NewTek Custom Position Sensor Detects Part Errors in Automotive Resistance Welding Machines

NewTek Sensor Solutions has designed a custom LVDT position sensor for resistance spot welding machines used in automotive plants to detect missing or misaligned parts in nut and stud welding. - July 30, 2023 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

NewTek Designs 100th Custom Position Sensor with Vented Body to Meet Requirements of Downhole Drilling Application

NewTek recently designed its 100th custom LVDT Position Sensors with a vented body and modified lead lengths to address the unique operating specifications for a downhole drilling application. - May 20, 2023 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

Aratek’s TruFace Combines Biometric Access and Attendance

Aratek TruFace Access Control Solution, a simplified, effective and cost saving solution that does access control and time attendance management excellently, making building securer, while increasing workforce management efficiency that’s needed by every business owner. - October 19, 2022 - Aratek Biometrics

Smart Sensor Devices' BleuIO Earns KC Certification in South Korea

Smart Sensor Devices has earned the KC certification for its Bluetooth Low Energy USB dongle BleuIO, allowing it to be sold in South Korea. As a global company, it is important that Smart Sensor Devices can serve customers around the globe. Any information communication equipment manufactured or... - January 13, 2022 - Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices AB Joins RobotShop Marketplace

Smart Sensor Devices AB, a manufacturer and provider of IoT solutions, is pleased to announce that its Bluetooth low energy USB dongle called BleuIO will be available for immediate shipment worldwide through the Roboshop Marketplace. - December 01, 2021 - Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to expand Air Quality Monitoring Solutions with CO2 and Particle Matter Sensors

Smart Sensor Devices today announced a new solution for CO2 and Particle Matter monitoring (PM) built on the Cisco DNA Spaces platform. - September 30, 2021 - Smart Sensor Devices

Kaye Announces an Exciting New Partnership with Canadian Distributor Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

Kaye is pleased to announce that it is launching a new distribution partnership with Alpha Controls & Instrumentation to expand their geographical footprint. Alpha Controls has been one of Canada’s leading suppliers of measuring, sensing and controlling instruments for over 40... - July 07, 2021 - Alpha Controls & Instrumentation

Metalenz Launches Orion(TM) Product Family of Dot Pattern Projectors Using Patented Metasurface Technology

Metalenz Launches Orion(TM) Product Family of Dot Pattern Projectors Using Patented Metasurface Technology

Using Metalenz's patented metasurface technology, the Orion product family is a simplified and more efficient solution that is bound to displace refractive lens and diffractive element optical stacks with a single meta-optic. - May 27, 2021 - Metalenz

NewTek NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner Establishes Digital or Analog Communications for New and Legacy AC-LVDTs

The NewTek NTC-6000 Qwik-Cal™ LVDT Signal Conditioner completes the measurement system for AC-operated LVDTs by providing the excitation and digital output required by many of today’s laboratory, industrial automation, and process control applications. Without internal electronics,... - March 13, 2021 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

NewTek Hermetically-Sealed LVDTs Serve as OEM Replacements for Steam Turbine Systems; Available for Quick Shipment

NewTek HAR Series of Hermetically-Sealed Linear Position Sensors provide critical position measurement in the monitoring and control of steam turbine valves in power plants. - February 24, 2021 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

TN1, a Monitoring System Manufacturer Specializing in LCD Embedded Modules and IoT Devices, is Entering Overseas Market

IoT technology applied on industrial sites, such as smart farms or smart factories, is utilized in various fields for sensor-based monitoring and control of a variety of industrial equipment in the external environment. To serve the vast range of IoT-related industrial equipment, TN1 is working... - January 18, 2021 - TN1 Co., Ltd.

Global Restaurant Chain Saved £1.25M in Food Stock in Three Days with IoT Sensors

Disruptive Technologies tiny sensors coupled with Infogrid’s AI platform saved money and food during the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown when nobody else could be there. - November 20, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

Smart Sensor Devices Announces Global Distribution Agreement with Digi-Key Electronics

Smart Sensor Devices announces that its Bluetooth low energy USB dongle called BleuIO will be available for immediate shipment worldwide through Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, as a result of a new distribution agreement. The product is listed on Digikey and... - November 19, 2020 - Smart Sensor Devices

Disruptive Technologies Launches Tiny Wireless Humidity Sensor

After many requests and successful testing and piloting, the humidity sensor is available to the mass market, and ready to scale. - November 15, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

Norwegian Start-Up "Disruptive Technologies" Wins Opportunity to Collaborate with Westinghouse Nuclear

The tiny, robust sensors, weighing only 2 grams each, will collect data in harsh environments. - November 12, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies Launches Dashboards Feature in Studio Providing an Easy-to-Use Interface and Analytics

Studio is a simple yet powerful web-app allowing users to easily manage their sensors and make any building smart in minutes. Dashboards makes it even easier! - November 07, 2020 - Disruptive Technologies

NewTek Designs Submersible Linear Position Sensors for Long-Term Operation in Corrosive and High-Pressure Applications of Offshore Drilling

As offshore drilling goes into deeper depths, NewTek Sensor Solutions offers custom designs of Submersible Linear Position Sensors that offer high reliability and long-term operation in corrosive and high-pressure subsea environments. - October 29, 2020 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

Smart Sensor Devices AB Has Received Bisnode’s AA (Double A) Certificate

The Bisnode international quality rating qualifies the financial stability and business reliability of every business. The Bisnode Certification with AAA, AA and A sign shows the status of the companies. Smart Sensor Devices AB., has been chosen as one of the enterprises with financial... - October 22, 2020 - Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices is Pleased to Announce Its New Distribution Agreement with Verical, an Arrow Electronics Company

Smart Sensor Devices is pleased to announce that Verical an Arrow Company, to resell its products. Verical is the world’s largest and fastest growing electronic components marketplace. Established in 2007, Verical provides an online marketplace with the industry’s largest inventory of... - October 01, 2020 - Smart Sensor Devices

New Hibou Air Quality Monitor with CO2 Sensor

Smart Sensor Devices has introduced Hibou Air Quality monitor with a CO2 sensor which will allow the user to measure CO2 levels in real-time with high accuracy. - September 12, 2020 - Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices Has Launched BleuIO - Bluetooth Low Energy USB Adapter

Smart Sensor Devices has launched its new Bluetooth low energy USB adapter called BleuIO. This USB dongle can be used to create new BLE 5.0 application in the fastest and easiest way. The BleuIO is a fully integrated solution, providing MCU and Bluetooth® radio in one chip, based on Dialog... - September 12, 2020 - Smart Sensor Devices

Flicq Introduces SmartEdge(TM), the World's Smallest Edge AI Solution

What’s New: Today, FLICQ introduces its 2nd generation Edge AI solution for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the launch of SmartEdge(TM). Headlined by the world’s smallest Edge AI smart sensors, SmartEdge(TM) delivers plug-and-play asset monitoring capability that companies can... - June 29, 2020 - FLICQ Inc.

The GHS-19 Series Spring-Loaded LVIT Linear Position Sensor Low Cost, Compact, High Performance Gaging Probes

H. G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to introduce its GHS-19 series of spring-loaded LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) gaging sensors. Perfectly designed for dimensional gaging and position measurements in various industrial and commercial applications. - June 04, 2020 - Alliance Sensors Group

Gill’s Oil Debris Sensor Now Available with Additional Installation Options

Gill Sensors & Controls, a part of the Gill Group, introduces a new “Inflow” installation option for the Gill Oil Debris Sensor, which is specifically designed to allow the sensor to be flexibly positioned in an oil filter bypass line, as an alternative to within a sump. This... - May 23, 2020 - Gill Sensors & Controls

NewTek Sensor Solutions Serves as Alternative Source for Continuous Supply of Position Sensors as COVID-19 Disrupts JIT Models of Essential Businesses

NewTek Sensor Solutions serves as an alternate and reliable domestic source of standard and custom position sensors for manufacturers with supply chain problems. - May 13, 2020 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

Toposens, the Company Behind the World’s First 3D Ultrasonic Sensor, Has Raised a New Round of Funding

Toposens, the Munich based startup that has developed the world’s first 3D Echolocation Sensor for automobile, robotics, and autonomous vehicles, has raised a new round of funding. The round was led by existing investor ALPANA Ventures from Switzerland, and joined by new investors Basinghall Partners from the UK, and USA-based In-Q-Tel, Inc. - May 08, 2020 - Toposens

AW-Lake Maintains Standard Lead Times on All Flow Meters to Serve Immediate Needs of Manufacturers with Supply Chain Issues

AW-Lake continues to maintain their standard lead times on flow meter orders to serve the needs of manufacturers, especially those experiencing a disruption in their supply chain. - April 30, 2020 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

USA Manufacturer of Position Sensors Serves Immediate Needs of Essential Manufacturers with Supply Chain Issues

NewTek Sensor Solutions serves as a USA manufacturing source of LVDT position sensors that can meet the immediate requirements of businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. - April 10, 2020 - NewTek Sensor Solutions

Linear Position Sensor PG Series Designed for Steam Turbine Valve Control Systems

The Linear Position PG Series LVDT sensors. These sensors are designed and engineered specifically for valve position sensing applications for steam turbine control systems in electric power generation plants. - February 07, 2020 - Alliance Sensors Group

Adnoviv/UH Awarded $750K Grant from the National Science Foundation for Smart-Building Occupancy Detection Technology

Adnoviv LLC has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase II grant for $750,000 to commercialize innovative technology by conducting research and development (R&D) on low-cost sensors capable of real human presence detection and occupant... - October 25, 2018 - Adnoviv LLC

Palomar Technologies Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Maintaining a long history of focus on continuous improvement - September 12, 2018 - Palomar Technologies

Avante Introduces Cost Effective Rail Visibility for Total Positive Train Control

Avante introduces cost effective comprehensive rail visibility for total positive train control (PTC) for enhancing train safety and operational efficiency. - June 01, 2018 - AVANTE International Technology, Inc.

BriefTrace Announces the Appointment of Professor Harvey Rubin to the BriefTrace Advisory Board

BriefTrace Announces the appointment of Professor Harvey Rubin to the BriefTrace advisory board. Dr. Rubin is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania with secondary appointments as Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering. - March 02, 2018 - Brieftrace Ltd

French SCS Cluster Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

SCS, a large leading European ecosystem of industrials and research laboratories, addressing many of the key IoT digital technologies, today announced that it has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™). Gathering more than 120 key players, representing 10 000 jobs and 3... - February 26, 2018 - SCS Cluster

Independent Quick-Installing Supplementary Positive Train Control System

Independent Quick-Installing Supplementary Positive Train Control System

AVANTE International Technology, Inc. has developed a patent pending system that can be implemented quickly and independent of the proposed PTC solution. AVANTE’s Positive Train Control System meets FRA requirements for PTC systems and is designed to provide a supplementary system that can be implemented in weeks or months with far less capital investment. - February 13, 2018 - AVANTE International Technology, Inc.

Supplementary Visibility Systems for Preventable Train Collisions

AVANTE International Technology has developed a series of patented and patent-pending systems which are cost effective in implementation and do not interfere with daily train/track operations, while providing additional rail safety. AVANTE’s Switch-Point Monitoring System engineered to... - February 09, 2018 - AVANTE International Technology, Inc.

CTS Provides Broader Bandwidth with Piezoelectric Single Crystals

CTS manufactures high quality piezoelectric single crystal components, which can improve the capability of underwater applications compared to applications using piezoelectric bulk. Visit booth (A50) at Oceanology International in London, March 13-15, where CTS will present a selection of piezoelectric products. - February 02, 2018 - Noliac A/S

New Reset IC by Kinetic Technologies Extends Battery Life and Improves User Experience - All in a Tiny Package

KTS1612: Dual input push-button reset IC with two discharge paths. - January 23, 2018 - Kinetic Technologies

Kinetic Technologies Presents at 20th Annual Needham Growth Conference

More Than 300 Growth Companies Discussed Industry Trends for 2018 and Beyond - January 20, 2018 - Kinetic Technologies

New LCD Power Solution from Kinetic Technologies Increases Performance and Reduces Overall Size by 70 Percent

KTZ8850: High Efficiency Step-Up LED Driver with Dual Output LCD Bias Power - January 11, 2018 - Kinetic Technologies

Excel Automation Establish Itself as Biggest Authorized Distributor of Automation Products in Ohio

Excel Automation has been providing U.S. manufacturing companies high-tech products for industrial automation since 1989. These products include Tri-Tronics and their high-performance, high-speed photoelectric sensors that provide innovative solutions to real-world applications, thus setting them apart from the competition in the market. - January 05, 2018 - Excel Automation LLC

Kinetic Technologies Addresses Qi Compliant Wireless Power at 2017 Wireless Power Consortium

Dave Wilson, Kinetic Technologies system architecture director, presents the design flow for successful implementation of Qi compliant Receiver and Transmitter products. - November 24, 2017 - Kinetic Technologies

Noliac, a Part of CTS Corporation, Offers an Online Course on How to Customize a Piezo Product, November 16

The online course “Custom designs” takes place on November 16. Here it is possible to get a live introduction to the market leading level of possibilities to custom design different piezo products. - November 11, 2017 - Noliac A/S

Standex-Meder Electronics Announces New Distributor Partnership with Heilind Electronics, Aligning to Its Global Growth Strategy

New partnership allows for the expanded footprint of Standex-Meder Electronics’ sensor product line - October 25, 2017 - Standex Electronics

Noliac, a Part of CTS Corporation, Offers the Complete Introduction to Dynamic Actuators at a Free Webinar November 2

The free webinar “Dynamic actuators,” November 2, offers an introduction to piezoelectric actuators for dynamic applications. The webinar will also enable the participants to estimate the behavior of a dynamic system. - October 20, 2017 - Noliac A/S

Learn to Choose the Right Piezo Actuator at Noliac's Webinar on October 12

At the free, online course “Quasi-static actuators,” October 12, there will be an introduction to the basic parameters, useful when selecting a piezo actuator for a quasi-static application. - October 08, 2017 - Noliac A/S

Noliac, a Part of CTS Corporation, Offers the A to Z of Piezo Motors. Free webinar September 28.

At the webinar, the advantages of piezo motors compared to conventional motors will be explained. Also, the different types of piezo motors will be explained. The webinar takes place September 28. - September 21, 2017 - Noliac A/S

DJ MicroLaminates Announces Availability of SUEX and ADEX Through a New Sales Partner in the United States

DJ MicroLaminates Announces Availability of SUEX and ADEX Through a New Sales Partner in the United States

Dry thick film resist materials are now commercially available in the U.S. for the Semiconductor, MEMS, Microfluidics and other markets. - September 18, 2017 - DJ MicroLaminates

Noliac, a Part of CTS Corporation, Offers a Step-by-Step Guide to the Basics of Piezoelectricity, September 14

The free, online course to be held on September 14, will introduce the basics of piezoelectricity. The course will provide the knowledge to start working with piezoelectricity, e.g. enabling the participant to choose the right piezoceramic material for an application. - September 01, 2017 - Noliac A/S

Noliac to Visit Sensors & Instrumentation in Birmingham, September 26-27

Noliac, a part of CTS Corporation, will visit the trade fair Sensors & Instrumentation in Birmingham, September 26-27. Noliac will be available for meetings to discuss piezoelectric solutions for future applications. - July 27, 2017 - Noliac A/S

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