Rings in the New Year Unveiling a World of Treasures with Exciting Additions for Collectors and Shoppers is an online platform dedicated to providing collectors and shoppers with a wonderful selection of genuine collectibles, limited editions, memorabilia, and other unique items. With a commitment to authenticity and quality, the platform offers a seamless experience for exploring the world of collectibles and buying coveted treasures. - January 28, 2024 - Collectibles And More In-Store

Nook & Nova: Transforming Home Decor with Designs with Intention

Nook & Nova proudly announces the launch of its independent online store,, marking a significant milestone in the realm of home decor. The brand's unique and innovative designs, centered around intentional living, are dedicated to nurturing well-being and creating spaces that inspire. - November 08, 2023 - Nook & Nova

100,000 Snowballs Get Launched on the First Day of Summer

100,000 Snowballs Get Launched on the First Day of Summer

As summer arrives, winter delivers nationwide with Yeti Snowbrawl becoming the world’s first indoor snowball fight board game. - June 23, 2023 - Lethal Chicken Games

Aurus Announces New Payment Processing Product – Vayu™ Lite

The new PCI CPoC-certified platform allows businesses to accept payments on any smartphone or tablet. Aurus, a leading provider of payment processing solutions, today announced the launch of VayuTM Lite, a disruptive payment innovation that allows businesses to accept payments on any commercial smartphone or tablet. - June 09, 2023 - Aurus, Inc.

AJIS Group Continues to Deliver on Its Global Growth Strategy with the Launch of AJIS USA, Inc. and Its Acquisition of STH, Inc.

AJIS USA, Inc. acquired the assets of STH, Inc. (dba, Rocky Mountain Merchandising & Services) as of May 1, 2023 to expand the Retail Solutions Services in the United States. - May 01, 2023 - AJIS USA, Inc.

Juno Dog Co. Wins BlogPaws Best Award for Best Travel Product

Recognized at Global Pet Expo for innovation, style, and commitment to improving the lives of pets and pet parents. - April 21, 2023 - Juno Dog Co

Lite Foot Company to Celebrate Grand Opening of Brick-and-Mortar Store on March 4

Lite Foot Company is excited to announce the grand opening of its first brick-and-mortar store on Saturday, March 4 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at 2400 Bull Street, Suite 4 in Savannah. During the event, visitors can watch the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, meet owner Katie Rodgers-Hubbard, enjoy... - February 20, 2023 - Lite Foot Company

A New Company Emerging at ASD Online in 2022

A New Company Emerging at ASD Online in 2022

Mineraali attracts customers in the United States with its intricate and unique variety of artisan-designed handicrafts and wellness products. - February 04, 2022 - Mineraali Inc. - New Website Launch is a website about discovering new products and videos. Read more about all their features and what makes it unique and special. - November 24, 2021 - LinkU, LLC

Nonprofit Launches to Provide Women with Training and Resources for Self-Defense

Nonprofit Launches to Provide Women with Training and Resources for Self-Defense

Raising Tactical Daughters (RTD), an organization founded on empowering daughters everywhere, today announced the launch of its nonprofit geared toward educating and providing resources to women of all ages to best protect themselves. The nonprofit invests proceeds from its online store into... - October 11, 2021 - Raising Tactical Daughters

Been Dreaming of Wanting Something? Giftapart Wants to Help You Get It.

Giftapart has committed to helping people between 13 and 23 years old receive their dream gift irrespective of price. "When I was growing up, I dreamed of having a cool bicycle, the new Nintendo gaming console, and a Macintosh computer. My parents were struggling to provide for their... - June 25, 2021 - Giftapart Inc.

Tiny Royals Brand Releases Baby Culture Backpacks that Prove Representation Matters

Culture Bags: Baby Shower Gifts boasting National Pride. Tiny Royals Brand unleashes a collection of customized Baby Backpacks celebrating diversity and pride in nationality and the list of countries being represented is growing by the day. Tiny Royals Brand has also taken on social issues like Black Lives Matter and equality in the LGBTQ community. Read on to find out more about this exclusive merchandise. - June 05, 2021 - Tiny Royals Brand

Black Friday Profits Rocket for Independent Retailers on Brad’s Deals Canada

Brad’s Deals, the world's fastest-growing marketplace, has reported a record-breaking Black Friday. As a result of Brad’s Deals' price drop on every single product across the marketplace, sales totalled nearly $2.5 million on one day alone. The price drop was achieved by the... - December 14, 2020 - Brad's Deals Canada

Gifter World is Offering a Free Gift Concierge Service for the Next Three Months

Gifter World has announced that for the next three months they will offer their gift concierge service for free. Gifter World has unique gifts for those who have everything and gift ideas for every occasion. If you don’t see something on the site that fits what you need, email... - November 26, 2020 - Gifter World

No Political Censorship on Giftapart Social Media

Giftapart provides full social media without political censorship and free of “fact checkers.” - November 13, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart, Now the Largest Social eCommerce Supermall Exclusively for Established Retailers, Surpassed 50,000,000 Products

Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, now has more than 50,000,000 products from hundreds of America’s most well-known and trusted retailers. Giftapart is now the largest online marketplace selling exclusively retailers’ products without third-party... - October 10, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Corbie’s Place Announces 24/7 Live Chat Support for Customers

Corbie’s Place is a family run USA business and online eCommerce store. They are proud to announce adding 24/7 Live chat Support starting today in addition to its #1 Customer Service focus. - September 24, 2020 - Corbie's Place

Giftapart Discounts Products from Hundreds of Known Retailers

Marketplace exclusively providing known retailers, with a full-featured event planner and new innovative gift registry system, provides discounts on all products. - September 14, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart Platform Now Available in Canada

Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, is now available in Canada. “We are thrilled to provide Giftapart’s innovative features to the Canadian people,” said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of Giftapart, “Giftapart provides the world’s first and... - August 06, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Super Deals Now Available on Giftapart

Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, providing the world’s only gift registry where anyone can control the order gifts are actually purchased, now provides Super Deals every Friday. “Super Deals are discounted items that you may typically find on a Black... - June 06, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Free Listings to Retailers Provided by Giftapart to Assist During COVID-19 Pandemic

Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, is accepting retailers on its marketplace platform for no fee and no commissions to assist retailers during these unprecedented COVID-19 times. “Qualifying retailers that would like to list their products on the Giftapart... - April 30, 2020 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart's CEO Going to San Francisco Bar Area to Explore Series A Funding

Giftapart, an innovative social ecommerce marketplace with a reinvented method of gifting, is now exploring a Series A venture capital investment round. Filipe Pedroso, the founder and CEO, will be traveling to Silicon Valley to meet with potential investors the week of October 20. - October 18, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart App Now Available, Allowing Users to Get Their Gifts in the Order They Select

Giftapart app includes a new gift registry system allowing customization of order gifts are purchased through a new part purchase system, introduces social ecommerce, provides a full-featured event planner, and more. - September 26, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

Top 10 Games Heading Into 2020

Top 10 Games Heading Into 2020

What The Film?!, Camping with Sasquatch and Disney's Sabacc lead this list of best new games for the 2019 holiday season. - September 25, 2019 - Lethal Chicken Games

Available Now: Giftapart Mobile App Beta

Get an early peek at the Giftapart app - First in the world to allow users to get gifts in the order they want, revolutionizing social ecommerce, full featured event planner, shop from hundreds of trusted stores, and so much more. - September 06, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

Cashback Rewards Now on Giftapart

Get Cashback Rewards simply for shopping at hundreds of retailers on Giftapart. - August 11, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart Founder & CEO Spoke About Giftapart's New Social Ecommerce Marketplace and Its Unique Gift Registry System at WPI’s Foisie Business School

Graduate students learned about Giftapart's innovative crowdfunding social gift registry system, the challenges of doing a tech startup, and Giftapart's vision for the future. - May 03, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

Help Rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral: Giftapart Provides You a Way

The 850-year-old landmark Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris was ravaged by a 15 hour fire on April 15. Giftapart is providing a simple method for anyone wishing to provide financial assistance to help rebuild Notre-Dame. “We have built an awesome tool to help people crowdfund their gifts, and... - April 18, 2019 - Giftapart Inc.

XPAND K.K. Launches XPAND.CODES Reader App

Multi-barcode reader that can read QR/XPAND/EAN Codes available on the App Store. - April 05, 2019 - XPAND K.K.

USA LESS Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of LEOPARD Miracle Honey

USA LESS Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of LEOPARD Miracle Honey

USA LESS Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of LEOPARD Miracle Honey Due to Presence of Undeclared Sildenafil Company contact: USA LESS Phone number: 1-800-872-5377 USA LESS is voluntarily recalling all lots of LEOPARD Miracle Honey, to the consumer level. FDA analysis has found LEOPARD Miracle... - March 22, 2019 - USALESS

Marcy’s Releases All-In-One Stack Home Gym MWM-4965

Marcy's announces the release of their latest all-in-one stack home gym. The MWM-4965 offers enhanced, next-level fitness with significant design upgrades to its customers. The MWM-4965 provides a variety of training options for customers looking for the ideal home gym solution that integrates... - March 19, 2019 - Marcy Pro

Oklahoma City R&B Artist LulStick Debut Album with 1013 Music to be Released St. Patricks Day (March 17th, 2019)

An aspiring American Rap/R&B artist “LulStick” releases his self-titled debut album this March. The album titled “Lul$tick” will be made available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, and all streaming services, internationally. - March 13, 2019 - 1013 Music


A JavaScript multi-barcode reader that can read QR/EAN/UPC/XPAND Code without the need to download an app. - February 28, 2019 - XPAND K.K.

New Pearl Grading Product Unifies Methodologies and is Easy to Use

Specialty Appraisals, a southern California based full-service personal property appraisal consultancy in business for 20 years, has just released a whole family of professional pearl grading products called Pearl-Wise. - December 18, 2018 - Pearl Wise

Give the Gift of Friendship with The Golden Girls Chia Pets; New Chia Pets in Stores Now for the Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Friendship with The Golden Girls Chia Pets; New Chia Pets in Stores Now for the Holiday Season

The Golden Girls are back for the holidays as Chia Pet products arrive in stores and online for the holiday season. More than a dozen new Chia Pets make the holidays extra Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheery. - November 23, 2018 - Joseph Enterprises

Spartan Showcase Celebrating 75th Anniversary

Spartan Showcase, a leading manufacturer of bakery and retail display cases, is proud to announce the 70th anniversary of its founding. To kick off the anniversary celebration, Spartan Showcase is offering a 7% discount on all standard case orders received in-house between November 01 – December 31, 2018. Customers may also upgrade to a platinum HPL (Wilsonart 4830-07) exterior at no additional charge. - November 07, 2018 - Spartan Showcase

Web Summit in Lisbon Will Include Giftapart Demos of Its New eCommerce Gifting Platform

Giftapart demonstrations and information available at Stand A-714 on Thursday, November 8. - November 02, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Top 10 Hot Holiday 2018 Gifts That Will Become Impossible to Find

Top 10 Hot Holiday 2018 Gifts That Will Become Impossible to Find

Lethal Chicken Games predict the top 10 toys and games that will become increasingly more difficult to find and the reasons why. - October 02, 2018 - Lethal Chicken Games

Giftapart, NJ eComm Startup, Ranked in Top 200 and CEO in Top 100 Worldwide on Crunchbase

Giftapart ranked top 191 in the world and second highest in New Jersey on Crunchbase; CEO Filipe Pedroso ranked in the top 100 individuals worldwide, number 1 from New Jersey. - September 03, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart's Valuation at $30 Million Prior to Public Launch in the Fall

Giftapart does a capital raise of $500,000, second seed round, at a pre-money valuation of $30 million USD. Funds provided exclusively by one initial seed investor. - August 31, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Retailers Got Exclusive Giftapart Live Demos of Its Revolutionary, Features-Packed, New eCommerce Marketplace at eTail East

Giftapart Inc. introduced retailers to the “world’s first truly retailer-friendly and fair ecommerce marketplace,” as described by its founder and CEO Filipe Pedroso, Esq., at eTail East in Boston. “Many retailers were very interested in learning about Giftapart. Select... - August 15, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Meow Cat Imports is Every Cat Lover’s Paradise, Offering Hundreds of Cat-Inspired Products in Multiple Categories

Meow Cat Imports is Every Cat Lover’s Paradise, Offering Hundreds of Cat-Inspired Products in Multiple Categories

Meow Cat Imports is a one-stop destination for all cat lovers or as they call it, "the first catpreneur for humans" that offers a wide range of cat-inspired products in various categories. It’s a cat lovers’ paradise where they can find clothing, accessories, jewelry, mobile... - August 07, 2018 - Meow Cat Imports

Retailers to Get First Sneak-Peek Demo of Giftapart at eTail East

Giftapart Inc., the company producing the “world’s first truly retailer-friendly ecommerce marketplace,” as described by its founder and CEO Filipe Pedroso, Esq., will be providing live demos to retailers at the eTail East, a premier east coast ecommerce and omnichannel trade show... - August 02, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Marcy Releases Smith Cage Home Gym Training System SM-4903

Marcy Releases Smith Cage Home Gym Training System SM-4903

Marcy announces today the release of their latest fitness machine offering, the Smith Cage Home Gym Training System SM-4903. The 3-in-1 total body training system is a premier home fitness solution, offering a variety of strength training options for customers. The Smith machines are some of the... - July 31, 2018 - Marcy Pro

Giftapart Exploring a Capital Raise

Giftapart Inc., the internet e-commerce marketplace company creating a revolutionary new online shopping experience, announced that it is exploring a capital raise round. Filipe Pedroso, Esq., the company’s founder and CEO said, “Giftapart has developed a top-notch website platform... - July 21, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart Has Launched Its Blog in Advance of Its Revolutionary New Online Shopping Experience

Giftapart Inc., the internet e-commerce marketplace creating a revolutionary new online shopping experience, has launched its blog. “Giftapart’s mission to provide services and value to consumers is second to none,” said Filipe Pedroso, CEO and founder of Giftapart, “We are... - July 12, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart Establishes Office in Europe Expanding Its E-Commerce Marketplace

Giftapart Inc., the e-commerce marketplace that is anticipated to launch in a couple months, announced that it has established its office in Europe. “There is no better friend of retailers than Giftapart,” said Filipe Pedroso, CEO and founder of Giftapart, “We have created a... - July 05, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart, Revolutionizing e-Commerce, Continues Growing Its Business Development Team

Giftapart Inc., the company revolutionizing e-commerce, continues to grow its business development team. Jon Meredith, with extensive experience in sales and account management, has joined Giftapart as Senior Account Executive. Jon said, “Giftapart has truly innovated the gifting experience. - June 29, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart, an Innovative E-Commerce Marketplace, is Entering Into Partnership with Retailers

Giftapart Inc., a revolutionary new e-commerce marketplace set to launch in the summer, announced that it has started entering into retailer partnerships. “Giftapart will truly provide the world’s first e-commerce marketplace with an even playing field for established retailers,”... - June 22, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart, an Innovative E-Commerce Startup, Announces the Hiring of Brittani Chirichella, VP of Business Development and Continues to Seek and Retain Ethical Retailers

Giftapart Inc., the innovative tech startup that promises a revolution in e-commerce, has announced the hiring of Brittani Chirichella as Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining Giftapart, Chirichella worked for Ralph Lauren for nearly seven years, most recently in Ralph... - June 15, 2018 - Giftapart Inc.

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