystery. They are Child of the Dark World, Confusion, and Who Killed Billy Roller? Child of the Dark World by veteran author Toni V. Sweeney, is the second entry in the Dark World series, continuing the... - December 17, 2015 - Class Act Books

Class Act Books Releases New Entry in Mystery Series

Death is Magical, recently released by Class Act Books, is the fourth and newest entry in the Hugh Winslow mystery series. - December 10, 2015 - Class Act Books

Class Act Books Releases Last Entry in Paranormal Series

This month, Class Act Books released the final entry in the award-winning paranormal series, "The Second Species." The series about the aventurieri, a group of people believed to be the origin of the vampire myth, a "second species" of Mankind, centers around Marek Strigoi's... - November 20, 2015 - Class Act Books

Raleigh Writer Releases Poetry Book

Raleigh Writer Releases Poetry Book

North Carolina writer Maureen Sherbondy has published her eighth book of poetry, "The Art of Departure." Sherbondy, a Raleigh, North Carolina fiction writer and poet, is a previous winner of the North Carolina Poetry Council’s 2013 Oscar Arnold Young Award for North Carolina’s... - November 10, 2015 - Maureen Sherbondy

Mark Twitchell Victim Announces the Release of the True Crime Book "The One Who Got Away"

"The One Who Got Away" is a remarkable personal account from Gilles Tetreault, the original intended target of convicted murderer, Mark Twitchell. The book was just released worldwide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. - November 09, 2015 - The One Who Got Away

Romance Author Jaye Frances Releases Her New Erotica Suspense Series "World Without Love"

Jaye Frances has announced the release of "Betrayed," the first book in the new "World Without Love" series. In a striking departure from her previous work, the author injects her signature intellectual appeal to the emerging and popular erotica suspense genre that combines... - November 07, 2015 -

BookWhirl Offers New Social Media Management Service

The self-publishing company introduces its latest book marketing service. - November 05, 2015 - BookWhirl Publishing

Double Dragon Publishing Authors Appearing on A&E Series

Dr. Sue Clifton and Sara Dulaney Pugh, co-authors of the novel, Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh, will be appearing on the new A&E TV series "Cursed: The Bell Witch" which premiered this week Oct 26th on A&E. The Bell Witch is a Southern folk legend involving a poltergeist... - November 01, 2015 - Double Dragon Publishing

Princess Nadia is Back: Talented Books Launches Its 2nd Princess Nadia Adventure

Princess Nadia is Back: Talented Books Launches Its 2nd Princess Nadia Adventure

Princess Nadia continues her adventure on the high seas by searching for the treasure of Captain James Joker Jib. One surprise leads to another as Princess Nadia and her team learns the real truth of the missing treasure. - October 28, 2015 - Talented Books

Four Thrillers Released by Class Act Books for October

In keeping with the general Halloween atmosphere, Class Act Books is releasing four new novels this month, all with a mystery-thriller theme. Each book is also a new entry in a series. "Shadow Revealed" by Tony-Paul de Vissage heads the list. This novel is number 8 in the Second Species... - October 17, 2015 - Class Act Books

Authors at Class Act Books Win Awards

In the past year, four novels at Class Act Books have received recognition from the Paranormal Romance Guild and Preditors & Editors, two highly respected literary organizations. Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) is a nonprofit and was organized in 2009 to promote and support authors of the... - October 16, 2015 - Class Act Books

BookWhirl Offers New Audiobook Conversion Service

The self-publishing company introduces its latest service for September. - September 06, 2015 - BookWhirl Publishing

Class Act Books for August Feature Continuing Series, New Authors

On August 15, Class Act Books announced its releases for this month. They include another entry in the series The Second Species, and also a new author for the CAB imprint, as well as a debuting author. "Shadow Avenged" by Tony-Paul de Vissage, is the sixth book of the Second Species... - August 17, 2015 - Class Act Books

BookWhirl Features Publishers Weekly in New Service

The self-publishing company introduces its newest service for August. - August 07, 2015 - BookWhirl Publishing

Noted Coach and Author to Visit Dana Point, CA for a Day of Motivation and Levity – August 16, 2015

August will welcome a host of athletes, students, and the general public to gather at the prestigious St. Regis Monarch Beach in beautiful Dana Point for an afternoon with Coach Robert M. Kelly, Jr. Fitness enthusiasts will rub shoulders with Coach Kelly at the beachside resort setting as they listen to his motivational presentation about how to find success in the “Game of Life.” Familiar with life’s ups and downs, Robert M. Kelly, Jr. - August 04, 2015 - Doce Blant Publishing

Noted Author and Pirates Converge in Beaufort, NC for Annual Pirate Invasion – August 7 and 8, 2015

Friday and Saturday will welcome a host of talent from the entertainment and media industry to gather at the waterfront in downtown Beaufort for the annual Beaufort Pirate Invasion. Among those most familiar with pirate festivals and Caribbean history is author, Jaye Helm who will be signing books, providing photo opportunities. - July 31, 2015 - Doce Blant Publishing

Series Featuring Inspector Lestrade Descendant Introduces New Generation of Fans to Sherlock Holmes

Master sleuth Sherlock Holmes may have a found a brand new fan base with the debut of Paula Berinstein’s Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy, the first title in her Amanda Lester, Detective line. Set in England’s Lake District, the series revolves around a twelve-year-old girl,... - July 29, 2015 - Paula Berinstein

Class Act Books Announces July Releases

July's releases from Class Act Books feature another entry in the Dark Urban Fantasy series The Second Species as well as Science Fiction and Horror. They are: Dragon: The Tower of Tamerlane by James Austin McCormick, Shadow Law by Tony-Paul de Vissage, and Fear the Sky by Rick McQuiston Shadow... - July 17, 2015 - Class Act Books

BookWhirl Presents New Publicity Service

The self-publishing company offers its newest service for July. - July 04, 2015 - BookWhirl Publishing

Double Dragon Publishing Celebrates 15th Year

Join the Celebration - 15 years of service to the eBook Industry. Double Dragon Publishing will be releasing various free, discounted titles, and special edition hard cover books for the remainder of the year. This includes this free “sampler” of Double Dragon Publishing titles that... - June 23, 2015 - Double Dragon Publishing

I-5 Publishing Acquires BarkWorld Expo

Media Company Increases Offerings, Network by Adding Social Media Event for Pet Parents - June 19, 2015 - I-5 Publishing

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