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Womans-Health.Net Announces the Start of Women's Breast Health Awareness Month

The Woman's Health Network (WHN) continues to educate and inform about critical issues facing women's health, this time with the launch of a month-long campaign addressing Women's Breast Health (http://www.womans-health.net/womens-breast-health.htm). The month long campaign will last from August 21st – September 21st. - August 23, 2006 - Womans-Health.Net

DIDXchange Nominated for World Communication Changemaker Award

Total Telecom's panel of judges selected Super Technologies Inc.'s product DIDXchange to be on its Communication Changermaker Shortlist. Awards will be showcased at London Marriott Hotel on November 8, 2006. Others on the prestigious shortlist include BT: British Telecom, Cable... - August 17, 2006 - Super Technologies, Inc. DIDX

Blood & Guts Not Needed For Great Computer Video Games

A 6 pack of high-quality, family friendly video games. - August 02, 2006 - AblazeWithTraffic.com

DIDX.net Global DID Exchange Reaches 2500+ Members Benchmark

DIDX has reached one of its short term benchmarks of 2500+ members. DIDX.net hosts the DID exchange where wholesale ITSP members from everywhere on the globe can buy, sell and trade DID phone numbers over SIP. The DIDX Skypecast every Monday at 9 AM CDT provide training and presentation. - July 20, 2006 - Super Technologies, Inc. DIDX

DIDX Skypecast Every Monday at 9 AM CST

DIDX offers ITSP's and CLEC's a scalable, flexible marketplace for buying and selling DID (Direct Inward Dialing), A.K.A. phone numbers. Be a part of the DIDxchange and join the weekly Skypecast to learn about every aspect including interop, API integration, and requirements. - June 23, 2006 - Super Technologies, Inc. DIDX

SIPphone.com Joins DIDxChange.com

DIDx provides "Virtual Numbers" for Gizmo Project European VoIP customers; users of the popular Internet calling software benefit from local phone numbers. - May 06, 2006 - Super Technologies, Inc. DIDX

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