TEBillion Announces Partnership Program with Focus on Sri Lanka and South Africa

TEBillion, a leader in providing business automation solutions, announces that the company is actively offering its Channel Partner Program specifically in countries, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The program helps provide the needs of businesses in any industry to adapt to the pandemic with TEB's... - October 24, 2020

TEBillion Welcomes a Fast-Growing IT Company as Latest Customer

TEBillion has added to its network a fast-growing IT value-added distribution company in PAN India, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the market ever since 2005. The company is looking at integrating automation into its business processes across all its locations and has turned to TEB for... - October 22, 2020

TEBillion Announces Social Media Integration Suite Update

TEBillion is on course to bring to the market lead capture from websites and social media using TEB integration suite. This integration will allow social media and web plugins for TEB, as well as providing a seamless connection with popular social media platforms like Whatsapp, Linkedin, and... - October 18, 2020

TEBillion Anticipates a Surge in Demand from Mumbai, India

A growing interest from organisations in Mumbai, India is anticipated by the TEBillion India team. This rapidly growing interest is great news and welcome at a difficult time for everyone in the booming and buzzing city of Mumbai. Mumbai is also where TEBillion's India country office is located,... - October 16, 2020

TEBillion's All New Orders and Billing Now Live

TEBillion unveils its new and improved TEB Orders and Billing. The app has been made more powerful in terms of efficiency and usability as it highlights advanced features like its competence to make different products available for different regions and/or countries with different prices in... - October 11, 2020

TEBillion Continues to Expand Global Partner Network

TEBillion makes an announcement that the company, one of the leading business automation solutions provider, have their doors open for global channel partners. TEBillion provides cost-effective cutting-edge solutions making business processes easier using intelligent automation. From lead... - October 07, 2020

TEBillion Expands Its Partner Network in South Asia

TEBillion is gearing towards a thriving ecosystem of partner network in the South Asia as it eyes deals with countries neigboring PAN India. The decision was made by TEB's directors to start its expansion of partners on countries that are neighboring India, having concluded that TEB's products as... - October 04, 2020

TEBillion's New and Improved Business Automation Suite

TEBillion has gone live with its new and improved brainy software suite, the TEB Cloud. Its user and partner network will now enjoy more advanced features within the system including custom filters which will allow a management screen of each module as per user's preferred requirement. Other... - October 02, 2020

Growing Interest from Industrial Organisations for TEB Products Remains Steadfast

Despite facing challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic, TEBillion is getting a growing interest from industrial organisations for their intelligent automation solutions and is anticipating to close deals with a large industrial estate. This industrial estate is one of the biggest and oldest in the... - September 30, 2020

TEBillion Hosts Back to Work Webinars to Check in on Partners

TEBillion announces that it is hosting webinars for its partner network to check in on how they are doing during the COVID19 pandemic and the back to work arrangements. Several key issues are being tackled during the webinars, but the main purpose is to ask partners on how they are doing and... - September 26, 2020

TEBillion Welcomes an India-Based System Integrator Company

TEBillion welcomes an India-based system integrator as part of its user network The company boasting a diverse clientele and its rich experience in the industry, TEBillion anticipates only a fruitful partnership with the company. TEBillion has started training 30 sales team over the week and is... - September 25, 2020

TEBillion Welcomes a New Partnership with a Leading Global IT Services Company

Despite facing economic challenges, TEBillion's adherence to delivering its purpose does not slow down as the company welcomes a new partnership with a leading global Information Technology and IT-enabled services company. This leading globe IT services company in South India is focused in... - September 20, 2020

TEBillion Close to Achieving 250 Channel Partners

TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions provider, announced that it is close to achieving 250 strategic partners from around the world. This growth in TEB's partner network is accomplished with a dedicated team effort by its sales and marketing team spread across London, Mumbai... - September 20, 2020

Growing Interest from the Financial and Insurance Industry for TEBillion

Following the increase of interest from the pharmaceutical sales and distribution industry, TEBillion announces also a growing interest from the financial and insurance industry for its advanced business automation solutions. This growth is in relation to and caused by the impact of the... - September 18, 2020

TEBillion's Successful Independence Day Promo

TEBillion is proud to have achieved its 73 customers as part of its celebration of India's 73rd Independence Day, just after one week following its announcement on TEBillion's official Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The announcement was made one week before India's 73rd Independence Day, offering a... - September 12, 2020

TEBillion Gains Increase in Pharmaceutical Industry's Interest Into Automation

TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions provider, is gaining a large increase of interest from the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to the challenging impact of COVID-19. With the rise on the demand and limiting the number of workforce with... - September 09, 2020

TEBillion Makes Significant Feature Updates on TEB Cloud

TEBillion follows-up another feature update on its brainy software suite, TEB Cloud, focused lead utilising for its user network. A more enhanced and user-friendly way of utilising leads is the main highlight of this update by TEB. Leads will be viewed in multiple ways providing a more personal... - September 05, 2020

Significant Update on TEBillion's Billing Software

TEBillion's completely upgraded Orders and Billing business automation solution goes live this week. This significant update by TEBillion is focused on convenience and ease for its large number of user and partner network worldwide. The entire release is user-friendly focused giving TEB's users a... - September 04, 2020

TEBillion's User and Partner Network Looking Forward to More Advanced Automation Features

Lockdown is not stopping TEBillion in the continuous upgrading of technology with the introduction of advanced key features within the TEB cloud software suite. The new automation features within the app that TEB users and partner network are looking forward to includes allowing custom fields... - September 02, 2020

TEBillion Greets a Purposeful Partnership with a Full-Service Advertising Agency

Following the welcoming of the partnership with a global leading IT services company, TEBillion greets another partnership with a full-service advertising agency. The company, with an expertise in Advertising, Marketing Strategy, and Digital Media, is TEBillion's new addition to its large number... - August 29, 2020

TEBillion for Higher Growth and Success

TEBillion is dedicated to deliver higher growth and success for its growing partners and customers worldwide. With the TEB team's fully comprehensive effort, its large number of users as well as partners now have a more advanced and more efficient process to drive them to ultimate success. This... - August 26, 2020

A New Way to Utilise Leads by TEBillion

TEBillion's new feature update on its brainy software suite now allows more ways to utilise leads. Leads will be more user-friendly with this update as it will be viewed in two ways, list view and detailed view. There will also be a funnel wherein management will have a complete view of... - August 20, 2020

TEBillion Business Automation Provision for Franchise Operations

Following TEBillion's win of a closed deal with a leading infrastructure management organisation, the leading automation solutions company is preparing for the organisation's fully integrated automation processes on its over 300 franchises. TEBillion started supporting the franchise operations... - August 19, 2020

Automation Solutions by TEBillion Now Made Available to the Architectural and Engineering Industry

In the architectural and engineering industries, organisations face many challenges to keep their projects in sync. TEBillion will simplify these processes with a range of sales tracking and relationship management features. Firms often have many projects running simultaneously and have to... - August 15, 2020

TEBillion Remains Steadfast in Empowering Clients with Business Automation for Business Success

TEBillion's dedication in helping growing businesses be profitable and efficient at the same time is what incited them to add innovative and more advanced features to its brainy software suite, the TEB cloud. A more comprehensive reporting tool with accurate insights is what TEB cloud will deliver... - August 14, 2020

TEBillion Offers Independence Day Promo

TEBillion is offering a special promotion in celebration with India's 73rd Independence Day. - August 12, 2020

TEBillion Advances to the Technology Sector with Its Advanced Automation Solutions

TEB makes organisation planning and resource management simpler for technology and software service companies. Using TEB's cloud-based business management system, contracts and terms are easily exchanged, while organising projects is made simple, meaning they can always be delivered on time and on... - August 08, 2020

TEB Sales App is Now Live

TEBillion proudly announces today the launch of its intelligent sales app, TEB Sales. The app, also accessible across Android devices, is part of the brainy software suite TEBillion had just launched which uses intelligent automation to improve business processes and management. TEB Sales includes... - August 06, 2020

TEBillion Expands to 20 Major Cities in PAN India During Lockdown

TEBillion software products and services are now accessible to authorised resellers and partners in 20 major cities PAN India. Thanks to the committed and extensive effort of the TEB sales team led by Channel Manager Ravikant Marpak, enabling TEB's cutting edge products and services to be... - August 02, 2020

Health Checking Your Business in One Screen is Now Possible with TEBillion

TEBillion just added a new feature to its brainy software suite that allows growing businesses get an accurate business health check. The business health checks can be viewed in one single screen and will accurately indicate businesses where to take action in their processes and operations. The... - July 31, 2020

TEBillion's Solutions Broadens Into the Food Industry

Business automation solutions by TEBillion now expands into the food industry. Since many operate over multiple locations and business units in the food industry, TEB now makes managing these complex organisational structures easy. During the initiation of the project, high growth organisations in... - July 29, 2020

TEBillion Extends Business Automation Solutions Range for Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturers

TEBillion now provides an integrated range of products to suit the key business processes of the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry. Its features enable effective customer management and ensures commitments are met and relationships maintained. TEB cloud aims to help organisations... - July 25, 2020

TEBillion Engages a Large PAN India Facilities Group

TEBillion is currently working with a large facilities group operating in over 150 cities in India. This project is part of the group’s business expansion in South East Asia region. TEB is working with the group to automate sales management and tracking for the national sales team. The TEB... - July 23, 2020

Cutting Edge Automation Solution for Professional Services and Consultancy by TEBillion

Organisations in the professional services and consultancy can integrate business automation solutions tailored exclusively for the industry by TEBillion. The organisations in the above industry face many challenges including a cyclical workload, uneven cashflow, reliance on key staff and the... - July 22, 2020

TEBillion Expands Into the Chemical Industry

Due to the risks involved and compliance requirements, organisations producing and delivering chemical products have to maintain high standards and rigorously tested processes. TEBillion makes its automation solution the TEB cloud available for organisations in the chemical industry. TEB will help... - July 18, 2020

TEBillion's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people and businesses throughout the world. TEBillion is also doing their part to help prevent further spreading of the virus and ensure the safety of its employees, users and partners worldwide. TEBillion identified the pandemic situation rising as early as... - July 17, 2020

TEBillion's Effort in Helping Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an update from TEBillion India team. With over more than 700,000 cases in India as of the July 8, 2020, according to the World Health Organization's situation reports, TEBillion India is making an effort to help in the country's fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. TEBillion, India... - July 15, 2020

TEBillion Introduces Solutions Made Exclusively for Retail

Today TEBillion now provides solutions exclusively made for the retail industry. This means processes throughout the business can be automated to make management not just simpler, but effective and quick. Features including management of business units and sales team from multi-locations,... - July 12, 2020

Integrating Automation Solutions for the New Normal Provided by TEBillion

TEBillion eyes more sales and agreements as automation solutions demand rise during the lockdown. As lockdown measures from around the globe are slowly being lifted, businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic start to prioritise integrating automation solutions for business processes. In the new... - July 10, 2020

Manufacturing Industry to Drive Growth with TEB Cutting Edge Software Solutions

Advanced automation solutions for the manufacturing industry now available in TEB. - July 08, 2020

Solutions for Automotive Industries Now Available on TEBillion

TEBillion now offers business automation solutions suited for automotive industries. Business Automation solution designed for the automotive industry includes management of sales and marketing, multiple business units and locations, quoting with workflow manager, business contracts and... - July 03, 2020

TEBillion Wins a Major License Deal with a Leading Infrastructure Management Organisation

TEBillion proudly announces the signing of a deal with an enterprise infrastructure management group, procuring high volume licenses to be used across their over hundred fifty franchisees. This enterprise is aiming to integrate business processes using TEB business automation. This will help the... - July 01, 2020

TEBillion Announces New Partnership Program

TEBillion announces today its new partnership program called, TEBillion Alliances Partner Program. The partner program, divided in two kinds, OEM Alliance Partner and Cloud Alliance Partner, aims to bring success through a joint go to market initiative, development efforts and strategic activities... - June 28, 2020

TEBillion Introduces New Features to Its Cutting Edge Quoting Software

London, United Kingdom: Today TEBillion, introduced new features to its popular quoting solution that is part of the TEB Sales software. An easy-to-use quoting solution making business quotes consistent and accurate. When asked why TEB Sales is a necessity for an organisation, TEBillion's SVP... - June 26, 2020

TEBillion Maintains Strong Ties with Godrej

TEBillion is proud to announce that alliance with Godrej continues to grow from strength to strength. The large conglomerate joined hands with TEBillion for the vast range of high quality technology products. TEBillion provides high growth enterprises with expert advice, tried and tested... - June 22, 2020

TEB Unveils New Addition to Brainy Software Suite

Today, TEBillion unveiled its new addition to the TEB Cloud business automation suite, the TEB Orders. This is a cloud-hosted Orders management solution that allows the input, management and tracking of sales and orders data with ease and efficiency. Being a cloud-hosted means the information and... - June 17, 2020

TEBillion Introduces Reselling Partnership Program

Today TEBillion introduced its Reselling Partnership Program. The partnership program is designed to maximize profit, increase revenue and expand their partner businesses. "With our partner focused sales approach, we want to build great partner ecosystem. We stand committed to maximising... - June 15, 2020

TEBillion Launches Most Advanced Reporting for TEB Brainy Software Suite

TEBillion launches today its most advanced reporting for TEB brainy software yet. The TEB brainy software suite, consists of three cutting edge app features, using intelligent automation to improve high growth startups and make sales not just easier, but simple to manage. "When businesses use... - June 12, 2020

TEBillion Pulls Off 14 Strategic Alliances in Less Than Four Months

Following the launch of TEBillion's most advanced software suite yet, the TEB Cloud, the company successfully pulls off 14 partnership agreements in the South East Asian region in less than four months from launch. "We understand the tough competition in the industry so the goal was to... - June 08, 2020

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