Perle IRG7440 5G Router is T-Mobile Network Certified

The IRG7440 Router delivers primary or failover 5G connectivity without annual subscription or license fees. - September 16, 2023 - Perle Systems

Perle IRG5000 LTE Routers Are T-Mobile Network Certified

IRG5000 Routers provide primary or failover backup connectivity for branch offices, temporary "pop-up" locations, and remote infrastructure assets. - September 14, 2023 - Perle Systems

Enterprise IT Security Announces Cutting-Edge Firewall Migration to Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Service

Enterprise IT Security Announces Cutting-Edge Firewall Migration to Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Service

Enterprise IT Security (EITS), a leading provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Firewall Migration to Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Service. This new offering represents a significant advancement in network security and is... - August 22, 2023 - Enterprise IT Security

4-Channel Fiber Optic ABC Switch with Ethernet & GUI Remote Control

Electro Standards Laboratories introduces Model 6312 Fiber Optic Switch with 4-Channels to simultaneously switch between A, B, and C positions to quickly switch data over from one port to another. - August 11, 2023 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Aheesa™ Receives Government’s Support Under the Semiconindia futureDESIGN DLI Scheme

Aheesa Digital Innovations: Selected for Prestigious Design Linked Incentive Scheme by the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), Government of India and was announced in Semicon India 2023 in presence of Honorable Minister of State Shri. Rajeev Chandrashekar. - July 31, 2023 - Aheesa Digital Innovations Private Limited

Perle Launches Native OCI Container Support in IRG Cellular Routers

With no license needed, Perle's Docker-based container solution provides native support to deploy lightweight apps to optimize edge computing processing capabilities. - July 20, 2023 - Perle Systems

SNIA Announces New SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum

SNIA and the SCSI Trade Association (STA) today announced the formation of a new SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA Forum), a technology community within SNIA to promote the use and understanding of SCSI and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology. - June 27, 2023 - SCSI Trade Association

WoMaster Introduces MP614: The Leading Edge M12 Full Gigabit Layer 3 Routing PoE Switch for Secured On Board Networks in High Speed Trains

The MP614 M12 full Gigabit Layer 3 Routing PoE switch, specifically designed for Layer 3 controlling networks in rail public transport, sets new standards in performance, reliability, and security for on-board networking solutions in high-speed trains. The MP614 has been meticulously engineered to meet the stringent requirements of rail transport networks, earning it prestigious railway certificates, including EN50155 and EN45545. - June 22, 2023 - WoMaster

WoMaster Releases New Outdoor IP68 Compact Modbus RS485 to CAT M1 / NBIoT Gateway SCB111-485-DC

WoMaster Introduces the new SCB111-485-DC, an outdoor compact RS485 to NB-IoT Cat M1 gateway with advanced features for efficient data reading and management. The SCB111-485-DC is designed for outdoor use with an IP68 weather protection rating, making it ideal for harsh weather conditions. - June 22, 2023 - WoMaster

Switching Data Flow Quickly & Reliably with Cat5e Switcher, Model 8079

The Model 8079 LineSelect switcher allows quick, reliable network connection from one COMMON RJ45 port to be shared among either of two RJ45 ports, A or B, with Certified Category 5e Compliance with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. The Model 8079 provides the stability of knowing that if one network... - June 18, 2023 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Esteemed Industry Expert, Fernando Esteban, Brings Over 29 Years of Experience to Lynx Systems as Their New National Sales Director

Lynx Systems proudly announces, Fernando Esteban, a renowned professional with a remarkable track record spanning 29 years in the Network Video, Security, and Technology Industries, as the new National Sales Director. - May 26, 2023 - Lynx Systems

Clearwater County Integrates Perle Console Servers for Out-of-Band Management of Micro Data Centers

IOLAN Console Servers enable administrators to remotely access and manage all equipment housed in numerous micro data centers (MDCs) sites throughout the county. - May 18, 2023 - Perle Systems

CEG Expands Critical Power Service Offering to Include Industrial Generator Maintenance

Industrial generators are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your business. These generators perform when the power is out – preventing loss of productivity, data, and revenue. Keep your generator in its best shape with White-glove Maintenance Services from CEG. - April 03, 2023 - Critical Environments Group

Silent Breach Expands Ransomware Prevention Services

Silent Breach today announced that it has expanded its ransomware prevention and detection services, helping organizations develop resilient malware-resistant operations. “It’s no secret that ransomware remains a number one concern for security leaders around the world,” said... - March 25, 2023 - Silent Breach

A Cyber Security Company Launches First-Ever SecOps AI to Address Cyber Security Skills Shortage in Australia

A Cyber Security Company Launches First-Ever SecOps AI to Address Cyber Security Skills Shortage in Australia

An Australian Company Created SecOps AI to Minimise Security Analysts Workload and Address Cyber Security Skills Shortage. - March 22, 2023 - ThreatDefence

KT Connections is a 2023 Managed Service Provider Awards Winner

KT Connections, Inc., a leading provider of managed technology solutions, announced today their reception of the 2023 Managed Service Provider 500 award. Additionally, CRN named KT Connections to its Managed Service provider list in the Pioneer 250 category for 2023. CRN’s MSP 500 List... - March 15, 2023 - KT Connections Inc

Perle IRG Routers and IDS Switches Are Used in the Creation of Virtual Reality (VR) Environments

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence chose Perle’s ultra-low-power products that are ideal for use in battery-powered applications. - March 09, 2023 - Perle Systems

Modern Defense Announces Merger with Aegis Investigators

Modern Defense Announces Merger with Aegis Investigators

Modern Defense, a leading provider of security and risk management services, announced today that it has completed its merger with Aegis Investigators, a specialized investigations firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Aegis Investigators will become part of Modern Defense, which will continue to... - March 06, 2023 - Modern Defense

SCSI Trade Association Elects 2023 Board of Directors as Hyperscale Applications Continue to Drive 24G SAS Adoption

Industry Leaders Guide STA, as SAS Technology Delivers with High Performance, Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility, & Manageability. - February 07, 2023 - SCSI Trade Association

ATEN Technology Empowers BYOD Collaboration with New Presentation Switches

ATEN PresentON™ 4K Wireless Presentation Switches Enables Easier Idea Sharing During Meetings, Presentations and Lectures - February 07, 2023 - ATEN Technology, Inc.

Perle Announces New IDS Industrial Unmanaged Switches with QoS

Robust hardware and prioritization of data traffic to ensure a stable network and increased system availability. - January 28, 2023 - Perle Systems

VitalPBX to Exhibit at ITEXPO Florida 2023

VitalPBX - February 14-17, 2023 at the Communications and Digital Transformation Event of the Year. - January 18, 2023 - VitalPBX

Quantum Armor Threat Intelligence Now Defends Against Ransomware

Due to the recent proliferation of ransomware attacks, Quantum Armor has added additional threat intelligence capabilities specifically targeting a wide range of ransomware strains and attack vectors. - January 18, 2023 - Silent Breach

Perle IRG7440 5G Router is Certified as Orange Assessed

Orange’s IoT Journey Partnership Program tests devices to validate functionality and ease of connection to the Orange network. - January 12, 2023 - Perle Systems

Quantum Armor Introduces Quantum Protect to Actively Reduce Attack Surface

Intelligent External Defence platform Quantum Armor now includes Quantum Protect, a next-generation digital shield that enables active attack surface reduction and intelligent external security defence. “We’re very excited to announce the newest layer of our security suite,” said... - December 04, 2022 - Silent Breach

ATEN Technology Launches New Solutions for the Control Room of the Future

New DisplayPort KVM Extenders Re-envision Control Rooms with 5K and Robust System Reliability. - December 02, 2022 - ATEN Technology, Inc.

ASRock Rack Drives Performance and Energy Efficiency in the Data Center with 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors

ASRock Rack Drives Performance and Energy Efficiency in the Data Center with 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors

ASRock Rack Inc. now supporting 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors based on "Zen 4" architecture across new product lineup. - November 17, 2022 - ASRock Rack

Desert Control Signs Contract with Limoneira Company to Strengthen Sustainable Climate-Smart Agriculture in the U.S.

Desert Control Signs Contract with Limoneira Company to Strengthen Sustainable Climate-Smart Agriculture in the U.S.

Norwegian AgTech company Desert Control has developed a liquid natural clay (LNC) that restores and enhances soil ecosystems to reduce usage and improve efficiency of water, fertilizers, and natural resources for agriculture, forests, and green landscapes. Desert Control started operations in the United States in March 2022, initiating a validation study for LNC on American soil with the University of Arizona, and is now beginning to gain market adoption in the U.S., starting with Limoneira. - November 16, 2022 - Desert Control

Sport-Club Freiburg Use Perle PoE Managed Switches at New Europa-Park Stadium

IDS-710HP-XT provides PoE and secure connectivity for Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPs) in a distributed network architecture. - November 11, 2022 - Perle Systems

Electro Standards M9028 A/B Switch with Modular Expansion and Filler Panels

This Single Channel USB 2.0 A/B Switch Module permits switching between two 2.0 Type-A devices to one COMMON 2.0 Type-A device without having to disconnect cables. This modular approach allows for system expansion as needed. - October 28, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Project Nixus Update: Electronics Testing Phase

Perle sponsors aspiring rocket scientists in liquid-fuelled rocket design and build. - October 13, 2022 - Perle Systems

Perle Wins Mission Critical’s 2022 Top Tier Product Award

IOLAN SCG LWM Secure Console Servers recognized as Product of the Year for Management Systems. - October 07, 2022 - Perle Systems

ESL LineSelect Model 9744 High Density 32-Channel RJ11/12 A/B Switch Allows Quick and Easy Switching to Backup Device

The LineSelect Model 9744 High Density 32-Channel RJ11/12 and Single Channel DB9 A/B Switches are multi-interfaced for quick and easy backup with no power. - October 06, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

ATEN Technology Renovates the Desktop for the Hybrid Work Challenge with New KVM Switch

DisplayPort Hybrid Cable KVM Switch Improves Workflow Efficiency, Reduces Costs and Saves Space in Hot Desking Environments. - September 30, 2022 - ATEN Technology, Inc.

Perle Wins Two Security Today New Product of the Year Awards

IOLAN SCG Secure Console Servers and IRG7440 5G Router recognized as outstanding security products. - September 30, 2022 - Perle Systems

Techology to Debut New Standard in Home Networks at CEDIA

Techology to Debut New Standard in Home Networks at CEDIA

Designed to help custom integrators build and support the best in home networks, Techology exists to simplify and enhance everyday life by bridging the knowledge gap between people and technology. RouterBox is an innovative, customer-centric solution for managing network installations. For more information, please visit - September 27, 2022 - Techology

ASDQMS Releases SmartCable with Keyboard Output for the A&D BA Series Balance

Advanced Systems and Designs has recently introduced a SmartCable™ Keyboard single gage interface which connects the A&D BA-T / BA Series Borealis Micro Balance to a computer. - September 25, 2022 - Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS

Silent Breach Opens Headquarters in Paris, France

Silent Breach today announced that it has relocated their European headquarters to 32 Avenue Kléber in Paris, France. “Silent Breach is very excited to establish a base in Paris,” said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. “For generations, the French capital has endured as... - September 17, 2022 - Silent Breach

Crystal Pressure XP2i Digital Test Gauge with Timer Delays SmartCable™ USB Keyboard Gage Interface

Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS has recently introduced an updated SmartCable™ Keyboard Gage Interface for the Ametek Crystal Pressure XP2i Digital Test Gauge. With just a few clicks, the SmartCable™ Keyboard gage interface is set up to send data to your spreadsheet in different output modes. - September 14, 2022 - Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS

Accurate Technology ProScale / Mitutoyo SurfTest SmartCable™USB Interface

Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS has just introduced their latest SmartCable™ USB gage interface for the Accurate Technology ProScale / Mitutoyo SurfTest. You can easily send your data to SPC data collection programs. - September 09, 2022 - Advanced Systems and Designs - ASDQMS

The SCSI Trade Association Discusses 24G SAS Advances for Hyperscale Environments at Storage Developer Conference

Rick Kutcipal, representing the SCSI Trade Association, will present new technology advances in Serial Attached SCSI at Storage Developer Conference on September 12. - September 06, 2022 - SCSI Trade Association

Silent Breach Begins Offering Comprehensive NFT and Blockchain Security

Silent Breach Begins Offering Comprehensive NFT and Blockchain Security

Silent Breach today announced that it has begun offering NFT and blockchain security services to meet the unique security needs of an increasingly decentralized web. - August 30, 2022 - Silent Breach

ESL Newly Developed Single Channel 120Volts Network Switch with Telnet and GUI

Two standout AC Power A/B Switches by Electro Standards Laboratories are the Pathway Models 7910 & 7914. Both units provide A/B switching and are rated for 120VAC. The 7910 is with local control only, and the 7914 offers remote control access. - August 24, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Electro Standards Pathway Model 7281 RJ45 Cat5 Video Feed Controller Switch with Contact Control Remote Port

The Pathway Model 7281 Video Feed Controller Switch permits the simultaneous switching of three video sources among two monitors through a Contact Control Remote Port. It is ideal for livestreaming, media launch, and audio adjustment applications. - August 20, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

ESL Model 4126 Smart Data Switch with Automatic Fallback and Remote RS232 ASCII Commands

The Pathway Model 4126 DB9 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch is a smart data switch which automatically selects connection to the port with valid activity. - August 17, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Perle Systems Nominated in Funkschau ICT Products of the Year 2022

Vote for IOLAN SCG LWM Secure Console Servers in the Network Infrastructure Category. - August 12, 2022 - Perle Systems

New Ruggedized High Performance Embedded Data Acquisition Board by Electro Standards Laboratories

The CellMite ProD product line of data acquisition smart sensor boards for embedded applications welcomes the newest model, the M4349. This model is a high-performance data acquisition and sensor monitoring module from Electro Standards Laboratories. - August 12, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Electro Standards Model 9451R DB25 Switcher Reliable for Network Backup with Lifetime Warranty

This LineSelect® Model 9451R DB25 A/B/C Switch with manual operation and a rackmount configuration provides reliable network backup for all mission critical systems. It is applicable for switching ANY DB25 interface devices. - August 12, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Electro Standards Pathway® Model 4511 USB Type-A 5 to 1 Switch with Remote Control and No Enclosure, Ready for Installation

The Model 4511 USB Type-A 5 to 1 Switch has both manual and remote control capabilities for easy connection to any one of five USB devices from one COMMON device. It is perfect for connecting a computer to multiple USB devices without having to disconnect cables since it has no enclosure. - August 10, 2022 - Electro Standards Laboratories

Quantum Armor Now Supports Azure Integration

Attack Surface Management platform Quantum Armor releases integration for Microsoft Azure, powering in-depth cloud monitoring, auditing, and analytics. - August 10, 2022 - Silent Breach

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