RANS Partners with SimplyCast to Provide Province-Wide COVID-19 Check-in Solution, Receives Over 40,000 Check-Ins in First Month

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia has selected SimplyCast as the technology provider for a province-wide COVID-19 check-in solution for dine-in restaurants. Dine-in locations across Nova Scotia can access the solution through this partnership for free for one year. Over 40,000 patron check-ins were tracked for dine-in restaurants in the first month using the digital solution. - February 03, 2021 - SimplyCast

Wolf Hill Group Places Jim Watson as Vice President of Commercial Development at Gabriel Network; Watson Will Help the Company Scale Up Business Operations in the U.S.

Wolf Hill Group Places Jim Watson as Vice President of Commercial Development at Gabriel Network; Watson Will Help the Company Scale Up Business Operations in the U.S.

Wolf Hill Group, a nationwide executive search firm for cybersecurity talent, has announced the placement of Jim Watson as Vice President of Commercial Development at Gabriel Network, a Tel Aviv-based mass shooter detection and response company. In his new role, Watson will help the company scale... - February 02, 2021 - Wolf Hill Group

CloudWave Acquired by Abry Partners

Abry Partners’ Investment in Cloud Services Provider Positions Company for Expansion and Growth in the Healthcare Market - February 01, 2021 - CloudWave

Bookies Expect Record-Breaking Super Bowl LV Action

On February 7, the most wagered upon event of the year happens when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs hit the gridiron for Super Bowl LV. Annually, the NFL Championship game attracts the most betting action of any single event of the year. As per PayPerHead, the world’s leading... - February 01, 2021 - PayPerHead

IBMTV Creates a New Network of TV for "Smart People"

IBMTV Creates a New Network of TV for "Smart People"

IBMTV.TV broadcasting in 122 countries has been launched with over 65 weekly TV shows on topics not typically covered by traditional media. Economics Monday features former Comptroller General of the USA; Media Monday has Pulitzer Prize winner; Swiss Impact features Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world; Medical Friday features Doctors from USA and India. Get ready for "Smart Television." - February 01, 2021 - IBMTV

Greg Bennett Joins HBS Systems to Lead Equipment Dealership and Rental Software Sales

Bennett will lead the company's sales strategy, technology partnerships, and growth opportunities through market penetration, product expansion, market development, acquisition and diversification. Greg brings more than 25 years of equipment dealership and rental software sales management experience as well as proven global expansion strategies to HBS Systems. - February 01, 2021 - HBS Systems

8RobinsonsTV Presents The Rooted in Love Show

The Rooted in Love Show is a brand of 8 Robinsons, LLC in partnership with Yellow Tub Creative, LLC. The Rooted in Love Show focuses on “Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight” by showcasing a diversity of guests who have experienced both the accomplishments... - February 01, 2021 - 8 Robinsons LLC

Tenerife-Based Tech Company to Launch the World’s First Space Cloud

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mattias Bergstrom has together with Elon Musk’s StarLink and Jeff Bezos Project Kuiper identified that the next logical step after 5G is the Internet from above. But Mattias is taking the concept further and is creating the world’s first full Space Cloud stack, the QNet-Space. - February 01, 2021 - Quantum1Net

Sumac Space Shows Its Third Digital Exhibition, Present Imperfect, on the Experiences of Women in the Middle East

With particular emphasis on the experiences of women in the Middle East, Present Imperfect seeks to regard identity and place through the lens of bodily experiences and socio-political norms and restrictions. The exhibition features five artists (Jafra Abu Zoulouf, Joana Kohen, Azita Moradkhani, Ruth Patir and Maya Perry) who provide various perspectives on present-day womanhood. - February 01, 2021 - Sumac Space

Budget-Friendly and Super-Fast: Independent Tech News Site TechRadar Reviews SkyVPN’s Performance

Recently, TechRadar, the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site, which is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation, published a review of SkyVPN, a leading consumer VPN service provider. The review evaluated SkyVPN’s price, streaming service, privacy and... - January 31, 2021 - SkyVPN Inc.

TVS Buckboard Network Debuts on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix Platform, with Bonanza, Cimmaron Strip, The Big Valley, The Virginian, Maverick, Wild Wild West and Laredo

The new channel from TVSTelevisionNetwork.com showcases more than 1,000 classic and "lost" Western TV shows from the first 50 years of TV in America. - January 31, 2021 - TVS Television Network

CollageVideo.TV Streams Into Third Year Bigger and Better Than Ever

CollageVideo.TV, one of the world’s leading streaming subscription sites for fitness and wellness, roars into its third year of operation with hundreds of hours of new programs featuring dozens of the best fitness instructors...all in one place. Work out whenever you want, wherever you want... - January 30, 2021 - Collagevideo.tv/Bayview Entertainment, LLC.

Junico Kids is Proud to Announce Their Newest Initiative SwapUp

Your kid grew up another size or two. Your wardrobe is getting full with stuff they can't wear & so you need to shop for more. Well, now you can swap the outgrown clothes into ones that fit them, - January 30, 2021 - Junico Kids

Daugherty Business Solutions Named a Winner of the 2021 Top Workplaces USA Award

Daugherty Business Solutions, a leading advisory services and technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Energage has presented them with the 2021 Top Workplaces USA award. Energage is a purpose-driven organization that develops solutions to build and brand Top Workplaces. This is the... - January 30, 2021 - Daugherty Business Solutions

The Ride Podcast by Horse&Rider Starts Season Three

The Ride podcast - Horse&Rider’s bi-weekly podcast - is set to release season three on February 2, 2021. Season three of The Ride, cohosted by editors Nichole Chirico and Michaela Jaycox, is bringing on more of the trainers that Horse&Rider fans know and love - and will also include... - January 30, 2021 - Equine Network, LLC

Horse&Rider OnDemand Releases Natural Horsemanship Videos

Horse&Rider OnDemand has recently added natural horsemanship videos to its already-expansive video library. Horse&Rider OnDemand, your trusted source for Western horse-training videos, now offers natural horsemanship training techniques. Their newest expert Monique Potts places an emphasis... - January 30, 2021 - Equine Network, LLC

Pakistani Startup RINSTRA, Valued at US $20 Million, Raising Series-A Funding of US $2 Million

Pakistani Startup RINSTRA, Valued at US $20 Million, Raising Series-A Funding of US $2 Million

Pakistan’s first digital platform for content creators receives valuation of US $20 million; has potential to become one of the fastest growing companies in the digital sphere from Pakistan. - January 29, 2021 - RINSTRA Technologies Private Limited

David Carleton, Hot Tub Industry Marketing Consultant Publishes "The Book on Internet Marketing for Pool and Spa Dealers"

David Carleton, owner of SpaPoolMarketingSuccess.com and a Hot Tub Dealer Marketing Consultant Publishes Timely Book on Internet Marketing for Hot Tub Dealers, Pool Builders and Sauna Retailers. - January 29, 2021 - Spa Pool Marketing Success

Hostirian Partners with My Team Fitness to Promote Health in Company

Hostirian, a Saint Louis cloud service provider, today announced a partnership with My Team Fitness, a Saint Louis-based, achievable, online workout program. These extraordinary times have made it difficult for people to leave their homes, make it to gyms, and safely invest in their health. With... - January 28, 2021 - Hostirian Business IT Solutions

The Ether-1 Network, a Cheaper Alternative to Ethereum, Takes Step Into DeFi Universe as Team Unveils Plan to Deploy Uniswap Clone & Begin On-Boarding DeFI Projects

The Ether-1 Network, a Cheaper Alternative to Ethereum, Takes Step Into DeFi Universe as Team Unveils Plan to Deploy Uniswap Clone & Begin On-Boarding DeFI Projects

The team behind core development at Ether-1 just announced plans to deploy a Uniswap clone and will begin on-boarding decentralized finance projects onto the network. This comes at a much needed time in the Ethereum universe as gas prices and transaction fees skyrocket making the Ethereum network... - January 28, 2021 - Ether-1

ZealousWeb’s Decade Worth of Experience with PrestaShop

With a dominant presence in Europe and Latin America, PrestaShop captures a fair share of the global market in the eCommerce arena. Its distinguishing features include the interests of the DIY crowd and enable them to control their eStore. Such independence has been well-received globally - making... - January 28, 2021 - ZealousWeb

Very Important Relationships, Inc. Announces Program to Help Bloggers Podcast Hosts and Influences Generate a New Stream of Monetization

Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), http://myvir.com, one of the nation’s premier developers of Internet CashBack Rewards Shopping Malls announces the creation of an easy method for bloggers, podcast hosts, and social media influencers to generate a new channel of monetization from... - January 28, 2021 - Very Important Relationships, Inc.

MedAware Systems Launches Event Surveillance for Drug Eluting Stents

MedAware Systems’ Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo) is offering a comprehensive surveillance service for drug eluting stents. The service reports events from leading regulatory databases along with published articles in the medical literature. SOHInfo Surveillance continuously extracts... - January 28, 2021 - MedAware Systems, Inc.

Fireart Studio Was Rated as The #1 Web Design Company in Warsaw on The Manifest

In January 2021, Fireart Studio was recognized as the number one web design company in Warsaw by The Manifest. - January 28, 2021 - Fireart Studio

eCom Scotland Explains Key Steps to Digital Transformation Success

A recently published e-Book from the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, outlines the five key steps to digital transformation success. Written in the wake of the business challenges brought about by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic among other issues, the e-Book examines the... - January 28, 2021 - eCom Scotland

TechnoEdge Learning Launches New CompTIA Network+ Course as Part of Continued Partnership with CompTIA

Students in TechnoEdge’s Network+ course will learn the best practices for IT infrastructure and both wired and wireless networks. The skills covered under the CompTIA Network+ certification are vendor-neutral and used in a variety of IT roles. - January 27, 2021 - Technoedge Learning

TVSPinballNetwork.Com Adds 500 Classic Cartoons to Streaming Post Cable Network on WatchYour.TV Platform

Daffy Duck, Underdog, The Barclays, Tennessee Tuxedo, The Lone Ranger, Wacky & Packy, Superman, Batfink, Mr. Magoo, Popeye, Three Stooges, Clutch Cargo, and dozens more populate the 24/7 streaming showcase for classic cartoons. - January 27, 2021 - TVS Television Network

ZealousWeb’s Magento Meet Experience - Learning, Sharing, and Growing

Innovation is the key to creating marvels. Gathering a community of like-minded people with a common interest has historically resulted in lucrative business ideas. Magento Meet one such community-powered event that happens across the globe to pamper, enlighten, and set visions for each of its... - January 27, 2021 - ZealousWeb

HostGoi Wins the Top 10 Shared Hosting 2021 Award by HostAdvice

HostGoi, the leading web hosting company based in India, has been awarded as the Top 10 Shared Hosting 2021 by HostAdvice. HostAdvice analyzes medium and large web hosting companies every year and this is another great achievement for HostGoi in being committed to offering customers globally the... - January 26, 2021 - HostGoi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

XTIVIA Partners with Leading PostgreSQL Contributor, EDB

XTIVIA, Inc. announced today its new partnership with EDB, an industry leader in PostgreSQL services and the largest dedicated provider of PostgreSQL Products and Solutions worldwide. As a long-time provider of PostgreSQL database administration services, XTIVIA’s partnership with EDB opens... - January 25, 2021 - XTIVIA, Inc.

TechFlow’s EMI Services Wins $129M Contract to Help U.S. Navy Manage Base Operations at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland

IDIQ contract awarded by NAVFAC to support Naval Air Station Patuxent River. - January 25, 2021 - TechFlow

"Rocket-Boosting" Skills for Jobs White Paper Praised by eCom Scotland

Linda Steedman, Chairman of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, has broadly welcomed the publication of the Government’s Skills for Jobs White Paper. The White Paper, published on 21st January, aims to transform post-16 education and training, boost skills and get... - January 24, 2021 - eCom Scotland

Down Syndrome Advocate Releases Debut Romantic Comedy Novel

Down Syndrome Advocate Releases Debut Romantic Comedy Novel

Allison Jones offers a candid look at the life of a novelist who becomes a writing sensation overnight, and all the drama that ensues. "Her Turn: A Bookish Romantic Comedy" examines the life of Addie Snyder, a struggling writer who becomes an overnight sensation. Unprepared for being thrust into the limelight, she wrestles with keeping her private life, including being the guardian to her younger brother who has Down Syndrome, private while attempting to bask in the glory of her success. - January 23, 2021 - Bublish

Amptize Wins "The Agency Of The Year" GOLD Award

Amptize won “The Agency Of The Year” GOLD Award by AWM, “Guru Of The Day” award by WGA, and Nominee of Awards by CSSAS. - January 23, 2021 - Amptize

2cool4school Helps Fight Virtual School Burnout

2cool4school.org is excited to announce the launch of their new online learning tool for kids in grades 1 to 8. Kids can use this new eLearning platform to navigate curated lists of hundreds of hand-picked videos teaching Math, English, Science, Health and Social Studies. Aligned to the Common Core... - January 23, 2021 - 2cool4school Inc.

Audience Serv Strengthens Top Management and Appoints Two New Vice Presidents

Karsten Eckhardt appointed as VP Data Analysis & Deliverability and Tobias Vogel becomes VP Lead Generation. - January 23, 2021 - Audience Serv

AppIt Ventures Named Best Custom Software Developer in Denver by Digital.com

AppIt Ventures Named Best Custom Software Developer in Denver by Digital.com

AppIt Ventures was ranked among the most efficient firms to deliver customized systems for small businesses. - January 22, 2021 - AppIt Ventures

XTIVIA Partners with Leading Work OS, monday.com, to Create Innovative Solutions for Any Kind of Work

Prioritizing agility, transparency, and the drive to outdo your best in building workflows is paramount on the roadmap of success for any team, across any industry. XTIVIA, Inc., an innovator in B2B IT solutions, and monday.com, a leading Work Operating System (Work OS), will provide... - January 22, 2021 - XTIVIA, Inc.

Oculid Secures Next Round of Seed Funding Led by IBB Ventures

Oculid, the eye tracking platform for remote user experience testing and marketing research, announced today completion of a seed funding round led by IBB Ventures and joined by the company’s existing investors. Oculid, one of the fastest-growing and innovative user testing platforms, uses... - January 22, 2021 - Oculid

StoneFly Achieves Gold ProPartner Status from Veeam

StoneFly becomes a Veeam Gold ProPartner as many organizations around the world take advantage of Veeam’s reliable software in combination with StoneFly’s secure, reliable, highly available, turnkey and budget-friendly backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. - January 22, 2021 - StoneFly

Embien Offers an Embedded Systems Security Service for Edge Devices

Embien Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its specialized service called Embedded Systems Security Services – a holistic approach for all Embedded IoT Devices based Cyber Security requirements. - January 22, 2021 - Embien Technologies India Private Limited

Matcha Design Agency of the Year 2020; Tulsa Local Design Shop Wins Gold from Ad World Masters

The Tulsa, Oklahoma design and media firm Matcha Design has been awarded GOLD and named the TOP Ad Agency in the US in Ad World Masters annual agency of the year awards. Ad World Masters rewards agencies points based on the value they provide for customers. The 2020 awards resulted in data from... - January 22, 2021 - Matcha Design

Florists' Review, Superfloral, and Canadian Florist Brands Sold to FUSE Media +

Today, Wildflower Media, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based publisher of trade magazines and books for the floral industry, announced the sale of its 120+ year-old brand Florists' Review, along with its additional titles, Superfloral and Canadian Florist, to FUSE Media +. Wildflower Media will... - January 22, 2021 - Florists' Review

Terralogic Announces the Acquisition of US-Based, PDS Inc.; Effective Date: January 11, 2021

Together Terralogic and PDS are better positioned to provide Data and Content management solutions in Texas & New Mexico and deliver end to end Digital Transformation Services to our current and future customers. - January 21, 2021 - Terralogic

Steadfast Announces Partnership with NAKA to Strengthen and Accelerate Cloud Service Migrations

Steadfast Announces Partnership with NAKA to Strengthen and Accelerate Cloud Service Migrations

Steadfast announces a partnership with NAKA to combine the strengths of NAKA’s assessment and consulting capabilities with the reliability, security and performance of Steadfast Simplicity Cloud Services. - January 21, 2021 - Steadfast

Advancing UxS and Robotic Capabilities at Defense Strategies Institute’s 9th Annual Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit

Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 9th annual Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit, taking place March 30-31, 2020 in Alexandria, VA. - January 21, 2021 - Defense Strategies Institute

TVSTelevisionNetwork.com Debuts Impact Network News, Insider Exclusive, and Money TV Programs on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

TVSSelectNetwork.com and TVSHomeEntertainmentNetwork.com also host these nationally syndicated TV programs as TVS grows it's Associated Producer Distribution effort. - January 21, 2021 - TVS Television Network

Gaiainnovations Releases a Visionary New Book with the Title "Message from the Future: We Made It"

This visionary new book is an attempt to describe the future how it might become if we take the right decisions today. - January 21, 2021 - Gaia Innovations

WebNIC Rolls Out Special Marketing Programme for .INC Domain

The new programme aims to assist WebNIC’s partners to build awareness for .INC among business and website owners. - January 21, 2021 - Web Commerce Communications (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (dba WebNIC)

iNube® and Claim Genius® Launch Integrated AI & Video Claims Management Solution

Making real-time claim assessment possible. - January 20, 2021 - iNube Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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