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Student Test Scores Stall: One Man’s Plan for Re-Engaging Kids Through Play

Microduino creator kits are best known for their magnetic, snap-together modules called mCookies that are programmed to operate with open-source, Arduino based code. The color-coded blocks, each with a specific function, make creating dynamic projects ultra simple, as well as providing an easy-to-understand method of learning electronics and software coding. - May 15, 2017 - Microduino Inc

You'll be Seeing Lady Bits

You'll be Seeing Lady Bits

Liana Kerzner's web series tackling gender controversies in video games has been fully funded in just 6 days - May 11, 2017 - FUN - The FU_Network

Reedeux Media Announces Strategic Relationship with ARA; Acquisition of Geolocation Technology & Patents

Reedeux Media Announces Strategic Relationship with ARA; Acquisition of Geolocation Technology & Patents

Reedeux partners with industry leader ARA to commercialize defense and government technologies into the media, advertising and consumer markets. - May 11, 2017 - Reedeux Media, Inc.

Meal Monsters - an Illustrated and Animated Recipe App for Kids

The Meal Monsters Kickstarter campaign launched May 8th 2017 and will run until June 6th 2017. The App is available in the App store for Free as they trial their first recipe. Meal Monsters is an illustrated and animated App for kids that combines recipes, games and storytelling to help kids make healthy food choices. - May 10, 2017 - Meal Monsters

Heyo! Make Friends with Similar Interests Nearby with This App

Make friends nearby with similar interests. Meet new people and connect over similar interests, passions, hobbies or obsessions. Get the ball rolling with one of Heyo's thought-provoking conversation starter questions. Heyo is for meaningful conversations with the people you are most likely to vibe with. Perfect for expats, international students, travellers or anyone moving to a new city. Anything is possible when you meet someone new. - May 10, 2017 - Heyo

The Rise and Rise of the Millennials

Royal Wins to present pioneering strategies for successful skill gaming format to attract youth markets to casino industry execs at G2E Asia, Macau. - May 06, 2017 - Royal Wins

2017 Triple Crown Wagers to Total $400 Million, Says PayPerHead.com​

The second largest wagered sports event, the Triple Crown, too large to be missed. - May 05, 2017 - PayPerHead.com

Virtual Experience Arcade Opens Flagship Location in Provo, Utah

The press and public are invited to the opening of the Virtual Experience Arcade for an engaging and interactive journey through incredible virtual reality worlds as part of the new digital entertainment nightlife in Provo. Located at 285 Center Street in Provo, Utah, guests can interact in a... - May 04, 2017 - Virtual Experience, Inc.

Showing Off Our "Lady Bits"

Upstart FU_Network goes headlong into the digital culture war with new series by feminist thought leader/avid gamer Liana Kerzner. - May 03, 2017 - FUN - The FU_Network

Planet Commander: the Game for Space Battle Fans is Released

Cube Software company released a new online space shooter on the Android platform. Planet Commander proposes to try out the role of a space dreadnought commander. A player will have to go into furious battles leading to ultimate elimination, both on planets and in open space, and both in PvP mode... - May 03, 2017 - Cube Software

1 in 5 Students Have Hearing Loss; Motes Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign with the First Headphone Specifically Designed to Protect Students Hearing

1 in 5 Students Have Hearing Loss; Motes Audio Launches Kickstarter Campaign with the First Headphone Specifically Designed to Protect Students Hearing

Motes Audio today launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring the first volume governing headphones specifically designed for schools and school age students. According to a study by Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Dr. Curhan, one in five students has permanent hearing loss most likely due... - May 02, 2017 - Motes Audio, LLC

PS3G Releases SongMeUp - Fun and Hilarious Family Game

PS3G, Inc. today released SongMeUp for iOS app store and Android market place. SongMeUp is a fun and hilarious multiplayer game for family and friends. This application has been designed and developed by PS3G in partnership with BB Global Players. “I am confident and positive that SongMeUp... - April 30, 2017 - PS3G Inc.

Gear VR Gets Its First Retro Console Game

Solomons Lair Studios in partnership with Frag-Games and Intellivision Lives announce the release of their first Virtual Reality title “Minotaur” based on the original Intellivision console game “Treasures of Tarmin” published in 1981. - April 28, 2017 - Solomons Lair

Black Chicken Studios' Magical Life Simulator, Academagia: the Making of Mages, is Now Available on Steam

Academagia is a 2D life simulation PC game for audiences ages 9+, and is parent and child friendly. The game rewards relationship building, research and knowledge, and encourages the player to create their own individual story each time they play. Role-playing, thoughtful choices and a bit of whimsy permeate game play, and is intended to provide a refreshing alternative to the more violent, destructive and derivative titles in the marketplace. - April 26, 2017 - Black Chicken Studios

"Physically" Touch, Hold and Interact in the Virtual World; World’s First Consumer Priced VR Gloves Coming Soon

On April 25th, 2017, VRgluv (​www.vrgluv.com​) will begin pre-selling haptic / force feedback gloves for VR through a Kickstarter campaign (www.kickstarter.com​). The gloves are compatible with the popular Vive and Oculus virtual reality headsets, allowing users the ability to... - April 21, 2017 - VRgluv

YJM Games Brings Smashing the Battle VR to Steam Greenlight

After a series of successful releases on mobile platform and as one of the Oculus Rift launching titles, Studio HG collaborates with YJM Games to bring Smashing the Battle into HTC VIVE version and it’s now available on Steam Greenlight. - April 20, 2017 - YJM Games

Last Regiment, a New Strategy Game from the Creators of Legends of Callasia

After exclusive previews through Discord and during PAX East, Southeast Asian game studio Boomzap Entertainment officially announces the title for their new project. - April 20, 2017 - Boomzap Entertainment

Techintelligence Offers a New Searchable Video Game Database

Mario Santorelli never saw it coming. His memory was doing well, his knowledge of Video Games surpassed many, and he poured his heart in it as well. But when playing trivia one night with his friends his memory of a particular video game caught on the tip of his tongue, he was stunned - and he lost... - April 18, 2017 - TechIntelligence - The Videogame Database

New Online Casinos in April, 2017: Casilando with Exclusive Bonuses

New Online Casinos in April, 2017: Casilando with Exclusive Bonuses

Casilando is a playful and stylish new online casino going live in April 2017. The company offers a large variety of online slots and casino games, with 500 various games from 20 developers. During the month of April there also an exclusive bonus offer that only lasts until end of the month. - April 17, 2017 - New Casinos Ltd.

UTK Games Announces a New Trivia Game "Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Do It"

A rising star of American board games, “Eat it, Drink it, Smoke it, Do It” (EDSD), has just premiered on Indiegogo and is including an attractive early-bird price for the game itself. - April 12, 2017 - UTK Games

Virtual Vizor Updated Its Official Android App VR Store with New Features

The Virtual Vizor® has released its official Android app in the Google Play store, which comes with new feature additions, and allows users to find and install apps, and come across 360° and 3D videos. - April 10, 2017 - Virtual Vizor®

Bella Fashion Design Welcomes Android and iOS Fashionistas

Sugar Games releases a new time-management game for iOS and Android. Bella Fashion Design is a story of a girl making her first steps in the fashion business. By managing multiple elements and conditions players should help Bella to grow her fashion boutique network. Despite being a simple country... - April 09, 2017 - Sugar Games

Trilobyte Games, Announces Kickstarter to Fund The 7th Guest: The Board Game

Popular & Historic Video Game, The 7th Guest, to Become Board Game. - April 06, 2017 - Trilobyte Games

Creative Mobile Celebrates Nitro Nation 3rd Birthday

Nitro Nation Online racing game celebrates the 3 years that have raced by since its official launch. - April 06, 2017 - Creative Mobile

High School Programming Teacher, Craig Briggs, Releases Mobile Game: Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Craig Briggs, a high school programming teacher and developer passionate about providing his students with the best possible educational experience with regards to creating games and programming at various levels, this week officially released his very first mobile game, Truck Trials Driving... - March 26, 2017 - trucktrials.com

Funky Bots Launches Atomic Bands for Smart Bluetooth Body Motion Gaming

Funky Bots Launches Atomic Bands for Smart Bluetooth Body Motion Gaming

Funky Bots announces the launch of Atomic Bands on IndieGoGo. Atomic Bands are smart bluetooth gaming and the first wearables for gesture based gameplay. They feature advanced bluetooth motion tracking, single or multi player options. No camera or remote control needed and most of all these bands teach players real skills. Features include: gesture recognition, haptics for advanced rhythm training and a rad wireless oracle charging station. Play augmented reality games and make fitness fun. - March 23, 2017 - Funky Bots

Maine Lobster Translator Released for Android

Want to know what's on the mind of live lobster's? How about the residual last word's left behind in the butter? Well now there's an app for that. Local Maine programmer Kevin Loring has released a free android app which has captured the imagination of hundreds of Maine children. - March 22, 2017 - Kevin Loring

New Casinos 2017: Fantasino Wins Best Online Casino Award in Q1

New Casinos 2017: Fantasino Wins Best Online Casino Award in Q1

Fantasino, the new casino website, starts the year magnificently. The company won the award for best online casino in the first quarter of 2017 thanks to remarkable bonuses, a great gaming environment and truly quick support. - March 20, 2017 - New Casinos Ltd.

SmileBASIC Official Magazine "SMILEBASIC MAGAZINE SPECIAL" Published in Japan

Smileboom announced that “SMILEBASIC MAGAZINE SPECIAL," the official magazine of the Japanese version of SmileBASIC series was published in Japan on March 16th. “SMILEBASIC MAGAZINE SPECIAL" is the official guide of “PetitCom San-go” for Nintendo 3DS and... - March 18, 2017 - SmileBoom Co. Ltd.

Warring Nations and Strategic Gameplay with Dice in Bushiroad's "Dragoborne - Rise to Supremacy-"

Bushiroad presents its new English exclusive trading card game with dice, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-. - March 17, 2017 - Bushiroad South East Asia Pte Ltd

Ubique, PvP Sign Deal to Offer Lagless Gaming Experience in eSports

PvP to Host eSports Tournaments with SwarmioTM Tournament Management System. - March 17, 2017 - Ubique Networks Inc.

Nitro Nation Online 5.2 Update

Creative Mobile is betting racers that they’ll catch racing fever this spring. Nitro Nation Online updates with a fine selection of new Jaguar cars and the debut of 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF, along with new RH Alurad and TEC Speedwheels Rims, this update gives players ample reasons to hop in the driver’s seat. - March 17, 2017 - Creative Mobile

New Online Casino Fantasino Goes Live with Its Fantasy Gaming Inspired Theme

New Online Casino Fantasino Goes Live with Its Fantasy Gaming Inspired Theme

Fantasy themed online casino, Fantasino is the latest new online casino to be launched this year in March 2017. Today marks the day this innovative new casino goes live and opens it’s doors to the public. Offering a promise of a new online gaming concept, Fantasino aims to please players by offering a unique experience to enhance the gambling experience. - March 16, 2017 - TheCasinoDB

Yellfy Taps Artificial Intelligence to Create Extraordinary Mobile Experience for Sports Fans

Yellfy Taps Artificial Intelligence to Create Extraordinary Mobile Experience for Sports Fans

Yellfy's Technology Evolves Around the Individual User, Eliminating the Need for Multiple Sports Apps. - March 01, 2017 - Yellfy

Ubique Networks Attends Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2017

Ubique Networks, provider of latency optimizing lagless gaming solutions, announced today its Chief Revenue Officer, John Smith will be attending the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and Game Connection in San Francisco from Feb. 27 – Mar. 3. Ubique Networks will be part of the Atlantic Canadian delegation attending the GDC, and will showcase its lagless gaming technology. - March 01, 2017 - Ubique Networks Inc.

Equiz Nominated in the 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards

Equiz Nominated in the 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards

eQuiz has been nominated in the 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global. The IMGA is the longest standing and highest regarded mobile games award program started in 2004. Global Fans Can Vote Online to Help eQuiz win the People’s Choice Award at www.imgawards.com - February 25, 2017 - Silvermotion

Advancements in Global AR Gaming Market Led to Experience Tremendous Growth by 2022

The Market Research Hub offers vital information related to historical and current growth and technological developments of the global AR Gaming market is expected to grow over $161 billion by 2022. - February 23, 2017 - Market Research Hub

Zag Toys Expands Original Minis® Brand Spring 2017 Brings New Products and Hot Properties

This release is to announce all new toy products and licenses for 2017 from Zag Toys and its Original Minis toy line. - February 19, 2017 - Zag Toys

US$4 Million Bet on Peerplays Blockchain, Before Crowdsale

US$4 Million Bet on Peerplays Blockchain, Before Crowdsale

Peerplays (www.peerplays.com), a peer-to-peer gaming and wagering platform designed to displace traditional sportsbooks and online casinos, has raised US$4 million in donations from strategic parties in advance of its crowdfund which will begin on Sunday, February 26, 2017. “We’ve had... - February 17, 2017 - Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association

The Casino DB Announces New Casino Launch of PlayOJO

The Casino DB Announces New Casino Launch of PlayOJO

This February 2017 The Casino DB announced the launch of a brand new type of online casino going by the name of PlayOJO Casino. This innovative new casino is campaigning for fair play for all casino players and offers all of it’s customers the opportunity to claim Free Spins that carry no wagering requirements. - February 13, 2017 - TheCasinoDB

Official Launch of BetBit.com Bitcoin Live Casino

Official Launch of BetBit.com Bitcoin Live Casino

Betbit.com is a new live bitcoin casino that offers live casino games with real dealers. Betbit.com offers live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat as well as many other online slots. - February 13, 2017 - BetBit

Rise of Factions: Sparta is Now Live on Kickstarter

A simplified real time strategy game where you take control of the Spartan army to conquer the ancient Greek peninsula. - February 05, 2017 - Polyinteractive Games

Legends of Callasia Nominated in the 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards Global

Fans Can Vote Online to Help Legends of Callasia win the People’s Choice Award at www.imgawards.com. - February 05, 2017 - Boomzap Entertainment

Start a Sports Career in World Basketball Manager 2

Icehole games is happy to announce the release of their new game World Basketball Manager 2 (WBM2). WBM2 is the first game of the series to be available on both Mac and Windows computers. WBM2 is not just the latest addition to the successful series of basketball management games, but a completely... - February 04, 2017 - icehole games

L0w1soft, a Coming Start-Up Company, Has Started an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Project

L0w1soft, represented by the 16 year old app developer Loris Wilwert, needs the support of backers around the world in order to finance the formal launching of L0w1soft. - February 03, 2017 - L0w1soft

Green Gaming App SYSTEM 02:19 Kicking Off at Superbowl 51 in Houston

New gaming platform enables users to raise funds for eco-friendly charitable projects. - February 03, 2017 - System 0219

Recommendations App itcher Announces Google Assistant Action on Google Home

itcher has announced the development of their new action on the Google Assistant on Google Home, allowing users to get new recommendations using just their voice. - February 02, 2017 - itcher

Skiplit - the Beautifully Simple Yet Puzzlingly Complex Level Game for iOS, Releasing Version 2.0 Containing the All-New Skiplit Community in One Week

Skiplit, the beautifully simple yet puzzlingly complex level game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will be releasing version 2.0 in only one week. Along with a host of improvements, Skiplit 2.0 will add the all-new Skiplit Community, allowing players to design, play, upload, and share their own level creation with everyone around the world. To play Skiplit, just swipe the ball to shoot it in the right direction to bounce it off of walls and around obstacles and into the goal. - February 02, 2017 - Skiplit

Potenza Global Solutions to Launch Haunting Horror Quest Game

Once again, Potenza Global Solutions is back to create a boom in the game industry with a haunting horror quest that will surely make the haunted Halloween game lovers rave. - January 28, 2017 - Potenza Global Solutions

SoulGame’s Latest Mobile Game Showcases Innovative Control Pad

SoulGame Ltd. starts the new year with an app that features an innovative control pad. - January 28, 2017 - SoulGame

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