WCA Presents a Webinar on Phone Power Collections

Many people believe personal contact via phone is the most effective way to improve collections. True or false? True. When contacting a customer in person or by phone, speaking to them, gives the customer a sense of sincerity and commitment to solving their problem as to why they are not paying. - June 01, 2023

WCA is so Happy to Present This Month's Webinar Speaker

Michael Dennis Presents Best Practices In Business-To-Business Debt Collection - May 10, 2023

WCA Presents "20 Things Every Credit Professional Needs to Know About Letters of Credit" Webinar

It is absolutely the case that what a company or employee does not know as a credit professional about Letters of Credit can and probably will hurt them. This interactive program, will examine the Twenty things that every credit professional should know about credit applications. This program is... - November 30, 2022

"The Small Business Reorganization Act, What Creditors Need to Know" Webinar is Being Presented by WCA and KMK

Subchapter V of Chapter 11 provides specific rules for the reorganization of Small Businesses that differ in many important ways from the usual Chapter 11 reorganization. The timelines to propose and confirm a plan of reorganization are substantially shortened, so creditors must be aware of these... - October 21, 2022

WCA is Excited to Offer "Effective Collections: The Art of Getting Paid" Webinar

We have all heard the expression: “A sales is not a sale until the cash is in the bank.” Thus, credit professional are vital in the generation, maintenance and preservation of a company’s profit and cash-flow. Why? Because they are at the heart of the collection process. The... - September 29, 2022

WCA is Hosting "How to Improve Collection Performance Starting Immediately" Webinar

If there was an “Easy” button for improving collection performance in a company, this program is that button. In this interactive & fast-paced program, we will examine at least FIFTY ways that can improve collection performance starting today ... * without increasing workload *... - September 02, 2022

WCA & ICE Present "Understanding and Managing US Trade Controls and Sanctions on China and Russia" Seminar

This is a joint program organized by the International Credit Executives (ICE) and the Madison International Trade Association (MITA). - June 25, 2022

WCA Presents "Legal Aspects of Credit and Collections" Webinar

In this fast-paced hour devoted entirely to the legal aspects that affect the daily operations of the successful credit and collection department, David Balovich discusses the numerous day to day legal occurrences that credit professionals deal with that can affect productivity, success, and... - May 15, 2022

Exceptional Customer Service Presented by WCA

In this fast-paced hour webinar devoted entirely to customer service; creditor, educator, author, former business owner, and occasional debtor, David Balovich will discuss the importance of customer service and skills necessary for providing exceptional customer service. Learn the importance of a... - February 15, 2022

WCA Presents "Providing Exceptional Customer Service" Webinar

According to US News and World Report, the average American business loses 15% of its’ customer base each year. Customers who stop buying from one business and go to another will do so not because of price or shoddy product but rather because of poor or indifferent customer service. Source:... - January 25, 2022

WCA Welcomes Barry Elms for One Day Only

Advanced Collections & Negotiation Skills - September 26, 2021

WCA Welcomes the One and Only Barry Elms

Advanced Collections & Negotiation Skills - July 13, 2021

WCA & ICE Present "Learn About Exim Bank & How They Can Help"

ICE Breaker Webinar on July 15 from 3:00 - 3:45 PM - July 06, 2021

WCA Presents "Sales & Credit, Its a Team Effort" Webinar

How the Credit Department Can Improve or Repair Damage to the Credit – Sales Relationship? - July 02, 2021

WCA & ICE Are Proud to Announce an ICE Breaker Webinar - INCOTERM’s 2020

An exporter needs to play by the rules (INCOTERM’s® 2020 Rules that is)? Is there trouble understanding the role and responsibilities as an exporter in the shipping process? Gain a basic understanding of the INCOTERM’s® 2020 Rules, learn which rules are better for the seller... - March 06, 2021

"Complex Exemptions" Webinar is Present by WCA

How To Navigate Complex Wisconsin Contractor Sales & Use Tax Laws A Series Of 5, One-Hour On-Line Webinar Based Classes - March 04, 2021

WCA Presents "Contractor Purchases" Webinar

This extensive program is designed Specifically For Contractors who are required to incorporate these law requirements into processes for managing the sales & use tax reporting. This Webinar learning experience includes: - Tax requirements for General Purchases, Supplies, Motor Vehicles,... - March 04, 2021

WCA is Proud to Present “Exemption Certificates” Webinar

How to Navigate Complex Wisconsin Contractor Sales & Use Tax Laws; A Series Of 5, One-Hour On-Line Webinar Based Classes; 5 Tuesday Afternoons in March 2021 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm; Attend Individually or All 5 (Highly Recommended) - February 24, 2021

WCA & ICE Present an Ice Breaker "Duty Drawback" Webinar

Duty Drawbacks are refunds of Customs duties, taxes and fees. The US Federal Government Duty Drawback program was created to help US businesses using imported components to be more competitive and profitable. However, each year more than $2B in import duty refunds go unclaimed. Many companies are... - February 19, 2021

WCA Presents Your Last Chance to Register "Smart Credit Policies That Improve Collections" Webinar

Time is running out to register for this Webinar. In this time of uncertainty, it has never been more important to get things right the first time and to collect money quickly. A great way to accomplish this is to document credit policies. In this interactive program, it will be discussed about... - January 29, 2021

WCA Presents Webinar on "Common Excuses Customers Use to Delay Payment and How Collectors Should Respond"

Customers have a million excuses for delaying payments and even though the excuses may be invalid, unbelievable, even ridiculous, companies must be prepared to address them in a way that will improve their ability to collect. This presentation, will examine dozens of excuses customers use,... - July 01, 2020

“What to Do About Slow Payments, Higher Risks, and Accelerating Rates of Customer Default” Webinar is Presented by WCA

The economy has suffered greatly as a result of COVID-19. We will all be dealing with slower than normal customer payments, higher risk accounts and the real potential for customer default. Recovery may take a very long time. During this program, WCA will discuss: - Tips for effective collecting... - June 02, 2020

WCA is Presenting "How to Manage the Emerging Challenges in Credit & Collections" Webinar

During this program, WCA will address the following trends: - Credit authority combined with accountability - Trends during and after the pandemic - The need for continuous process improvement - A greater focus on proactive credit risk management - The challenges associated with increased focus on... - May 01, 2020

WCA Presents "Office 365 – What Can It Do For You?" Webinar

Powerful Productivity Webinar Session; Top Tips and Tools to Improve Your Microsoft and Outlook Software Efficiency - April 04, 2020

WCA Presents "Lean Outlook – Simplify and Get More Done" Webinar

Students move from using Outlook as a workhorse to riding it like a racehorse. Students discover hidden efficiency tools, understand best practices and how to use Outlook in a simplified yet strategic way. This course is designed for individuals and organizations who need to work more efficiently... - April 04, 2020

WCA is Presenting “Measuring Credit Department Performance” Webinar

During this enlightening program, Michael will examine: 1. The limitations of traditional measures of credit performance 2. The ways companies often measure credit performance today 3. Other useful and relevant measures of performance of the credit team to consider 4. How to convince your company... - March 29, 2020

WCA is Sponsoring "How to Navigate Complex Contractor Sales and Use Tax" in Madison, WI

The Sales and Income Tax Advisory Network LLC and BCMA Wisconsin invite you to participate in a two part seminar titled, “How to Navigate Complex Contractor Sales and Use Tax Laws.” Holly Hoffman (former WI DOR auditor, speaker, and contractor tax law specialist) will share tips,... - January 07, 2020

WCA is Sponsoring "How to Navigate Complex Contractor Sales and Use Tax" in Milwaukee, WI

The Sales and Income Tax Advisory Network LLC and BCMA Wisconsin invite you to participate in a two part seminar titled, “How to Navigate Complex Contractor Sales and Use Tax Laws.” Holly Hoffman (former WI DOR auditor, speaker, and contractor tax law specialist) will share tips,... - January 03, 2020

WCA Presents “How To Manage The Emerging Challenges In Credit & Collections” Webinar

During this program, WCA will address these trends: - Credit authority combined with accountability - The need for continuous process improvement - A greater focus on proactive credit risk management - The challenges associated with increased focus one exporting - The use of automation in... - January 02, 2020

BCMA/WCA Helps Teach About LC’s Advanced and Basic Fundamentals Track

WCA is holding a program will be an excellent source of information for those who are new to LC’s and/or wish to brush up on the fundamentals, or are indirectly involved with LC’s and wish to have a better understanding of this longstanding and venerable trade payments instrument. - October 26, 2019

WCA Helps Teach You About "The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape and How to Combat It"

Cyber threats continue to evolve and grow in today’s ever-changing technological landscape. Top threats include Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks which increased by 130% in 2018 and of course, Ransomware. One wrong click by an employee can mean an infected email has worked its way into... - September 19, 2019

BCMA/WCA Presents "Communicating so Others Hear and Follow Your Vision"

Education Event at this year's State Conference. - September 14, 2019

BCMA, Credentialing Standards Board (CSB) Has Appointed 2 New Board Members

Joy Krugel and Jim Reams have been appointed to the Credentialing Standards Board (CSB) of the Business Credit Management Association (BCMA), American Society of Credit and Collection Professionals. Joy Krugel has been employed with Johnsonville LLC for the past 31 years. Joy has worked in several... - March 15, 2018

WCA is Proud to Welcome Barry Elms for a Full-Day Seminar

"The Complete Credit Professional" Seminar, A learning experience you’ll put into practice immediately. - January 24, 2018

WCA Presents "I Was Awarded a Judgment - Now How Do I Get Paid?" Webinar

October 18 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM - October 03, 2017

WCA/BCMA is Proud to Present "SMOKE" at This Year's Credit Professionals Conference

Led by Steve Sorenson, Continuous Improvement Coach at Johnsonville Sausage, LLC - August 15, 2017

"Maximize Value In Your Customer’s Bankruptcy" Concurrent Breakout Session at This Year's WCA Conference

Led by Christopher M. Cahill, Head of Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group, Lowis & Gellen, LLP - August 14, 2017

The Association (WCA/BCMA) is Proud to Present "Using Mechanic’s Liens to Make Yourself a Payment Priority"

Led by Jerry Bailey, Executive Sales & Education Services Manager, NCS - August 11, 2017

"Debt Collection & Deduction Management" Webinar Offered Through WCA

August 22, 2017 | 9:00—11:00 AM. - August 08, 2017

The Association's (WCA/BCMA) 26th Annual Golf Outing

The Association’s 26th Annual Golf Outing is being held on August 25, 2017 at the beautiful Ironwood Golf Course. - August 07, 2017

WCA is in Search of Credit Executive of the Year Nominations

Nominations are needed no later than August 23. - August 07, 2017

WCA is Offering a "Selling to Minority Contractors" Webinar

August 10, 2017 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM - August 05, 2017

Mastermind Roundtable at This Year's WCA Credit Professionals Conference

No conference would be worth the investment without an opportunity to share best practices and learn them from other credit pros! Credit Professionals would not survive without valuable resources and a strong peer network. In this drastically changing work environment, it’s required that... - September 23, 2016

Join the Wisconsin Credit Association and Explore Generational Differences - To Increase Communication, Connection, Employee & Client Retention

Businesses are faced with an exciting and yet complex challenge of having multiple generations in the workplace at one time. Each generation brings with it different values, skill sets, and perspective on what “work ethic” and “loyalty” mean. When views differ, conflict is... - September 23, 2016

Stop Concurrent Breakout Session at This Years WCA Conference

Is Where You Are Spending Your Time Value Added? Where Are You Spending Your Time? During this session, you will learn strategies to eliminate, combine, simplify or move your non-value added tasks. STOP is about instigating the removal of waste to free up time for improvement. This is a power... - September 09, 2016

WCA Presents Collection Case Forensics

One of the few sessions being offered at the 2016 Credit Professional Conference. - September 09, 2016

2016 WCA Credit Professional’s Conference

Here are a few of the sessions, that will be offered at this year’s Conference: * Critical Thinking Means Business -The New #1 Workplace Skill According to multiple surveys of professionals, critical thinking has become the #1 workplace skill employees will need in the next five years,... - September 09, 2016

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