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Skyward Revolutionizes SMS Security with Skyward SMS Antifraud

Skyward, a renowned provider of telecom products and services, is proud to announce the rebranding of its cutting-edge solution for combating SMS spam traffic. The product formerly known as Spam Detection System has now been transformed into Skyward SMS Antifraud. This rebranding comes as a result... - June 13, 2024 - Skyward

Skyward Has Enhanced Its Spam Detection System with Management Interface

A significant milestone has been achieved in the development of the Spam Detection System with the integration of a management interface. This interface enables users to monitor statistics on processed traffic and configure spam blocking criteria. Users can now view SMS messages classified as spam... - December 04, 2023 - Skyward

Skyward Introduces Spam Detection System for SMS Carriers

Skyward has developed a solution to protect against SMS spam. Spam Detection System (SDS) is an industry-leading solution that helps transit operators identify and take action against low quality traffic, ensuring the safety of their routes. The system natively integrates with any operator platform. It allows to obtain message class information during the routing process (similar to HLR way) for further use or fully block spam traffic upon detection. - November 12, 2023 - Skyward

Skyward Unveils Audio Insight for Wholesale Carriers

Skyward, an established provider of telecom products and services, is proud to announce its latest innovation, Audio Insight. This cutting-edge solution is specifically designed for wholesale carriers, offering them a fast and convenient way to assess the quality of VoIP routes. Powered by machine... - November 11, 2023 - Skyward

FINSTICK Innovations Launches the Augmented Geomarketing Tool as Part of the Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ Ecosystem

FINSTICK Innovations have integrated the Augmented Geomarketing tool into its disrupting Liquid Bonus LiqBon™ rewards and feedback ecosystem. - May 08, 2022 - FINSTICK Innovations

AI-Powered Online Video Editor from Russia Mimics Kubrick Style, Not Eisenstein

The Russian company, Optimovia releases online video editor featuring automatic montage using proven guidelines from the motion pictures industry. - September 04, 2021 - Optimovia

Moscow’s City Tour Named as One of the Best in the World

Geniune ©️ Moscow Must-See’s private city tour by Moscow Private Tours agency entered the list of TOP-10 tours revealed by TripAdvisor in August 2021. - August 28, 2021 - Moscow Private Tours

NAVAID Calibration Drone by Cursir Helped to Speed Up the Flight Check of the Landing System of the Ulyanovsk Airport

Performing on-demand flight checks using UAVs is an innovation technology. Cursir and Russian CAA initiated the implementation in Russian Airports. The first case - Ulyanovsk-Vostochny Airport. - July 30, 2021 - Cursir

DiW Manufacture Introduced "The Black Grail Project"

DiW Manufacture Introduced "The Black Grail Project"

A new high-end customization project is here. The Black Grail project is the latest release of DiW Manufacture, and is the result of high-tech innovation and traditional watchmaking. Finally, the Nautilus ref. 5711 acquired a modern look, as it is crafted with high-end carbon fiber elements. - April 22, 2021 - Designa Individual

AKVIS Releases Blooming Spring Pack: 110 Refreshing Design Ideas for Photos

AKVIS is delighted to launch the new Blooming Spring frame pack. The set includes 110 blossom-inspired picture frames in vibrant colors decorated with floral motifs and Easter patterns. The picture frames are intended for use with the AKVIS programs. - March 14, 2021 - AKVIS Lab

Synopsis 2021: The Interactive Online DeFi Summit

Synopsis 2021 international online conference on blockchain, DeFi, and digital economy will be held on February 20 and 21. It has the support of the Commission on Blockchain Technologies and Digital Economy of the all-Russian public organization Investment Russia., the popular next-generation blockchain streaming platform, will air the event. - February 15, 2021 - Colibri Group

The Daytona Grand Tourer Series by DiW Manufacture

The Daytona Grand Tourer Series by DiW Manufacture

The Bespoke Manufacturer, Designa Individual Watches made it possible to re-create the iconic Daytona timepiece, using the latest innovative techniques and materials. And now, a new addition to the Carbon series was just released. - January 20, 2021 - Designa Individual

Business-Inform Review Magazine (Issue #29, 2020), News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies

Information Agency “Business-Inform” web-site displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #29, 2020). The magazine readers are the specialists of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry. More than 30 articles have been published in... - December 12, 2020 - Business-Inform

AKVIS Launches New Magic Winter Frame Pack: Festive Templates for Photographs

AKVIS announces the release of the new frame collection, the Magic Winter pack, that contains 100 exclusive templates for winter, Christmas, and New Year photos. Along with the new product, now AKVIS offers 66 themed packs of ready-to-use frame templates. - December 04, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Frames 5.0 and New Kids Artworks Pack

AKVIS announces the update of AKVIS Frames free software. Version 5.0 provides the Text tab, new integrated free frames, and other changes. Additionally, AKVIS releases the new Kids Artworks pack that includes 100 adorable templates. - October 13, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Updates AKVIS Sketch 23.5: Pencil Drawings from Photos

AKVIS announces the update of AKVIS Sketch, one of the top photo to drawing software for Windows & Mac. Version 23.5 implements significant improvements in the photo to sketch conversion algorithm allowing you to create flawless works of art. The update also includes the Favorites group for presets and other changes. - September 11, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Launches New Golden Autumn Frame Collection: the Beauty of Fall on Pictures

AKVIS announces the launch of the new frame collection, the Golden Autumn pack, dedicated to the wonderful fall season, with a hundred high-quality colorful frames for photographs. Along with the new product, now AKVIS offers 63 themed packs of ready-to-use frame templates. - September 04, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

Expert RA Raises Softline's Credit Rating to ruBBB+

Expert RA, a rating agency, has upgraded Axion Holding (Softline Group) credit rating to ruBBB+ with a stable outlook. - September 03, 2020 - Noventiq

Softline Has Successfully Completed the Deployment of a New Hardware and Software Complex for a New Datacenter at the Progress Rocket and Space Center

The Progress Rocket and Space Centre is a leading Russian company dealing with space science, aerospace research and launch vehicle manufacturing, with headquarters in the city of Samara. - August 28, 2020 - Noventiq

AKVIS ArtSuite 17.5: Give an Artistic Touch to Your Photos

AKVIS announces the update of AKVIS ArtSuite, photo editing software for Windows and Mac with a collection of visual effects and frames for photographs. Version 17.5 brings enhanced Batch Processing, 20 new templates in Hand Painted Frame, support for more RAW formats, and other changes. - August 22, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

CROC and Women in Tech Russia Partner to Boost IT Career for Women

IT company CROC and NGO Women in Tech Russia have teamed up to help women advance in their careers and burst gender stereotypes. The partnership is marked with the launch of CROC&WIT Soft Skills School, a unique free online educational project for Russian-speaking ladies to boost IT careers. The month-long program, run on the platform of BrainZ by CROC summer school, united CROC corporate gurus and NGO external experts who taught must-have soft skills to build a career. - August 21, 2020 - CROC

New Garden Frames by AKVIS: Perfect Place for Your Precious Memories

AKVIS announces the launch of the new frame collection, the Garden Pack, with a hundred templates, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical, for decorating photos. The ready-made frames are designed by professional graphic artists to be easily applied with AKVIS programs. - August 20, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

Softline Launches a Proprietary Cloud Management Platform

Maestro, Softline’s proprietary platform, is based on services from major cloud providers. Its users can manage any combination of clouds in one window, consolidate billing, increase budget transparency, and automate provisioning. - August 20, 2020 - Noventiq

Softline Helps Yukon Advanced Optics Integrate Communications Systems for Its Offices Around the World

Softline has completed the deployment on an integrated communications system for Yukon Advanced Optics, a global developer and supplier of optical equipment. - August 13, 2020 - Noventiq

Softline assists State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) with Adding SOC as a Service to Its Cybersecurity Event Management System

In July 2017, Softline launched a MaxPatrol SIEM-based cybersecurity event management system that can respond to detected incidents in real time for GTLK. - August 07, 2020 - Noventiq

Business-Inform 2020 Expo is Rescheduled for 2021 While Business-Inform 2020 Virtual Expo Continues Its Work

The ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus and the decision taken by Moscow’s mayor regarding the prolongation of the restrictive conditions (Mayor’s Decree #55, May 07, 2020) made it impossible to hold the International Business-Inform 2020 Exhibition during the scheduled dates of June... - July 31, 2020 - Business-Inform

CROC and NNTC to Boost Industrial Safety Through New Digital Worker Platform Release

IT company CROC and NNTC, a UAE-based software developer and solution provider, announce the release of a new version of their Digital Worker platform for industrial safety. The strategic partners have also released a new version of the IoT module capable of transforming ordinary hard hats into smart helmets. These updates are designed to boost safety, reduce risk and improve worker performance. - July 31, 2020 - CROC

Softline Launches Platform for Subscription to Value-Added Services in Sri Lanka

Softline in partnership with Sri Lanka Telecom has launched a platform that allows users from South-East Asia subscribe to to value-added IT services. The platform has already benefited major Russian telecom operators, insurance companies and credit institutions who can now enjoy new ways to... - July 30, 2020 - Noventiq

Softline Supplies Industrial Enterprises in Altai Territory with Smart Hardhats

In accordance with the cooperation agreement signed with the Government of Altai Territory, Altaikraienergo Service Company, and DBA LLC on July, 2020, Softline officially began the implementation of digital transformation pilot projects. Smart Hardhats, software-based personal protective equipment... - July 22, 2020 - Noventiq

From Russia with Live: Moscow Private Tours Launches Premium Online Tours

A real-time stream of a walk around the most famous Moscow landmarks together with a professional guide will provide a unique "being there" effect. - July 17, 2020 - Moscow Private Tours

Digital Leader, PwC, IDC, and CROC Reveal Top Technologies of the Decade

Digital Leader networking platform, PwC Russia, IDC, and IT company CROC have conducted joint research to find out which technologies will have the greatest influence on the Russian business sector and job market by 2030. - June 25, 2020 - CROC

Business-Inform Review Magazine (Issue #28, 2020) is Ready for Print

Information Agency “Business-Inform” (Moscow) has started a preparation for print of BUSINESS-INFORM Review Magazine (issue #28, 2020). The magazine is aimed at the specialists of office printing devices, supplies and parts industry. The main magazine sections are: Global Industry... - June 21, 2020 - Business-Inform

Business-Inform Review Magazine (issue #27, 2020), News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies

Information Agency “Business-Inform” web-site displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #27, 2020). The magazine readers are the specialists of the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry. More than 30 articles have been published in... - June 21, 2020 - Business-Inform

How to Learn to be Successful? The Virtonomics Entrepreneur Business Simulation Will Help Novice Entrepreneurs.

Virtonomics is an international massively multiplayer online game in which more than 2,000,000 people train their skills in building a profitable and effective business in conditions that are close to real. - May 30, 2020 - Virtonomics

CROC Reports Full 2019 and Q1 2020 Results

IT company CROC has reported its performance and financial results for 15 months: the whole of 2019 and first quarter of 2020. From January to March 2020, revenue grew by 37% YoY, with the company recording an 11% rise in customers (496 active[1]), 19% increase in number of projects (1,069 active) and a 16% higher average project price. - May 21, 2020 - CROC

Ceramic 3D Company Has Released a New Multiroom Module

Ceramic 3D, a developer of interior design software, is happy to offer its clients a new Multiroom module for test period. It helps to make fast but beautiful projects of flats and houses with all necessary drawings for craftsmen. The software module is developed shops that sell finishing materials (tiles, wallpaper), designers and factories. - May 06, 2020 - Ceramic 3D

Business-Inform Review Magazine (Issue #26, 2020), News from the World of Office Printing and Supplies

Information agency website, Business-Inform displays a new issue of the quarterly magazine, Business-Inform Review (issue #26, 2020). The magazine's readers are specialists in the office printing devices, supplies, and parts industry. More than 30 articles have been published in the... - May 04, 2020 - Business-Inform

CROC Discloses Top 5 Features Requested from Cloud Providers by Foreign Businesses in Russia

CROC Cloud Services, a business unit of CROC, a leading Russian IT company, presents the survey- and research-based observations why foreign customers go to Russian cloud contractors and what requirements they set. CROC Cloud Services interviewed over 30 major customers from the retail, FMCG, and IT development sectors and analyzed socio-economic context of the Russian cloud market, including business openness to switch to remote work mode due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis. - May 01, 2020 - CROC

CROC MarTech Lab Digitizes Exhibition Atelier E.B: Passer-by for Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow)

CROC MarTech Lab, a marketing technology unit of IT company CROC, has digitized Atelier E.B: Passer-by exhibition for the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Analytical tools integrated into the virtual panorama reveal the number of unique visitors, the most popular artworks, visitor categories that interacted most with the exposition, and other metrics. Such analytics will help the museum to learn more about its online audience and tailor processes and activities to their needs. - April 18, 2020 - CROC

AKVIS Explosion 1.5: Sand & Dust Effects - Free Update

AKVIS announces the free update of AKVIS Explosion, a powerful creative tool to apply dispersion effects to photos. Version 1.5 offers a new option to the Sand effect, support for more RAW formats, and better stability. - April 10, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

CROC and WWF-Russia Join Efforts to Preserve Siberian Forests

CROC, a leading Russian IT company, and its partners are working together to support the WWF-Russia Forest Guards project dedicated to the conservation of intact Russian forests. To celebrate International Forest Day, CROC and WWF-Russia funded the protection and reforestation of 250 ha of Siberian wilderness in the Irkutsk region. - March 25, 2020 - CROC

The New Rolex Carbon GMT Project is Out, by DiW

The New Rolex Carbon GMT Project is Out, by DiW

The time finally came, when the legendary GMT Master gets the long-waited update many were waiting for. A meticulous work was carried out in order to fully craft the case and bezel elements in high-end carbon fiber. When innovation and craftsmanship meet, a new way of self-expression is created. - March 20, 2020 - Designa Individual

AKVIS Decorator 8.0: Now with User Texture Folder

AKVIS announces the update of AKVIS Decorator, a creative resurfacing and recoloring program. Version 8.0 includes support for user textures folder, new Smudge tool, better compatibility and increased stability. - March 01, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Releases Two Frame Collections for Baby Photos

AKVIS announces the launch of two brand new frame collections for decorating baby photos. The recently released “It's a Boy” and “It's a Girl” packs include 100 frames each. The ready-to-use adorable templates are divided into two sets, for boys and girls, but can suit any baby. The sets are also available in a discounted bundle representing a versatile collection of stylish frames for family photographs. - February 22, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

Open Quality Printing Contest Continues: Stage 3 – The Evaluation of Remanufactured OEM Cartridge Printing Quality

Moscow. The 3rd Stage of the International Open Quality Printing Contest has begun. During this Stage the printing quality testing of remanufactured (refilled) first-pass genuine cartridges HP CF283A is performed. Contest Organizer – Information Agency Business-Inform. Contest Co-Organizers... - February 22, 2020 - Business-Inform

Multimedia Exposition, Developed by CROC for Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad, is Recognized with GlobalCIO and Inavation Awards

The permanent multimedia exposition developed by CROC for the Moscow state-financed cultural institution Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad has been shortlisted for the Inavation Awards 2020 in the "Visitor Attraction" category. The exposition revitalizes a traditional museum demonstrating adaptive reuse of an existing space and celebrating a high-tech design that expresses innovation through the use and application of cutting-edge technology. - February 14, 2020 - CROC

Softline Designated as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider

Softline, a leading global IT solutions and services provider, today announced that it has been designated as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). This designation recognizes Softline as a partner capable of delivering unique services and solutions across all of the complex... - January 31, 2020 - Noventiq

AKVIS Launches New AKVIS Explosion 1.0 Software

AKVIS announces the launch of the brand new program - AKVIS Explosion 1.0 for creating destruction effects on photos. The program bursts an object and adds dust and sand particles to an image. The software is available in versions for Windows and Mac. - January 24, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Releases Refocus 10.0 with Improved Bokeh Effects

AKVIS announces the major update of AKVIS Refocus, software to fix out-of-focus photos and apply various blur effects. Version 10.0 offers the enhanced bokeh effects, new presets, fixed bugs and improved program's stability. - January 16, 2020 - AKVIS Lab

AKVIS Releases New Snowflakes Frames Which Bring Holiday Cheer to Photos

AKVIS announces the launch of the brand new Snowflakes Pack, a picture frame collection to beautify holiday and winter photos. The set offers 100 ready-to-use templates inspired by the swirling snowflakes that dance through the crystal clear air and turn everyday scenery into a picturesque winter wonderland. - December 28, 2019 - AKVIS Lab

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