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Clavius Explores Strategic Investment in High-Profile Fashion Publication to Elevate Nordic Luxury Brands

Clavius, a pioneering fashion investment fund, is considering an investment in a leading fashion magazine. This strategic move aligns with Clavius's vision of supporting and elevating small to mid-sized luxury fashion brands that embody Nordic heritage and craftsmanship. The investment aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership that enhances brand value and market reach for both parties, setting a new standard for the luxury fashion industry. - September 27, 2023 - Clavius

NCR Further De-Risks Glomfjord Expansion

NCR produces M10 ingot in pursuit of process knowledge to de-risk its capacity expansion. - June 29, 2023 - Norwegian Crystals ASA

Clavius, a Pioneering Fashion Fund, is Set to Transform the Luxury Market Landscape with Its Ambitious Initiative to Propel Nordic Luxury Brands to the Global Stage

Clavius, a pioneering fashion fund based in Oslo, Norway, has announced a mission to elevate small to mid-sized Nordic luxury brands to the global stage. The fund is successfully raising €177 million in investments and plans to work closely with portfolio companies to boost their financial performance and brand value while preserving their unique heritage and identity. Clavius operates under a transparent and regulated framework, offering investors a strategic and lucrative return on investment. - June 06, 2023 - Clavius

ProperHost Debuts DevOps Automation Platform to Streamline Cloud Deployments

ProperHost launches new cloud platform built on Kubernetes containers with one-click provisioning and deployment automation for Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, and other web applications. - January 23, 2023 -

Resoptima Partners with Aker BP, Sval Energi, and NORCE to Reduce CO2 Emissions for Oil and Gas Production

Resoptima Partners with Aker BP, Sval Energi, and NORCE to Reduce CO2 Emissions for Oil and Gas Production

Resoptima announced today a joint project with the support of the Research Council of Norway. The partnership includes Aker BP and Sval Energi as E&P operators and NORCE as an independent research institute. The project aims at leveraging Resoptima’s reservoir modelling and reservoir management technologies to further develop specific solutions that will help reduce CO2 emissions associated with oil and gas asset development and production activities. - November 17, 2022 - Resoptima

Aker BP Signs 3-Year Agreement with Resoptima for Subsurface Uncertainty Modelling

Norwegian Operator Aker BP signed today a 3-year agreement to increase usage of Resoptima's ensemble-based technology across its assets. As well as continuing the licensing of the ResX™ uncertainty-centric reservoir modelling & data conditioning package, Aker BP will be the first... - December 07, 2021 - Resoptima

HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny Remains at #1 on Amazon for Third Consecutive Week

HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny, by debut author Scott Harvey, maintains its position as a #1 hot new release on Amazon. - September 09, 2021 - HeroPlot

"HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny" Debuts as #1 New Release

International award-winning designer Scott Harvey's book debut, "HEROPLOT: The Spear of Destiny," launches at #1 New Release on Amazon. - August 26, 2021 - HeroPlot

Oriented Soft Releases Report on the Challenges of IoT Development

Oriented Soft provides dedicated development teams for full-cycle custom software development from consulting to ready-to-market solutions. Earlier this year, Oriented Soft conducted a survey of several dozen small and medium-sized business leaders to find out how they are approaching and fighting... - June 25, 2021 - Oriented AS

reTyre Expands to Canadian Market with Kartus Partnership

Norwegian tire company, reTyre, keeps expanding into North America by signing a partnership with Canadian wheelchair company Kartus Chairs Inc. - May 30, 2021 - reTyre

Modular E-Bike Tyre Brand reTyre and Panthera, Known as the World's Lightest Wheelchair, Launch Traction, an Unique Detachable Wheelchair Tire Cover

3 years ago, reTyre created "zipper tyres" to simplify life for e-bike users. Now they have teamed up with Wheelchair brand Panthera and created another ground-breaking innovation – a detachable tyre tread for wheelchairs. Traction is a unique tyre tread that provides stable grip not only on snow, but also on soft, wet, and slippery surfaces and on sand and gravel. As always with reTyre, the users can easily mount or detach the tread themselves in a matter of seconds. - May 03, 2021 - reTyre

Gaiainnovations Releases a Visionary New Book with the Title "Message from the Future: We Made It"

This visionary new book is an attempt to describe the future how it might become if we take the right decisions today. - January 21, 2021 - Gaia Innovations

Disruptive Technologies Launches Tiny Wireless Humidity Sensor

After many requests and successful testing and piloting, the humidity sensor is available to the mass market, and ready to scale. - November 15, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies Launches Dashboards Feature in Studio Providing an Easy-to-Use Interface and Analytics

Studio is a simple yet powerful web-app allowing users to easily manage their sensors and make any building smart in minutes. Dashboards makes it even easier! - November 07, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

Bluestone Launches Seamless Integration with Magento 2

Bluestone PIM has released the latest update to its Magento extension, unlocking the next level of integration between a PIM platform and an eCommerce storefront. The new and improved extension enables seamless and automated sync of product information to Magento 2.3 stores. Without the need for... - August 12, 2020 - Bluestone

reTyre and Electric Bike Brand E-Life Enter Into Partnership

The Norwegian modular tyre company reTyre keeps growing by signing yet another e-bike brand, E-life, for the upcoming 27,5 x 2.25'' wheel size that is being launched in December 2020. - May 08, 2020 - reTyre

reTyre Expands to Greenland Market with Pikkori Sport

Norwegian tire company, reTyre, keeps growing internationally by signing Greenland distributor, Pikkori Sport. Pikkori Sport is perhaps the leading sports shop in Greenland since 1992. They have more than 25 years experience in selling equipment for an active lifestyle, with special focus on... - February 14, 2020 - reTyre

Innovative Research Project DryFiciency Welcomes Scanship, a Norwegian Pioneer in Waste Management

EU-financed DryFiciency project partners working on innovative industry-scale heat pump technologies for various industry applications are welcoming Scanship as new partner into the consortium. Scanship based in Norway produces advanced wastewater purification and waste management systems for ferries, cruise ships, disaster relief and merchant shipping, as well as land-based waste management systems. - November 14, 2019 - RTDS Group

Virtual Escapes AS Announce the Launch of Their New Mobile Application: Night Creatures - Sleep Training Made Fun

Virtual Escapes AS is pleased to announce the launch of Night Creatures, a children's sleep training application for iPhone and Android. Making bedtime more fun and helping to teach kids when it's ok to get up in the morning so parents can get a good night’s sleep, it's available now on: Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. - August 05, 2019 - Virtual Escapes AS

reTyre Continues Modular Tyre Success with New Product Arrivals

Innovative Norwegian tyre company reTyre - recognised for producing the world’s first modular tyre system, has welcomed a brand-new batch of off-road products. reTyre’s solution is easy. Mount the fast-rolling asphalt tyre, reTyre One – its integrated zippers allow tyre change in... - May 30, 2019 - reTyre

reTyre Wins Award for High Design Quality in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

reTyre has won an award for high design quality in the internationally esteemed design competition the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. More than 5,500 products were entered in this year’s competition, and after the adjudication process, where all products are thoroughly examined and put to the test for several days, the young company’s sleek modular tire design was among those which impressed the experienced jury. - May 07, 2019 - reTyre

The Gift of Hot Hands for Christmas - Scandinavian Design, Battery Heated Gloves

The Gift of Hot Hands for Christmas - Scandinavian Design, Battery Heated Gloves

Heat Experience is a start-up based in Trondheim, Norway specializing in battery heated clothing. The company, having started-up in 2016, now has five Core Series products on offer and is launching their Core Series Heated Gloves with a 50% discount on Kickstarter for the US market on November... - October 23, 2018 - Heat Experience

Sports Crowdfunding Reimagined: Artificial Intelligence Can Now Help Athletes Fundraise Smarter

Sports Crowdfunding Reimagined: Artificial Intelligence Can Now Help Athletes Fundraise Smarter

A Norway-born sports crowdfunding startup SPONSOR.ME has announced the launch of its A.I.-based Genius Wizard, the industry's first smart module that can write texts and suggest images for athletes' crowdfunding campaigns. - October 08, 2018 - SPONSOR.ME

"My Street" Program by Strelka KB Gets ISOCARP Grand Award 2018

Strelka KB, a consulting company for the Moscow City "My Street" program, receives an International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) Grand Award for Excellence in recognition of exceptionally innovative urban initiatives globally. It is the first time that a Russian company gets this prestigious international prize. - October 05, 2018 - Strelka KB

Norwegian Red Genetics Continue to Grow Market Share

Norwegian Red Genetics Continue to Grow Market Share

Geno, Norway’s cattle genetics cooperative, has reported record global sales for the third year running. Figures for its Norwegian Red dairy cattle semen show sales in 2016 of 471,000 straws, 3.5% higher than in 2015 and 41% higher than its closest rival. - March 29, 2017 - Geno SA

Crowdfunding Success of Kitemill

Kitemill opened a crowdfunding campaign. The aim is to attract new investors to the company, to make the company's environmental friendly solutions available soon enough for the commercial market. Thus far, investors have subscribed for close to four million NOK. The goal is between six and nine... - December 09, 2016 - Kitemill

A Symbolic Jewelry Collection: TOMAxALEX Release Their New Summer Love Jewelry Collection

A Symbolic Jewelry Collection: TOMAxALEX Release Their New Summer Love Jewelry Collection

TOMAxALEX just released their brand new "Summer Love" collection, and the Summer Love collection entails their beautiful and stunning “deep conscious, connection rings.” The Summer Love collection is aimed towards the fairer sex that have a spiritual connection and would like to connect through TOMAxALEX's stunning finger jewelry. - June 09, 2016 - TOMAxALEX

Itera Named as Finalist for SSON’s Excellence in Transformation Award

Itera is honored to announce that it is named as a finalist for the Excellence in Transformation Award within the 2016 European SSON Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Awards. - April 14, 2016 - Itera

Organic Aglianico Del Vulture DOC "Siir" by San Martino, Represented by, is Launched at the Norwegian Alcohol Monopoly, Vinmonopolet

Basilicata winery San Martino's excellent and organic Aglianico del Vulture DOC "Siir" is launched in approximately 300 shops at the Norwegian alcohol monopoly, Vinmonopolet in March 2016. This gutsy, generous and elegant 100% Aglianico del Vulture has amazing southern character but is simultaneously as rich as the northern Nebbiolo. - February 24, 2016 -

"Warhammer: Arcane Magic": Major Content Update and New DLC for IOS

Turbo Tape Games and Games Workshop announce the availability of "The Jungles of Lustria," an update to the critically acclaimed "Warhammer: Arcane Magic" digital tactical board game. Now on iOS iPad and iPhones for just $3.99 - November 09, 2015 - Turbo Tape Games

Friend Platform - Secure, Own and Unify Your Digital Life. Access Your Life Any Time, Anywhere, Everywhere on Any Device. For All Users.

Friend Software Labs announces a new platform neutral Operating System Based in Stavanger and Oslo, Friend Software Labs (FSL) develops new software technologies based on the Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP). FriendUP is a new OS for desktops, TVs and mobile devices that runs on top of any host... - July 15, 2015 - Friend Software Labs

Parents Capture Video Highlights of Their Kid’s Sporting Events After a Goal, Touchdown or Home Run is Made

Former footballer develops SportStar, a video app for parents to capture their kids’ athletic achievements. With SportStar, parents can save game highlights after the play is executed. Parents choose which dribbles, passes, and game-winning shots to record and share with family and friends. - March 08, 2015 - SportStar

Sven Falcke Appointed Miratech Country Manager for Norway

Sven Falcke appointed Miratech Country Manager for Norway. Sven’s extensive international career has included various functions: sales, operations, development, management, and consulting. - August 07, 2014 - Miratech

AvoiDeer App Launches International Version May 1st

AvoiDeer app aims to reduce the number of deer/vehicle accidents by sending alerts about roadside wildlife to the user’s smartphone. AvoiDeer is a unique road safety app that has had great success since it launched in Scandinavia March 1st, and now targets the rest of the world. AvoiDeer app is available in the App Store. - April 27, 2014 - AvoiDeer

Hosting Provider ProperHost Introduces Loyalty Bonus Program

ProperHost, a global web hosting provider, rewards customer loyalty by paying a 5% cashback every month for as long as the customer stays with the company. - March 29, 2014 -

ProperHost Debuts New Channel Partner Program and Hosting Affiliate Program

Global web hosting provider and Magento specialist, ProperHost, announced on Monday a new Channel Partner Program and Hosting Affiliate Program with immediate availability. The new partner programs offer various incentives and opportunities for members to promote and resell the company’s... - February 05, 2014 -

Harlequins Enigma Owner Announces New Solo Album

The seeker åge riisnes, owner of harlequins enigma wants a new approach via a solo album to gain recognition in his work. age (own compositions) is now released via his distributor cdbaby. The collection which is a double album, is spread in multiple genres including hiphop, pop, dance, new... - October 07, 2013 - harlequins enigma

Vokalensemblet Skrik Turns Ylvis Hit "The Fox" Into 8 Part A Cappella Choral

Vokalensemblet Skrik of Ylvis’ hometown Bergen has contributed to the phenomenon with an eight part a cappella choral version of the hit single. The arrangement was made especially for Vokalensemblet Skrik by conductor Jon Flydal Blichfeldt. Skrik performed “The Fox” for the first time at Logen Theatre in Bergen, Norway on Wednesday September 25th during a performance commissioned by the Norwegian Humanist Association. A music video based on the performance is now available on YouTube. - September 29, 2013 - Vokalensemblet Skrik

100% Merino Ull That’s Itch Free and Soft to Touch Now on Sale at

The ultra soft woolen material responds to the wearer’s body temperature. Thus it makes children feel comfortable when it is cold and makes them feel warm when it is hot outside. - September 27, 2013 - Ullungan AS

ProperHost Introduces SSD-Accelerated CloudLinux Hosting for Magento

Web hosting provider ProperHost has launched a significant upgrade to their Magento hosting service, introducing a brand new technology platform based on CloudLinux and LiteSpeed Enterprise. New hosting packages and reseller plans are available, including advanced features such as RAID-10 SSD... - September 09, 2013 -

New Book on Henry VIII Targets Novices of Tudor History

Kristin A. Sinclair publishes new history book geared towards novices of Tudor history. - August 13, 2012 - Kristin A. Sinclair

Webnodes AS Announces Version 4.0 of Webnodes Semantic CMS

Webnodes AS today announced the release of version 4.0 of their CMS, with significant performance and scalability improvements, overhaul of the e-mail marketing module, a video provider system and a number of improvements to the content editing experience for editors. - June 30, 2012 - Webnodes AS

New Design Cuts Nurse-Injuries and Accelerates Patient Recovery

New Design Cuts Nurse-Injuries and Accelerates Patient Recovery

As hospital design progresses and makes patients recover faster, the alarm-bell keeps ringing for all the nurses getting injured. - May 12, 2012 - Integra care products

Properhost Launches New Website and New Magento Optimized Services

Web hosting provider and domain registrar, ProperHost, launches new website and extends product offerings with dedicated servers and new performance-critical Magento ecommerce hosting. - April 11, 2012 -

Norway Distribution Launched MultiTap Text App to Transform iPhone with a Numeric Keyboard

Norway-based app development company Norway Distribution has launched its first iOS app, MultiTap Text to help users stop struggling with the iPhone’s QWERTY keyboard. When people upgrade from ordinary mobile to iPhones, many of them would really find it hard to adapt to the QWERTY keyboard. - April 02, 2012 - AlphaDigits

Webnodes AS Announces the Release of Version 3.8 of Webnodes Semantic CMS with MVC Support

Webnodes AS, a company developing a .NET based semantic content management system, today announced the release of version 3.8 of their CMS, with semantic e-commerce, MVC support and several new mobile features. - March 08, 2012 - Webnodes AS

IASP Launches Clusters and Contagion in Suicidal Behavior Special Interest Group

The International Association for Suicide Prevention announces the launch of a Special Interest Group devoted to deepening understanding of clusters and contagion in suicidal behaviour. - January 28, 2012 - International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)

Mobinorge Launches an Instant Mobilising Software for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

In 2011, there were more smartphones and tablets sold than PCs, for the first time in history. In mid 2011, consumers were spending more time on smartphones and mobile devices than on their PCs. - January 07, 2012 - MOBINORGE

DNV and KEMA Create a World-Leading Energy and Sustainability Company

DNV and KEMA create a world-leading consulting and certification company within the cleaner energy, sustainability, power generation, transmission and distribution sectors. - December 28, 2011 - DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability

harlequins enigma Releases Time Dance (Liberty Mix), Available Shortly on Major Mp3 Stores

harlequins enigma release a new professionally remastered version of their favourite dance track from octagon volume 2 - night pulse and the silhouette of dr. voodoo. - December 09, 2011 - harlequins enigma

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