ArcWorld HC – A Flexible Human-Collaborative Workcell for Robotic Welding

Designed for human-collaborative (HC) interaction, the highly flexible ArcWorld® HC is a complete robotic welding solution for the fabrication of small- to medium-size parts. Ideal for replacing or supplementing manual weld processes, such as pre-assembly before welding in larger robotic... - November 18, 2022 - Yaskawa Motoman

SHI Cryogenics Group Releases Highest Capacity 77K Cryocooler to Date

New CH-160D2 Cryocooler Increases Cooling Performance by 300% Compared to Existing Models - November 14, 2022 - Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.

Yaskawa Adds 30 kg Payload HC30PL Plug and Play Collaborative Palletizing Robot to HC-Series Line

The easy-to-use six-axis HC30PL human-collaborative robot facilitates safe and efficient fenceless palletizing, and can also be deployed in select handling, packaging and logistical applications of demanding production environments. - October 31, 2022 - Yaskawa Motoman

YORC Announces Open Source Dispensing Robot

YORC Announces Open Source Dispensing Robot

YORC is creating an open source manufacturing automation ecosystem. YORC's liquid dispensing robot is the first completely open source manufacturing dispensing solution. The robot is ideal for dispensing adhesives, sealants, lubricants, potting agents, or any other liquid or paste, even those... - October 14, 2022 - YORC

Versatile, High Payload PL800 Palletizing Robot is Well-Suited for a Range of Industries

The newest robot in the PL-series line, the PL800 features an 800 kg payload capacity and is ideal for a variety of palletizing applications, layer picking, and other logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution automation. Highly reliable, fast axis speeds and acceleration reduce cycle time... - October 07, 2022 - Yaskawa Motoman

JPR Systems to Represent Valmet’s Line of Analyzers & Measurements for the Wastewater Industry

JPR Systems to Represent Valmet’s Line of Analyzers & Measurements for the Wastewater Industry

JPR Systems, a leading manufacturers representative of process measurement equipment, has partnered with Valmet to represent their line of real-time solid measurement solutions for wastewater sludge treatment control and optimization. The company's proven solutions have helped municipal and... - September 28, 2022 - JPR Systems

AeroGo Awarded 2022-2023 Great Place to Work Certification™

AeroGo Awarded 2022-2023 Great Place to Work Certification™

AeroGo is proud to announce that the company has been Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. The prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at AeroGo. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture, employee... - September 01, 2022 - AeroGo, Inc.

Jillian Altizer Joins AeroGo as Human Resources Manager

Jillian Altizer Joins AeroGo as Human Resources Manager

Jillian Altizer Joins AeroGo as Human Resources Manager. - August 25, 2022 - AeroGo, Inc.

Extremely Fast, Space-Efficient Yaskawa GP8L Extended Reach Robot Optimizes Throughput in Tight Production Spaces

Ideal for logistics processes, the new GP8L robot is well-suited for high-speed bin picking, induction and packaging tasks. Applications for assembly, dispensing, material handling and machine tending are also expertly supported. - August 25, 2022 - Yaskawa Motoman

ActivArmorTM Expands Partnership with Fusion3 to Offer In-Clinic Custom 3D Printed Plastic Cast Fabrication Nationwide

Developer of 3D printing casts & splints partners with the manufacturer of affordable, high-performance 3D printers to expand capabilities and distribution for FDA-approved, a breakthrough solution for doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals. - July 26, 2022 - Fusion3

The Greenville Woodworkers Guild Builds & Donates (15) Bunkbeds for Ukrainian Refugee Families

The Greenville Woodworkers Guild builds bunk beds for families who fled the war in Ukraine and are resettling here in the Upstate of South Carolina. Engineered Sleep has donated 30 premium mattresses for the project. - June 26, 2022 - Greenville Woodworkers Guild

WeCutFoam Collaborated with American Heart Association to Fabricate Props and Décor for Their Annual Heart Ball Gala

WeCutFoam, a foam cutting service company in Bay Area, CA has recently collaborated with American Heart Association (AHA) to fabricate oversize 8ft foam bottle prop and decorated columns for their 2022 Bay Area “Heart Ball” in San Francisco. - June 24, 2022 - WeCutFoam

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Recognizes Aerotech Machining as a Small Business Supplier of the Year

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation has recognized Aerotech Machining as a Small Business Supplier of the Year. - June 08, 2022 - Aerotech Machining

WeCutFoam Now Offering Soft & Flexible Foam Cutting Services Using Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine

WeCutFoam has recently purchased a CNC Oscillating knife cutting machine to be able to provide soft foam and flexible foam cutting services for material types that could not be cut with other foam cutting machinery. The products cut with the Oscillating knife cutter yield smooth edges and accurate cuts. - May 21, 2022 - WeCutFoam

Martin Yale Announces New Office in Wilmington

Martin Yale Industries has expanded its corporate presence, opening a new office in Wilmington, North Carolina for demos and sales operations. - May 20, 2022 - Martin Yale Industries

SHI Cryogenics Group Extends Freedom® Helium Compressor Line

The F-20L Adds to SHI's Line of Water-Cooled Compressor Offerings. - February 18, 2022 - Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.

WeCutFoam Collaborated with Internationally Acclaimed Artist Hueman for her Interactive HomeBody Art Show Premiere in Berkeley, CA

WeCutFoam has fabricated a large-scale invertedfoam face sculpture for artist Hueman, for her HomeBody art exhibit presented in Oakland CA during the month of February 2022. - February 17, 2022 - WeCutFoam

Global Music Superstar Damian Marley Makes Substantial Investment Into New Maple Holdings

Global Music Superstar Damian Marley Makes Substantial Investment Into New Maple Holdings

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, the world renowned music artist, recipient of four Grammy Awards, and the youngest son of iconic reggae artist Bob Marley, has made a strategic investment into New Maple Holdings (“New Maple”) - the private parent company of CanWe Growers (a Canadian... - February 01, 2022 - New Maple Holdings

Roppe Flooring Announces New Products Added to List of GREENGUARD Gold Certified Products

Roppe Flooring Announces New Products Added to List of GREENGUARD Gold Certified Products

Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus Wall Base are now included in a certified portfolio of nine products. - January 02, 2022 - Roppe Holding Company

Suntech Rapier Loom Will Enter the Carbon Fiber Era in the Future

As a leader in the loom industry, Suntech will break through the ST series of high-speed rapier looms in 2021, positioning its strategic plan in the manufacture of special fabric looms. In today's high-speed industrialization, the uses of carbon fiber are becoming diversified. In applications that require high temperature and high physical stability, carbon fiber composites have irreplaceable advantages. - December 30, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Landtop's Professional After-Sales Team of Engineers Provides Customers with Online and Offline After-Sales Technical Guidance Service

Landtop is the farm brand of Zhejiang Strength Group. To make the planting and harvesting activities of enterprises and farms easier and more efficient. Landtop's professional after-sales team of engineers provides customers with online and offline after-sales technical guidance services. - December 29, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Rapier Loom Solves Many Problems in the Loom Industry

In early 2021, Suntech launched the ST weaving machine series. After nearly a year of product change and optimization, the ST loom series solved many stubborn problems in the loom industry. - December 23, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

HPP Advisors Becomes an Authorized Reseller of MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure Processing Solutions

HPP Advisors Becomes an Authorized Reseller of MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure Processing Solutions

HPP Advisors announced today that, effective immediately, they have become the Exclusive Reseller for MAXPRO/Maximator High Pressure for the High-Pressure Processing Industry (HPP) in North America. HPP Advisors will be offering valves, fittings and stainless-steel tubing as well as the MAXPRO... - December 21, 2021 - HPP Advisors

Suntech Successfully Developed the New Fiber Material Weaving Machine

In June 2021, Suntech officially issued a document stating that the Strength Institute has developed a carbon fiber loom. Suntech's ST series weaving machines have added new members. The emergence of carbon fiber looms shows that Suntech intends to expand into a larger field of looms. Because fiber... - December 21, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

LANDTOP Put the New Generation Series of Agricultural Machinery on the Market

Strength Group agricultural machinery products that LANDTOP put new generation series of agricultural machinery on the market which meet the new needs of agriculture. LANDTOP offer a variety of engines to respond to the needs of all customers. - December 15, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Sunetch Textile Machinery Develops New Generation Nonwoven Lines to Make Sure That the Thickness of Non-Woven Fabrics More Uniform

Sunetch Textile Machinery develops new generation nonwoven lines with spinneret design, drawing system, coordinated control of drafting wind and diffusion wind system to solve the problem of Spunbond Production Uniformity. - December 14, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Jacquard Loom to Help Textile Production

The jacquard machine is a large modern weaving machine used to weave all kinds of jacquard decorative fabrics, high-grade curtain fabrics, sofa cloth and trademarks, and other complex patterns. With the continuous development of the social economy, the demand for jacquard fabrics is also increasing, and the requirements for efficiency and quality of rapier jacquard looms are also getting higher and higher. - December 13, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

3 Weapons of Suntech Spunmelt Nonwoven Line Selling Well in the Market

Suntech has developed and produced smart spunmelt machines with 50 years of design experience and technology precipitation. Not only can it achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production, but it can also be customized according to user needs to meet various spunmelt fabric production needs and provides a 12-month warranty. - November 29, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech's ST Series Weaving Machines Solve Problems in the Loom Industry

In early 2021, Suntech launched ST series weaving machines. This marks Suntech's entry into the loom industry. Suntech has been deeply involved in textile finishing equipment for a long time. This expansion to looms also stems from the innovation of textile machinery equipment and the accumulation of customers over the years. Textile finishing equipment and looms are inherently closely linked, so Suntech's decision is even handier. - November 26, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Sustainable Nonwoven Fabric Machine Innovation – Suntech’s New Product Launch

Suntech won authoritative technical certification in the nonwoven fabric machinery market. - November 23, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Mtis Co., Ltd., a Specialist Manufacturer of Rotating and Auxiliary Equipment, Including Compressors, Blowers and Dryers, is Launching in the Global Market

The company supplies air and gas pressurized fluid systems in an integrated mechanical and electrical control package, and designs, manufactures, and tests power plants, shipbuilding including offshore facilities, petrochemicals for EPC projects that require various and rigorous specifications, and... - November 12, 2021 - Mtis

SUNTECH Textile Machinery Successfully Developed a New Generation of Non-Woven Equipment Equipped with a Control System

SUNTECH Textile Machinery non-woven equipment now also adopts a unique PLC control system. The PLC programming control system adopts a modular design idea. - October 28, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

How Does Suntech Avoid the Wear of the Sword Head of the Rapier Loom?

Suntech's loom machine has made great improvements in the selection of sizing material, the height of the back beam of the loom and the coating of the looming head. - October 26, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

SUNTECH Textile Machinery Issued Maintenance and Management Suggestions for Non-Woven Equipment

SUNTECH Textile Machinery issued 6 points suggestions regarding Maintenance and management suggestions for non-woven equipment. - October 20, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Enters the Field of Weaving Machines

In recent years, its subsidiary Suntech has invested capital and technology in the field of looms. Suntech made this decision because of two original reasons: 1. The loom is a closely connected product of its main series of products, just like its main cloth inspection and packaging line. Then the inspection and packaging system. 2. The market for looms in China has reached saturation, but most looms developed by Chinese manufacturers lack foreign innovative technology and high precision. - October 18, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Roppe Holding Company Announces Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Designation from Vizient® to Help Expand Flooring Options to Healthcare Facilities

Roppe Holding Company Announces Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Designation from Vizient® to Help Expand Flooring Options to Healthcare Facilities

The designation includes both Roppe® and FLEXCO® commercial flooring brands. - October 16, 2021 - Roppe Holding Company

Suntech Textile Machinery Provides Innovative Nonwoven Plant Solutions

SUNTECH STair Nonwoven offers flexible, high-performance technologies for Meltblown, Spunmelt, Spunbond and Airlaid. - October 13, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Successfully Developed STair Technology Nonwoven Machines

STair Technology is a breakthrough in non-woven technology and will represent the highest level of China's non-woven industry. - October 01, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Textile Machinery: 2 Points to Help Customers Win in the Non-Woven High-End Market

High-quality finished products ensure high added value; Suntech STar Nonwoven Line for sale; Broadens the field to seek new opportunities for development - September 29, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

Suntech Successfully Developed the Fastest Weaving Machine of the ST Series

The ST-ERL-808 weaving machine is the latest achievement in the ST series; its outstanding feature is its extremely fast. It also overcomes the problem of the weaving machine starting and running slowly. Suntech has made major improvements mainly in two areas: the frame of the loom and the weft joining system. - September 25, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

WeCutFoam Launches (CIP) COVID Incentive Program to Assist Trade Show Exhibitors & Event Organizers

WeCutFoam, a Northern, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is offering significant discounts and reduced prices for trade shows and exhibits organizers, fabricators and exhibitors, considering the pandemic economical strain situation impacting the entertainment industry. - September 18, 2021 - WeCutFoam

AdvantaPure(R) Announces Fall Trade Show Appearances - Includes Events in the Northeast U.S.

AdvantaPure, the high purity division of NewAge Industries, will exhibit its silicone and TPE tubing and molded assemblies at the ISPE Boston Show, BioProcess International 2021, and Interphex, all taking place in September and October. AdvantaPure will also highlight its recent clean room expansion and its in-process building renovation at the events. The company is increasing its tubing manufacturing capacity to help meet demand for its Single-Use products. - September 16, 2021 - AdvantaPure

Suntech Launches New Rapier Loom Series

In early 2021, Zhejiang Strength Machinery Co. officially announced on its official website and social media platform that its Suntech subsidiary has launched a series of rapier looms. Strength continues the previous style, adding an automatic cloth inspection function to the traditional shuttleless loom. - September 02, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

PLANETARIANS to Launch WeFunder Crowd-Investing Campaign

Plant-based ingredient startup PLANETARIANS has completed scale-up trials of zero-emission and zero-waste technology at Clextral pilot facility, and developed and tested prototypes from its single-ingredient meat to launch a crowd-investing campaign at WeFunder to scale operations. To combat... - September 01, 2021 - PLANETARIANS

Suntech Textile Machinery Release the New Series of Diaper Machines for Sale

Now, Suntech Textile Machinery mainly provides 5 kinds of diaper machines with different shapes of end products. - August 30, 2021 - Zhejiang Strength Group

MEETALL Sports Launches New Anti-Slip Rubber Flooring Line for Athletic Tracks in 2021

MEETALL Sports Co. Ltd. takes pleasure in announcing the launch of their new rubber flooring line, SBR Turf Rubber Granules, in 2021 after continuously trending for the past few years. Like the previous rubber tiles offered by this company, the new addition in their inventory also seems to be promising because of their innovative anti-slip property, which makes them suitable for all active sports grounds. - August 29, 2021 - Meetall Sports Co., Ltd

Yaskawa Motoman Adds Versatile MPX1400 Model to Paint Robot Series

Extremely fast and robust, the six-axis MPX1400 robot has been added to Yaskawa Motoman’s MPX-series paint robot line. Optimized to create smooth, consistent finishes, this model is well-suited for a variety of dispensing and coating applications. Proven effective for painting multiple small... - August 20, 2021 - Yaskawa Motoman

RCFoamCutter is Announcing the Addition of a Mini CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Designed for Cutting Wings and Fuselages

RCFoamCutter is a manufacturer of low-cost foam cutters that has developed a mini CNC hot wire foam cuter for cutting wings and fuselages. This small machine is meant to be used by model builders, by RC flyers, and by aerospace and aeronautical programs in universities. - August 04, 2021 - RCFoamCutter

Graph-Tech USA Adapts COVID-19 Passport System for Immediate Implementation

Graph-Tech USA Adapts COVID-19 Passport System for Immediate Implementation

Responding to the current commercial environment, in just a few weeks Graph-Tech USA (GTUS®) modifies and delivers a COVID-19 Passport System that prints IQ-R barcodes for COVID-19 identification cards in Hungary. The system is now producing more than 1,000,000 cards per week. - June 29, 2021 - Graph-Tech USA, LLC

WeCutFoam Offering Low Budget Solution for Cutting Letters, Signs and Décor on a CNC Laser Cutter

WeCutFoam, a Bay Area, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is now offering a low-cost tight budget turnkey solution for customers in need of signs, logos, letters and décor, fabricated on a CNC laser cutter. - June 29, 2021 - WeCutFoam

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