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Author Luke West’s New Book, "Journeys: Core Rulebook," is a Captivating Guide to the Different Rules of Playing the Author's Brand-New Tabletop Game, "Journeys"

Recent release “Journeys: Core Rulebook,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Luke West, is a detailed overview of the author's own rules for his new and imaginative tabletop game, that grants players complete freedom over their actions. From mastering magic skills to becoming a fearsome warrior, "Journeys" imposes no limits on a character's path, leading to countless gameplay opportunities. - May 22, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Maria L. Carr’s New Book, "Marking Stockbridge's Past," is a Riveting Look at the Many Monuments That Populate the Town of Stockbridge and Their Individual Histories

Fulton Books author Maria L. Carr, a lifelong resident of the town of Stockbridge who resides in the same house she was born in, has completed her book, “Marking Stockbridge's Past”: a fascinating and eye-opening overview of the incredible history surrounding Stockbridge, Massachusetts,... - May 22, 2023 - Fulton Books

Dr. Khandicia N. Randolph’s New Book, "The Black American Church" Explores the Black Church’s Influence on Black American Culture Identity, Leadership, and Progression

Fulton Books author Dr. Khandicia N. Randolph has completed her most recent book, “The Black American Church: Leadership Dispensation and Challenges”: a compelling and eye-opening read that takes a look at the ways in which Black churches provide influence in the cultural identity of... - May 22, 2023 - Fulton Books

John W Putt III’s Newly Released “My PTSD Walk with God” is a Powerful Memoir That Brings a Soldier’s Struggles to Light

“My PTSD Walk with God,” from Christian Faith Publishing author John W Putt III, is reflective and informative look into a journey of faith and healing as a true story of life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is shared. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author Angela Rudolph’s New Book, "William Wiggle Worm," is a Charming Rhyming Tale Offering Understanding and Strategies for Children Struggling with Excess Energy

Recent release “William Wiggle Worm,” from Page Publishing author Angela Rudolph, is a lighthearted yet empowering children’s book introducing a young boy seeking advice on how to remain still in certain situations, such as school or church, from a wide variety of animal friends. - May 22, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Larry Unger’s Book, "American Contrabando" is a Fast-Paced Memoir of His Adventures Smuggling Marijuana by Land, Sea, & Air from Mexico Into the United States

Recent release “American Contrabando,” from Page Publishing author Larry Unger, is a fascinating glimpse into the hard and fast life of a marijuana and LSD smuggler in the Sixties. After making enough money transporting large quantities of drugs into the US via boat, he purchased a succession of small planes and continued his lucrative yet risky endeavor until giving it up for legitimate employment until his retirement. - May 22, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author J.P.L. Mimms’s New Book, “Donald J. Trump, Former President of the United States,” Examines the Ways in Which President Trump and His Followers Cheated America

Recent release “Donald J. Trump, Former President of the United States: The Worst President Ever,” from Page Publishing author J.P.L. Mimms, is a profound look at the previous administration under the leadership of former president Donald Trump, and how he abused his position of power to lie and scam the American people while bolstering his own wealth. - May 22, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Dean Holbrook’s New Book, "A Christian Appeal to Atheism," Examines a Different Perspective on Christianity to Help Atheist Readers Rethink Their Stance on God

Recent release “A Christian Appeal to Atheism,” from Page Publishing author Dean Holbrook, is a gentle approach to Christianity written to encourage atheists to reconsider their views on God and Christianity. A former atheist himself, Holbrook acknowledges both intellectual atheists and those who have turned from God out of anger over the state of the world, attempting to connect with each group. - May 22, 2023 - Page Publishing

Irena Lewis’s Newly Released "Worship Songs" is an Inspiring Collection of 200 Songs That Celebrate and Give Praise to God

“Worship Songs,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Irena Lewis, is an enjoyable resource for personal, small group, and full congregations to employ in the celebration of God’s wonder. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author Nancy Soulé’s New Book, "Work at Sea, See the World," is an Insightful Tool for Readers Seeking to Understand What It Can be Like Working and Living at Sea

Recent release “Work at Sea, See the World,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Nancy Soulé, contains tips and tricks to what working and living on a cruise ship is like. Drawing from her own experiences from working at sea for over ten years, the author is able to provide a unique and personal perspective, revealing the ins and outs for those seeking an extraordinary way of life. - May 22, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author Naomi Law’s New Book "Jump, Drew, Jump!" is the Engaging Story That Follows a Mouse Named Drew Who Must Find a Way to Escape a Fire at the Carnegie Library

Recent release “Jump, Drew, Jump! Escaping the Carnegie Library Fire,” from Covenant Books author Naomi Law, is a riveting tale that centers around a mouse named Drew, who finds himself trapped on the roof of the Carnegie Library as it burns to the ground one fateful night in 1958. As his friends look on in fear, they encourage him to jump to safety as the fire closes in. - May 22, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Patricia Mavros Brexel’s New Book "Jesus Celebrates Hanukkah" Follows a Young Girl Who Learns All About the Holiday of Hanukkah from Her Neighbor, Jesus

Recent release “Jesus Celebrates Hanukkah,” from Covenant Books author Patricia Mavros Brexel, is a delightful and informative story that centers around Stella, a young girl living in Biblical times right next door to Jesus and his parents. When she goes over to play one day, she discovers Jesus is helping his mother prepare to celebrate Hanukkah, so she joins in and learns all about the holiday. - May 22, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author James Gardner’s New Book, "Odyssey Down Under," is a Fictional Story Curated from the Author’s Own Life Experience in the Navy

Recent release “Odyssey Down Under: Parts IV and V,” from Newman Springs Publishing author James Gardner is the author’s recounting of his time in the Navy with a bit of a twist from the author’s imagination. - May 22, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Emma Mitchell’s Newly Released "Gwendolyn in the Clouds: A Fairytale about Magic" is an Imaginative Adventure Filled with Wonder and Delight

“Gwendolyn in the Clouds: A Fairytale about Magic,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Emma Mitchell, is charming fairy tale that takes readers on an unexpected and mysterious journey that finds a young girl meeting a variety of affable creatures. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Patrice Henry’s Newly Released "The Perfect Match" is an Encouraging Discussion of the Variables That Go Into a Positive, Productive Relationship

“The Perfect Match,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Patrice Henry, is a thoughtful examination of principles for overall well-being, healthy relationships, and learning to live in the moment. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Gilfroia Sacco Giugliano’s Newly Released "The Wonder of Movie Making with Wonder Mamama" is a Celebration of the Special Place Grandmothers Hold

“The Wonder of Movie Making with Wonder Mamama,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Gilfroia Sacco Giugliano, is a heartfelt message of the importance of being active within the lives of one’s grandchildren. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Bert Baker’s Newly Released "The Zeezles" is an Imaginative Tale of Adventure and Surprising Friendships

“The Zeezles,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Bert Baker, is an entertaining story of three unique creatures on a lush island who find a young boy in need of help. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Rhodiel Steele Johnson’s Newly Released “He Had His Hands On Me” is a Potent Memoir That Offers Praise to God for All Things

“He Had His Hands On Me,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Rhodiel Steele Johnson, is a deeply personal look into the authors life as she reflects on the myriad challenges and blessings that have culminated in a life of determined faith. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Pastor Ron Keller, MA’s Newly Released "Hidden Enemies in the Ministry" is an Engaging Pastoral Resource That Offers an Inside Look to Challenges to Effective Ministry

“Hidden Enemies in the Ministry: What I Learned from Sixty Years of Ministry That I Never Learned in Seminary,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Pastor Ron Keller, MA, is a personal account of the myriad difficulties one can encounter during their tenure within the ministry. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

D.A. Patten’s Newly Released “The Little Lost Puppy and the Good Little Shepherd” is a Charming Analogy for the Comfort and Protection Jesus Offers

“The Little Lost Puppy and the Good Little Shepherd,” from Christian Faith Publishing author D.A. Patten, is a heartwarming story of a lost puppy who finds an unexpected friend while trying to search for home. - May 22, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

AllMed PM: Empowering medical practices with comprehensive billing software since 2006. Formerly MPMsoft, their all-encompassing solutions serve over 20 specialties. Trust AllMed PM for streamlined CMS-1500 billing for Blue Cross and Medicare. Transforming healthcare management with cutting-edge technology. - May 22, 2023 - AllMed PM, LLC.

SVN Safe Haven Advisors Negotiates Successful Sale of Paradise Point Marina and RV Park

SVN Safe Haven Advisors is pleased to announce it has advised the owner of Paradise Point Marina and RV Park on the sale of its marina, restaurant and RV Park located on Lay Lake in Columbiana, AL. The acquirer of the property is the Paradise Point Marine Group, LLC, which brings years of... - May 22, 2023 - SVN Safe Haven Advisors

Hawkins-Welwood Unveils Rainey Court - Four Exclusive 1-Acre Lots in Southlake, Texas

Hawkins-Welwood Homes, a custom luxury home builder for over 60 years, is proud to announce Rainey Court, a truly singular living experience located off Bob Jones Road and White Chapel Blvd. in Southlake, one of North Texas's most desirable communities. Rainey Court offers the rare opportunity to... - May 22, 2023 - Hawkins-Welwood Homes

Kneaded Relief Massage & Spa Receives Accolade for Best Massage Therapy in 2022 Detroit Free Press Best of the Best Awards

Kneaded Relief Massage & Spa has been honored with the Best Massage Therapy award in the 2022 Detroit Free Press Best of The Best competition. This prestigious recognition highlights the spa's dedication to delivering exceptional services and outstanding customer experiences in the Detroit area. The award was determined through a rigorous nomination and voting process, reflecting the community's support and appreciation for Kneaded Relief Massage & Spa. - May 22, 2023 - Kneaded Relief Massage & Spa

Manoj Chugh, former President of Group Public Affairs and Member Group Executive Board, Mahindra Group joins global technology research and analyst brand Ecosystm as Principal Advisor. As a Principal Advisor at Ecosystm, Manoj Chugh will provide strategic counsel and guidance to Ecosystm clients, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and transformative insights. - May 22, 2023 - Ecosystm

Irish founded and innovation led, Seabody beauty and wellness places transparency, integrity and impact at the core of its operations resulting in becoming the first Irish brand to be awarded the Butterfly Mark Certification. - May 22, 2023 - Positive Luxury

Founded in 2018, Finnish women’s health company, Lola&Lykke combines physical products and tech to build holistic solutions shaping the future of reproductive healthcare. Today, Lola&Lykke has been awarded the Butterfly Mark certification. - May 22, 2023 - Positive Luxury

Smartaining Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new feature, QuizStore. This online marketplace changes the way people create, share, and engage with quizzes by providing a platform for users to trade their quizzes with others, fostering collaboration and expanding the... - May 22, 2023 - Smartaining Solutions BV

SDA Digital Marketing Services is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, offering a wide range of services including SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, and more. With a focus on delivering tailored strategies and measurable results, SDA Digital Marketing Services empowers businesses to succeed in the digital era. - May 22, 2023 - SDA Digital Marketing Services

Real estate business consultant Igor Alekseev has predicted that Dubai could top this year's list of countries with the biggest growth in property values. - May 22, 2023 - ALEKSEEV LLC.

Tagpresto simplifies label printing by enabling standalone operation of Honeywell Intermec label printers, reducing the need for computer intervention. - May 22, 2023 - Tagpresto

B2B Academy, a division of NNC Services, has launched its new Fractional AI CMO service to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies using AI and personalized expertise. The service, which addresses the unique needs of each client, is a response to the challenges faced by SaaS and B2B companies in a competitive market, and aims to increase lead generation and revenue. - May 22, 2023 - NNC Services

DAFANG CRANE has successfully delivered a large quantity of various types of overhead crane equipment to its customers in the first quarter of 2023. Among the equipment delivered were double girder overhead cranes, hoist double girder cranes, double girder casting bridge cranes, and multiple FTA... - May 22, 2023 - DAFANG CRANE

200+ profit-pulling professionally written email newsletters that you can download and use in any way you want. - May 22, 2023 - WCRpro

MTS' Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter is releasing his first new album of new material since 2018’s award-winning “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage.” - May 22, 2023 - MTS Management Group

PCS3: Garcia vs. Randall, June 17

PCS3 Garcia vs. Randall: Professional MMA and Boxing Promotion returns to Houston with World-Wide PPV Broadcast on June 17. - May 21, 2023 - Paradigm Combat Sports Training Center

Scientology Network’s Documentary Showcase, the weekly series providing a platform for Independent filmmakers to air films on important social, cultural and environmental issues, presents the US broadcast debut of the documentary Siudy Between Worlds – 50 Performances of the American... - May 21, 2023 - Scientology Media Productions

New doctor-supervised weight loss program offered by Manchanda Chiropractic. - May 21, 2023 - Manchanda Chiropractic

Better Life Private Care provides personalized and compassionate in-home care services for children, including personal care, companionship, and activities of daily living. Better Life Private Care's team of highly trained caregivers is dedicated to helping children with various needs and providing support. One of the best things about their services is that there is no out-of-pocket cost to receive them if the client qualifies. - May 21, 2023 - Better Life Private Care

Mount Irvine Capital Group launches new interest-only line of credit, term loan, and SBA loan programs for healthcare practices, led by CEO Aaron Alonzo's vision to provide working capital resources. The programs are complemented by a business success program to develop financial success models for healthcare businesses. - May 21, 2023 - Mount Irvine Capital Group, LLC

Digital nomads who are working in Mexico and retired ex-pats will especially enjoy this witty account of life in Mexico. By learning from Sara’s mistakes, the novel offers cultural insights to make it easier to establish relationships with Mexicans. - May 21, 2023 - Diane Asitimbay

Nita Greer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing Communications for fire protection, life safety and security industry leader Telgian Holdings, Inc., was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of The Fireboat Fire Fighter Museum. For over seven decades, Fire Fighter, known as... - May 21, 2023 - Telgian

On Friday, May 26, Loveforce International will release a new Digital Music Single. The Title of the single is “The Business End of a Woman.” The song was recorded by Loveforce International Recording Artist Billy Ray Charles. Billy Ray Charles new Music Digital Single is entitled... - May 21, 2023 - Loveforce International Publishing Company

SMC Corporation of America is proud to announce it has been selected as a 2023 US Best Managed Company for the third year in a row. Sponsored by Deloitte* Private and The Wall Street Journal, the program recognizes outstanding U.S. private companies and the achievements of their management teams. - May 21, 2023 - SMC Corporation of America

Alpyne Strategy, a leading industrial and HVAC marketing agency in Murfreesboro, TN, will host a Refrigerant Briefing for Spring 2023 live webinar event on Thursday, June 8 at 12:00pm CST. In this 1-hour session, HVAC-R stakeholders can learn the top refrigerant insights from this spring. Topics... - May 21, 2023 - Alpyne Strategy

StreamFab offers an opportunity for users to get StreamFab YouTube Downloader for free, improving their video downloading experience. - May 20, 2023 - StreamFab Company

Business of Wellness Summit

Daybreak Yoga LLC Presents a Transformative Virtual Summit Empowering Women of Color Wellness Professionals: Connect, Learn, and Thrive Together Women of color in the wellness industry are invited to attend a groundbreaking virtual summit hosted by renowned industry leader Dawn M. Rivers. The... - May 20, 2023 - Daybreak Yoga LLC

RockGodz Hall of Fame Awards 2023 to Honor Legendary Musicians and Industry Leaders in Nashville

RockGodz Hall of Fame (www.rockgodzhalloffame.com) is proud to announce that the 2023 awards show will be held on July 21, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee at the legendary Bowie's Rock 'n' Roll Club. This event will honor some of the most influential musicians and industry leaders in rock music... - May 20, 2023 - RockGodz Hall of Fame

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS Launches Accounting Software Selection and Best Practices Campaign

Business accounting software can be the growth engine of the company. But, when it’s not the right fit, it can’t deliver. At optimal performance, accounting software should serve as the business’ go-to source for instant access to its past, present, and future and clearly tell the story of its profitability and growth trajectory. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has launched a Best Practices campaign combining bookkeeping best practices with accounting software selection best practices. - May 20, 2023 - Accounting Business Solutions by JCS

Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs Announces Series of Professionals Workshops

Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs announces the Series of Professionals Workshops featuring panels of successful entrepreneurs from various industries. The next workshop will focus on personal branding and takes place on Saturday, May 20, 2023 at the Kevin Hart Studios located in the San Fernando... - May 20, 2023 - Dorsey Academy of Entrepreneurs

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