Author Seeking Financing for Independent Film "Non-Verbal Consent"

Alan Roger Currie is marketing a new Erotic Thriller and Drama screenplay to Hollywood titled "Non-Verbal Consent" about a dating coach who is accused on social media of inappropriate sexual behavior by a woman he recently engaged in sex with. Currie is the author of 6 self-help books and 5 audiobooks for single heterosexual men. Currie is also a professional dating coach. Currie's audiobooks were recently included in a list of The Top 10 Most Influential Audiobooks for Single Men.

Author Seeking Financing for Independent Film "Non-Verbal Consent"
Beverly Hills, CA, November 08, 2022 --( Popular self-help Book Author and Men's Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie hopes to secure financing for his completed speculative screenplay titled, "Non-Verbal Consent," and he hopes to have his script produced into an independent film.

Currie describes his script as an Erotic Suspense Thriller and Drama that focuses on a popular dating coach based in Los Angeles who is hired by a recent college graduate who seeks to improve his social skills and conversation skills with women of interest. The new client of the dating coach suffers from social anxiety disorder.

Shortly after being hired, the dating coach finds himself the target of invalid #MeToo accusations of "unwanted and uninvited groping" on social media by a female journalist whom he recently engaged in an erotic tryst with. The dating coach is under the belief that his previous episode of sex with the journalist was 100% consensual.

The remainder of the story begins to unfold when it is revealed to the dating coach that there is a connection between the female journalist, his newest client, and his newest client's mother.

Currie said the story was influenced in part by several elements from his own real-life experiences as a professional dating coach working with male clients, as well as many of his experiences being actively involved in what is known as "The Red Pill Manosphere." The mass killings by the misogynistic Incel Elliot Rodger also acts as a partial influence for Currie's story.

Currie used material from three of his own books as source material for his screenplay, including content from his book titled, "The Beta Male Revolution: Why Many Men Have Lost Interest in Marriage in Today's Society." Currie was born and raised in Gary, Indiana and is an alumnus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Currie once pursued a career as a professional Hollywood screenwriter between 1995 and 1998, before turning his attention to becoming a self-help author and dating advice guru for single men and women beginning with 1999.

In addition to the story emphasizing various aspects of what is generally referred to as "Toxic Masculinity," the story also tackles what Currie refers to as "Toxic Femininity" which he believes has resulted from certain aspects of modern day radical feminism.

Currie added, "Many factions of the mainstream media place a high emphasis on the young men in society with misogynistic attitudes toward women and much of that emphasis is valid... but what about some of the misandrist attitudes maintained by many young women toward men? The latter is rarely discussed by mainstream media. Sometimes, men are falsely and invalidly accused of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment, and there seems to be no real consequences or repercussions for women who do such a thing. That saddens me and frustrates me."

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