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Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s Newest Releases, Are Ready to Expand Further Into the Singaporean Market

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s newest releases, are ready to expand further into the Singaporean market through Shopee, the biggest online shopping platform in Singapore. - September 23, 2023 - Ilkwang Corp.

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s Newest Releases, Are Ready to Expand Further Into the Indian Market Through Amazon India

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s newest releases, are ready to expand further into the Indian market through Amazon India, the biggest online shopping platform in India. - September 22, 2023 - Ilkwang Corp.

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s Newest Releases, Are Ready to Expand Further Into the Saudi Arabian Market

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s newest releases, are ready to expand further into the Saudi Arabian market through Amazon and Wadi, the biggest online shopping platform in Saudi Arabia. The company is targeting the Saudi Arabian market through online... - September 20, 2023 - Ilkwang Corp.

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s Newest Releases, Are Ready to Expand Further Into the Vietnamese Market Through Shopee

Mango Jelly (250g) and Red Bean Candy (280g), Ilkwang Confectionery’s newest releases, are ready to expand further into the Vietnamese market through Shopee, the biggest online shopping platform in Vietnam. Ilkwang Confectionery is planning to continue its rapid growth in the snack production industry by introducing new types of products such as its Mango Jelly and Red Bean Candy. - September 14, 2023 - Ilkwang Corp.

Ilkwang Confectionery Launches "Mango Jelly (250g) & Red Bean Candy (280g)"

Ilkwang Confectionery Launches "Mango Jelly (250g) & Red Bean Candy (280g)"

On the 29th, Ilkwang Confectionery announced the launch of its two new products, Mango Jelly and Red Bean Candy. Since its establishment in 1969, Ilkwang Confectionery has been dedicated to the production, development, and sales of jelly, candy, and caramel, and has been exporting candies and... - September 04, 2023 - Ilkwang Corp.

[stan] is the New Social Community App for Fans to Interact with Artists

First-of-its-kind social platform offers an immersive experience through exclusive content for fans to connect with artists from all over the world. - June 29, 2023 - stan

z-emotion Introduces zeavric

z-emotion Introduces zeavric

A New Digital Fashion Design Tool to make 3D Design Technology attainable by Enterprises and individuals and extend its reach into Gaming and Metaverse Industry. - March 09, 2023 - z-emotion

JK Marshall Mercantile - China Support for Russian Invasion Could Hurt Economy

JK Marshall Mercantile has warned that if China offers its support to Russia in its war effort, the world’s second largest economy could suffer. - April 05, 2022 - JK Marshall Mercantile

JK Marshall Mercantile - Ukraine War Threatens Egypt’s Economy

Analysts at JK Marshall Mercantile have warned in a recent report that ongoing conflict in Ukraine could threaten Egypt’s food security and economic stability. - March 29, 2022 - JK Marshall Mercantile

GM Plant, a Korean Total Skin Care Manufacturer, Has Launched Two Products Under Its New Healucy Brand: Kombucha Anti-Aging Ampoule and Green Tea Whitening Ampoule

Kombucha Anti-aging Ampoule helps to create a skin condition that can resist environmental irritation with a robust skin barrier and beneficial bacteria generated during a14-day black tea fermentation. The ampoule provides nutrition to the skin from patented mushroom extracts, such as fermented... - February 23, 2022 - GUNMISU

CORTECH Co., Ltd., an Automatic and Semi-Automatic Door Hardware Manufacturer in Korea, is Entering the Global Market

Focused primarily on window and door-related products, CORTECH manufactures door hinges, automatic doors, semi-automatic doors, automatic swinging doors, and sliding door hardware. Through continuous technological endeavor, the company strives to manufacture products that meet customer preferences,... - November 29, 2021 - CORTECH Co., Ltd.

Mtis Co., Ltd., a Specialist Manufacturer of Rotating and Auxiliary Equipment, Including Compressors, Blowers and Dryers, is Launching in the Global Market

The company supplies air and gas pressurized fluid systems in an integrated mechanical and electrical control package, and designs, manufactures, and tests power plants, shipbuilding including offshore facilities, petrochemicals for EPC projects that require various and rigorous specifications, and... - November 12, 2021 - Mtis

Korean Specialist Bamboo Salt Manufacturer, Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd. is Launching Its Products Into the Global Market

By developing Miracle Capsule, an immune health functional food that has significantly improved the efficacy of bamboo salt, the company has squarely in its sights the children's atopic natural food market. Further, the company continues with research and development of health foods with health promotion and anticancer effects such as medicinal soy sauce, sari soy sauce (made from fermented black soybean), and sulfur duck. Bamboo salt is a 100% natural food with no additives. - October 20, 2021 - Insan

Hanasan, a Korean Professional Manufacturer of Wooden Furniture for Pets, is Expanding Its Business in the Global Market

Hanasan products focus on design and functionality by combining general furniture concepts with companion animal furniture. Hanasan is an environment-friendly enterprise that uses natural wood for all pet furniture products. Its main brand is “LUXYPET,” which pursues the image of... - October 09, 2021 - Hanasan Co., Ltd.

SPES, a Manufacturer of Hair Care Products in Korea, is Entering Global Markets

Mango hair shampoo by SPES improves hair gloss with a powerful boost in moisture and elasticity. It also contains natural ingredients with anti-dandruff effects and promotes and protects hair growth. It prevents hair damage, making hair volume rich while strengthening hair and promoting nourishment and growth with natural mango-derived ingredients. - September 28, 2021 - SPES

CANA, a Korean Pearl Cosmetic Manufacturer, is Entering the Global Market

The main ingredients of Cana Pearl Moist Perfect CC Cream and Cana Pearl Moist Perfect BB Cream are antler extract, ginseng extract, snail mucus filtrate and hyaluronic acid which have excellent anti-wrinkle and whitening effects. You can achieve natural and clear skin tone with Cana Pearl Moist Perfect CC Cream and Cana Pearl Moist Perfect BB Cream. - September 28, 2021 - CANA

DSPACK, a Manufacturer Specialized in Producing Eco-Friendly Food Packaging and Masks, Will Enter the Global Market

Founded in 1985, DSPACK produces packing products free of volatile organic compounds by utilizing the latest equipment in Korea. - August 18, 2021 - Daesung Packing Industry Co., Ltd.

DSE, a Specialized Company in Metal Bearing for Marine Engines and Industrial Plants, Enters the Global Market

It has grown from manufacturing Sulzer Fuel Exhaust Pump Bearing into a professional metal-bearing manufacturer in shipbuilding engines, power generation facilities, and various plants. DSE's metal bearing has strong compressive strength that withstands high loads, low friction coefficient,... - August 17, 2021 - DSE BEARING Co., Ltd.

B2K, a Korean Company Specialized in Producing Stainless Steel Wire Based on the Latest Facilities and Technology, Will Strengthen Marketing Toward the Global Market

Company has been manufacturing spring wire, cold heading wire, free machining wire and roping wire and has expanded its production facilities for ultra-fine spring wire, since established in 2000. - August 13, 2021 - B2K Co., Ltd.

ShinJin Hydrotec-Tonners is Specialized in Manufacturing Various Hydraulic Tools and Equipment in Korea and is Now Trying to Enter the Global Market

ShinJin Hydrotec-Tonners manufactures hydraulic cylinders, pumps, special hydraulic tools and hydraulic equipment widely used in construction, production, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and the oil and gas industries. - August 09, 2021 - ShinJin Hydrotec

JDTEK, a Cooperation Robot Manufacturer Specialized in Cooperation Robot and Inspection Automation Systems in Korea, is Entering Global Markets

JDTEK provides the latest technology service in the field of automotive electronics reliability test, home appliance performance test and semiconductor packaging related inspection in Korea. The company is supplying robots and precise measuring instruments in Korea through partnership with... - July 27, 2021 - JDTek Co., Ltd.

Narae Special Vehicle Truck, a Korean Special-Purpose Vehicle & Trucks Manufacturing and Repairing Company, is Now Available Abroad

Narae Special Vehicle Truck, founded in 2009, supplies trucks for special purposes such as wing-body trucks, built-in trucks, special purpose box trucks, and power gate trucks, and refrigeration trucks in Korea. - July 23, 2021 - Narae Special Vehicle

Dong Sung Oil & Chemical Co., a Korean Metal Working Fluid Company Producing Metal-Working Fluid, Various Industrial Lubricants is Enters Global Market

Dong-Sung Oil & Chemical Co. is a company specializing in metal-working fluid, various industrial lubricants and emulsion for processing fiber in Korea. - July 17, 2021 - Dong Sung Oil & Chemical

CLEAUN X OG Maco First Half Album to be Released

CLEAUN X OG Maco First Half Album to be Released

Album for Korean K-pop idol hip-hop artist CLEAUN will be released on July 26 in collaboration with famous American rapper OG Maco. - June 11, 2021 - CLEAUN

E-Deck Co., Ltd., a Professional Manufacturer of Indoor and Outdoor Eco-Friendly High-Functional Flooring Materials, is Entering the Global Market

The manufacturer produces indoor and outdoor flooring made from natural materials such as bamboo, natural wood and synthetics. Bamboo flooring materials are eco-friendly, high-density, high-strength and high-functional, and emit no substances harmful to the environment. In addition, they are an... - June 11, 2021 - E-Deck Co., Ltd.

Sun Energy LED Co., Ltd., a Korean Energy Manufacturer, is Launching a New Brand

Sun Energy LED Co., Ltd., a Korean energy manufacturer, is launching a new brand. The company is leading the science of new and renewable energy by combining solar and LED lighting technology, a new growth green industry. The brand name, “SEL:ON,” has been developed as the... - May 15, 2021 - Sun Energy LED Co., Ltd.

CFC TERAMATE, a Korean Functional Material Manufacturer, Launched a Highly Transparent Antibacterial Nanodispersion Product

The features of highly transparent antibacterial nanodispersion product are over 99.99% of antibacterial activity within 30 minutes and transmittance of over 95% of visible region. The product is an eco-friendly environmental material based on strong alkaline inorganic materials, and features an antibacterial activity of 99.99% or more against E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus within 30 minutes. - May 15, 2021 - CFC TERAMATE Co. Ltd.

Mika Medical, a Korean Manufacturer Specializing in Syringe Technology, Has Completed Clinical Trials with Yonsei University Severance Hospital and Catania University

The research team injected insulin to 20 test subjects selected according to certain criteria using Comfort-in and a general pen-type syringe. As a result of comparing injection effects of a general pen-type insulin syringe, the injection-type insulin injection method demonstrated faster effects of increasing the level of fast-acting insulin in the blood and lowering blood sugar, compared to the standard insulin injection method. - May 13, 2021 - Mika Medical

ZINCOTEC, a Korean Manufacturer Specializing in Water-Soluble Anti-Corrosive Coatings, is Expanding New Markets

ZINCOTEC developed GEOPERT in Korea, an environmentally-friendly water-soluble non-chromium rust inhibitor in 2004 in Korea, and acquired a domestic patent in Korea for the product in 2006. - May 05, 2021 - Zincotec Co., Ltd.

Mika Medical Launches Comfort-M, a New Continuous Needleless Injection System in Korea

Mika Medical succeeded in developing Comfort-M, a new continuous needleless injection system in Korea. Founded in 1990, Mika Medical developed Korea’s first patented needleless injection (Comfort-In) technology, used for diabetes, local anesthesia, and hormone injections. Comfort-In helped... - April 14, 2021 - Mika Medical

Machine Vision Automation Equipment Developer ALTECH is Entering the U.S. Market

Founded in 2016, ALTECH was established with the purpose of developing, manufacturing, and selling ultra-fine nano-structured film production equipment. With various application technology, including LED defect detection functions, ALTECH has secured welding line tracking system through... - March 23, 2021 - ALTEC

Mika Medical, the First Developer and Manufacturer of Needlefree Injection System (Comfort-in) in Korea, is Entering the Global Market

Mika Medical's needle free injection system is suitable for people who fear needle pain and diabetic patients in need of frequent insulin administration. Micro-sized holes on the surface of the nozzles, strong spring pressure, and a high-velocity jets of medication, allow medication to penetrate... - March 19, 2021 - Mika Medical

PROPRE Co., Ltd., an Eco-Friendly Neutral Soap Manufacture is Entering the Global Market

Probubbly by PROPRE is a soap brand offering products made from highly concentrated natural ingredients with various functions, such as skin aging prevention, spot and blemish removal, skin firming, wrinkle and whitening enhancement. The company holds various certifications, including a US FDA mineral ingredient certification. - March 11, 2021 - PROPRE

JPS Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (JPS), a Korean Professional Hair Cosmetics Manufacturer, is Entering the US Market

Established in 1999, JPS has established a stable foundation of professional hair products, such as hair dyes, hair care, hair styling and perm products. With 20 years of accumulated technology and expertise, the company founded an affiliated research institute in 2007 and is dedicated to R&D. - February 22, 2021 - JPS Cosmetics

COSMOIND Co. Ltd., a PE Pipe Manufacturer, is Launching New Products of BF Fitting, EF Fitting, Ball Valves Through Continuous Research and Development

Established in 1987, COSMOIND designs and manufactures polyethylene (PE) pipes, BF fittings, E/F fittings, ball valves, and construction tools based on years of expertise, and supplies them all over the world. - February 20, 2021 - Cosmo I&D Co., Ltd.

OKV, a Specialist Valve Supplier for the Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry, is Entering the Global Market

OKV’s flagship valve products are gate valves, globe valves, swing check valves, ball valves, and transformer valves. In addition, they also manufacture cryogenic valves mainly used in piping systems for storage and transportation of cryogenic fluids (liquefied gas LNG, LPG, N2 and O2). - February 17, 2021 - OKV Co., Ltd.

Global Exporter KORINA TRADE is Entering the U.S. Market

KORINA TRADE, which began its food trade business with export to China in 2014, is carrying out various export projects for domestic food companies. As part of a trade mission through an export consortium business, KORINA TRADE is supporting small and medium-sized businesses to advance into... - February 04, 2021 - KORINA TRADE

GM Warburg Commercial – Stocks Remain Well Supported Despite COVID Resurgence

GM Warburg Commercial says ongoing central bank liquidity operations and huge $1.9tn US stimulus to support stock prices regardless of hit to global economic growth say GM Warburg Commercial analysts. - January 20, 2021 - GM Warburg Commercial

SamWon Machinery, Which Specializes in Total FA (Factory Automation), is Bringing Its Expertise to the U.S. Market

Established in 1992, SamWon Machinery is a professional manufacturer of automated packaging machines. The company provides packaging machines that simplify product packaging processes, and reduce the required manpower and manufacturing overheads, with affordable prices and the finest after-sales service. - January 18, 2021 - SamWon Machinery

TN1, a Monitoring System Manufacturer Specializing in LCD Embedded Modules and IoT Devices, is Entering Overseas Market

IoT technology applied on industrial sites, such as smart farms or smart factories, is utilized in various fields for sensor-based monitoring and control of a variety of industrial equipment in the external environment. To serve the vast range of IoT-related industrial equipment, TN1 is working... - January 18, 2021 - TN1 Co., Ltd.

Robot Valley Co., Ltd., Specialist in Advanced Manufacturing Robot Technology is Bringing Its Expertise to the U.S. Market

Robot Valley Co., Ltd., specialist in advanced manufacturing robot technology and supplying robot systems, is bringing its expertise to the U.S. market. For 30 years, since its founding in March 2000, Robot Valley has manufactured a range of intelligent robots for advanced manufacturing, including... - January 14, 2021 - Robot Valley Co., Ltd.

Daejin, a Manufacturer of Polymer Sheets, is Entering Into the US Market

Daejin develops materials and parts based on specialized knowledge and application technology of carbon-based materials, including CNT, Graphene and Fullerene, nonorganic materials and polymers, and is making inroads into the US market. Although it is a relatively new company, established in 2019,... - January 14, 2021 - Daejin

UDM Co., Ltd. is Bringing Its Carbon Composite Materials Manufacturing and Machine Parts Engineering Expertise to the US Market

While most competitors manufacture ball bearings, UDM focuses on fluid bearings, which overcome the shortcomings of ball bearings using fluid between metals to minimize friction. UDM manufactures fluid bearings with carbon composite materials, which have 1,100%-better abrasion ratio than other products. Their excellent durability effectively reduces equipment maintenance costs. - January 12, 2021 - UDM Co.,Ltd.

Sejong Flex, a Manufacturer of PVC Hoses, is Taking the Initiative in Supplying the Global Market

Sejong Flex Hose is Korea's top hose brand and is dubbed a luxury hose producer by consumers. The company leads the Korean hose market in terms of sales, with a history of 40 years. - December 30, 2020 - Sejong Flex

KJF, Manufacturer of Toggle Clamps, Hydraulic Clamps, Pneumatic Clamps is Entering the US Market

KJF, a manufacturer of various products that are required for work holding systems, including toggle clamps and hydraulic/pneumatic clamps, is going to enter the US market. Since being established in 1984, the company has led the field in R&D for over 30 years. Their hydraulic/pneumatic clamps... - December 16, 2020 - KJF

Kiwon Solutec is Entering the U.S. Market

Kiwon Solutec produces axial power conveying power delivery systems and oxygen supply systems that separate oxygen in the air and is entering the U.S. market. The company offers not only oxygen generation systems in living spaces that bring the freshness of the forest to homes, offices, and large... - November 20, 2020 - Kiwon

Korea Cosmeceutical Brand TOAS, Brand Launch in Vietnam

TOAS Co., Ltd., a Korean company, is entering the Vietnamese market and launching a brand. TOAS is a cosmetics manufacturer that specializes in the distribution of dermatology, hospitals, and clinics for cosmeceutical cosmetics, a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, since its... - October 16, 2020 - TOAS Co., Ltd.

ERE Materials, a Korean Company Specializing in Chemical Transport Containers for Semiconductors and LCD Manufacturing, Launches Its Brand in the Americas Market

ERE Materials Co., Ltd., a Korea-based specialist in manufacturing of LCD panel and semiconductor packaging containers, is launching its brand in the Americas market. Founded in November 2007, ERE Materials leads the clean packaging materials sector by developing and supplying chemical containers... - August 20, 2020 - ERE Materials

Pet Furniture Specialized Company, Hanasan Co., Ltd. to Launch Brand in North America

A Korean pet furniture manufacturing company, Hanasan is planning to launch its own brand on the U.S. market in 2020. - July 25, 2020 - Hanasan Co., Ltd.

Insan Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd., Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, is Planning to Launch Traditional Medical Food Brand to Enhance Immune System in Vietnam

Korean Traditional Medical Food Company, Insan Bamboo Salt is planning to launch Traditional Medical Food Brand in Vietnam - July 15, 2020 - Insan

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