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Author Stuart Leopold’s New Book, "For Love and Fortune," is the Story of a Man Who Seeks a More Peaceful Life in Upstate New York, But Finds That Fate Has Other Plans

Recent release “For Love and Fortune,” from Page Publishing author Stuart Leopold, introduces William Morgan, who, after thirty years of marriage, has left his old life behind him and has moved to a comfortable and modern log cabin in the woods of upstate New York, searching for the peace he was never able to find as the titular head of a family and business, until a runaway woman enters his life. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Jack Barrette’s New Book, "The Cat in the Tux," is a Sweet Story Following the Adventures of a Young Feline Asked to Serve as a Ring Bearer in His Uncle’s Wedding

Recent release “The Cat in the Tux,” from Page Publishing author Jack Barrette, is a charmingly illustrated book introducing Cat, who must overcome his nervousness when he is asked to do something he has never done before. After he learns what is expected of him and makes a new friend in the process, he finds the confidence he needs to perform his duties and have fun at the same time. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Patrick Landon’s New Book, “Squaws Along The Lochsa: The Adventures of Hawkeye Starbuck,” is an Exciting Western Novel Following a Headstrong Cowboy on a Rescue Mission

Recent release “Squaws Along The Lochsa: The Adventures of Hawkeye Starbuck,” from Page Publishing author Patrick Landon, is the gripping tale of a rodeo cowboy named Hawkeye. When he hears that his friend Big Sade may be in trouble, he sets off into hostile territory in order to save the day. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Preston Evans’s New Book "The Adventures of Morty the Weagle and Maya the Helper Dog" is a Collection of Imaginative Children’s Short Stories

Recent release “The Adventures of Morty the Weagle and Maya the Helper Dog,” from Page Publishing author Preston Evans, is a collection of happy and humorous children’s short stories that follow along with the shenanigans of Morty and Maya. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Judy Bibbins’s New Book "Return to Ullshoi Hill" Follows the Travels of a Tomte and a Farm Boy Who Set Off to Discover the True Meaning of Friendship and Home

Recent release “Return to Ullshoi Hill,” from Page Publishing author Judy Bibbins, follows the adventures of a young farm boy named Hagan and the mythical creature who tends his family's farm, a tomte named Jeran. After they're both forced to leave the farm that they've both called home for years, the two decide to journey together and experience the magic and wonders of the world. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Dr. Keira M. Mitchell’s New Book, "When I Get That Feeling Near My Booty," Works to Help Children Understand That Going Potty is Entirely Normal

Recent release “When I Get That Feeling Near My Booty,” from Page Publishing author Dr. Keira M. Mitchell, is a fun and silly book that also tells children to listen to their body’s needs and uses rhymes to help them remember which steps to follow when they get that feeling near their booty. - June 01, 2023 - Page Publishing

Thomas Funicello & Fahren Funicello’s Book, "Core Reality Volume 4 Mars Legacy," is a Riveting Novel Following a Young Woman’s Search to Uncover the Truth About Herself

Recent release “Core Reality Volume 4 Mars Legacy,” from Covenant Books authors Thomas Funicello and Fahren Funicello, follows eighteen-year-old Corey Huston, who is a rookie operative with a family secret that threatens to surface when a stranger delivers a message from the father who abandoned her as a child. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Harry C. Washington III’s New Book, “Face in the Book,” is an Ideal Resource for Those Who Want to Study the Old Testament But Feel Overwhelmed

Recent release “Face in the Book: An Overview of the Old Testament with Wisdom, Direction, and Practical Applications for Daily Living,” is from Covenant Books author Harry C. Washington III. This is a resource that readers can consult to ensure they grasp the meaning and relevance of how the Old Testament impacts their lives today. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Don Steffen’s New Book, "Pathway to Heaven," Acknowledges That God’s Plan for Mankind is Not Wrath But Salvation in Christ Jesus Ahead of the Rapture

Recent release “Pathway to Heaven,” from Covenant Books author Don Steffen, discusses the many attributes that must be found in a child of God, including righteousness, holiness, redemption, praying, glorifying God, forgiveness, truth, and obedience. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Gloria Broughton Beavers’ New Book, "The Story of Little Big Blue Walking Shoes," is a Lighthearted and Inspiring New Take on a Beloved Classic Fairy Tale

Recent release “The Story of Little Big Blue Walking Shoes,” from Covenant Books author Gloria Broughton Beavers, is a modern adaptation of a Brothers Grimm story. A poor young girl called Little Big Blue Walking Shoes gives all she has to someone in need and in return gains riches beyond her wildest dreams. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Julie Strickland’s New Book, "Beyond the Surface," Follows a Young Aria Who Investigates the Reasons Behind Her Family's Recent Move and Her Parents' Odd Behavior

Recent release “Beyond the Surface,” from Covenant Books author Julie Strickland, is a gripping tale that follows young Aria Richards, whose life is upended when her parents move them to a new house in Minnesota. Despite trying to start this new chapter in her life, Aria faces pushback from her parents, and grows curious of their changing personalities as secrets about their new house come to light. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Author Angel Ortiz’s New Book, "Sofia and Angel Rescue the Disney Princesses," is a Thrilling Tale of an Important Mission to Save One’s Friends Who Have Been Captured

Recent release “Sofia and Angel Rescue the Disney Princesses,” from Covenant Books author Angel Ortiz, is a delightful story that follows Angel and his beloved Princess Sofia as the two set off to save Sofia’s friends, who have been held captive. Along the way, their budding romantic relationship will blossom, but Angel will have to work up the courage to tell Sofia how he really feels. - June 01, 2023 - Covenant Books

Jack Gaskill’s New Book "The Sparkling Eye: An American Novel with a Surprising Foreign Flavor" is a Compelling Story About Bill and Pam and Their Love Affair

Recent release “The Sparkling Eye: An American Novel with a Surprising Foreign Flavor,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Jack Gaskill, is an intriguing book that follows the story of two lovers as they uncover some hard truths. - June 01, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Esteban Vazquez’s New Book, "A Halloween Tale: Part 2," is a Mystifying and Compelling Collection of Stories That Showcase the Author’s Expansive Imagination

Recent release “A Halloween Tale: Part 2,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Esteban Vazquez, is an intriguing and mysterious book of short stories that all focus on imaginary worlds where strange things are happening. - June 01, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author K. Bruce Jordan’s New Book, "Sage and Pine," is a Compelling Series of Poems & Other Writings That Share the Depths of the Author's Soul & His Past Experiences

Recent release “Sage and Pine,” from Newman Springs Publishing author K. Bruce Jordan, is a moving and captivating assortment of poems and short reflections that draw inspiration from the author's life and moments shared with his family and friends. Each entry helps to paint an intimate self-portrait that invites readers to journey through the author's mind to experience the truths he holds within. - June 01, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author Judy Kessler’s New Book, "Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard," Follows a Young Boy Whose Family Don't Believe Him When He Tells Them of a Unique Lizard He Spotted

Recent release “Hayden and the Rock Wall Lizard,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Judy Kessler, is a charming tale that centers around a young boy with a penchant for telling tall tales. When he tells his family he saw a special lizard that was orange and black, they refuse to believe him without proof, so it’s up to Hayden to prove to them the lizard he saw is actually real. - June 01, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Jim Valliere’s New Book, “The Eddies of the Aevitas,” Follows a Man Who is Swept Up Into a Journey Across Time That Holds the Key to the Ultimate Truths and His Future

Fulton Books author Jim Valliere has completed his most recent book, “The Eddies of the Aevitas”: a fascinating tale that centers around one man’s quest that leads him to discover incredible truths about himself, his relationship with his daughter, and the nature of eternity as... - June 01, 2023 - Fulton Books

Lyndsey Allen’s New Book, "Prince Joe Joe," Follows a Young Prince Who Refuses to Follow the Rules and Constantly Disobeys the King and Queen Whenever Possible

Fulton Books author Lyndsey Allen, who resides with her family in Virginia, has completed her most recent book, “Prince Joe Joe”: a charming tale of a young prince who causes mischief and mayhem for his parents, electing to ignore the king and queen’s orders. When Joe Joe steals... - June 01, 2023 - Fulton Books

Stan Williams’s Newly Released "Complete Works of Stan Williams: Short Stories, Essays, and Poems" is a Unique and Enjoyable Literary Collection

“Complete Works of Stan Williams: Short Stories, Essays, and Poems,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Stan Williams, is an enjoyable reading experience that offers readers a variety of options from compelling fiction to true-life tales of the unexpected. - June 01, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Brent Jones Hits #1 on Billboard - "Nothing Else Matters"

Hit single celebrates over 40 weeks atop music charts. - June 01, 2023 - JDI Entertainment

Audion Media Launches ROKU Streaming Audiobooks on Demand Channel

Audion Media, formerly Spectrum Audiobooks, has launched a new service that allows users to listen to audiobooks on their ROKU devices or enabled televisions. - June 01, 2023 - Audion Media

Clubhouse International Hosts Global Initiative to Raise Awareness and Funding for the Clubhouse Approach to Recovery

Clubhouse International is proud to power Clubhouse Giving Day™. Now in its third year, the initiative offers an excellent opportunity for the global Clubhouse network to come together to raise awareness about mental illness and to raise funds that will grow and strengthen the Clubhouse approach to recovery around the world. - June 01, 2023 - Clubhouse International

Singer-Songwriter Emma Marie Tops the Charts on aBreak, Music’s Leading Platform for Indie Artists

aBreak, a global indie artist discovery platform, celebrates singer-songwriter and recording artist Emma Marie, who recently had her single "Therapy Session" hit #1 on the aBreak58. Check out her #1 song at aBreakmusic.com. Emma Marie, an 18-year-old from Northern Colorado, wrote her... - June 01, 2023 - aBreak Music

Jennifer Carr, a talented self-published author and multi-faceted creative, is thrilled to announce the release of her highly anticipated novel, "The Lost & Found." This captivating Christian suspense novel intertwines mystery, romance, and heartwarming themes that will leave readers enthralled from beginning to end. - June 01, 2023 - JCarr Writes

Collaborative Business Support’s Advisor Network Model Provides a Solution - June 01, 2023 - Collaborative Business Support

Many people believe personal contact via phone is the most effective way to improve collections. True or false? True. When contacting a customer in person or by phone, speaking to them, gives the customer a sense of sincerity and commitment to solving their problem as to why they are not paying. - June 01, 2023 - WCA/BCMA

Rock on Neon is a Live365 radio station that plays new wave and alternative rock. Its motto is “some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of” (from “Celluloid Heroes” by The Kinks). You’ll hear both established and indie artists. - June 01, 2023 - DTR Inc.

Devart rolled out new versions of ODBC drivers with Visual Basic, Linked Server, and Alteryx support. - June 01, 2023 - Devart

Today, HoduSoft proudly announces that its innovative product- HoduCC Call/Contact Center Software has been honored as a winner in the 18th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Information Technology. These esteemed global awards celebrate outstanding achievements in information technology and... - June 01, 2023 - Hodusoft Pvt. Ltd.

This Weekend, Celebrity, Industry, Literary, Creative, Cosplay Meetups, Fandom, Gaming, Anime and Many Other Topics for More than 200 Panels Over Three Days Featured at Pennsylvania Convention Center - June 01, 2023 - Fan Expo HQ

GOSKATE - Skateboard School invites skateboarders of all ages and skill levels to celebrate Go Skate Day at Pacifica Skatepark on June 21 at 4 pm. Led by experienced instructor Jared Goebel, this event promises an exciting day filled with free lessons, giveaways, and an inclusive skateboarding community. - June 01, 2023 - Goskate.com

NJ MED announces its Annual World Top 20 Universities Rankings for 2023. - June 01, 2023 - New Jersey Minority Educational Development

The recent "Contractors, Closers, & Connections" event hosted by Rainbow Restoration successfully convened commercial industries to share best practices in disaster preparedness. The informative discussion led by a panel of local leaders sparked valuable insights. The attendees, nearly 40 professionals from diverse sectors, lauded the event and took away key strategies for their businesses. - June 01, 2023 - Rainbow Restoration of Greenville, SC

The BDA Partners London office has expanded significantly over the past few years and, as a result, they've moved to a larger office. Their new location is at 17 Waterloo Place, St. James’s, London SW1Y 4AR. Jonathan Aiken, Partner and Head of London, said, “Our new location sits,... - May 31, 2023 - BDA Partners Ltd

BDA Partners is pleased to announce that Sophia Wu has joined as a Managing Director and Head of Healthcare, China. Sophia will expand and deepen BDA’s origination and coverage in the Healthcare sector across Asia. Sophia has extensive experience in healthcare M&A, capital markets, and... - May 31, 2023 - BDA Partners Ltd

Individual Personality Tops Holiday Luxe Decor Trends According to Social Influencer Kandi’s Kreations

Custom holiday decor is not only for Christmas. “The versatility of seasonal themes at the AmericasMart Atlanta 2023 is all over the spectrum,” says Kandi Jung, who inspires over 100K social media followers at Kandi’s Kreations. In her 2017 interview with ABC's Good Morning... - May 31, 2023 - Kandi's Kreations

Carl & Cherlynn Lindou’s New Book, "Azora," Centers Around a Crop Duster Whose World is Forever Changed When an Intergalactic War Brings a Former Flame Back Into His Life

Fulton Books authors Carl & Cherlynn Lindou have completed their most recent book, “Azora”: a stirring tale of interstellar war and romance that follows a former crop duster and a fighter pilot of the U.S. Space Force who must navigate a world on the verge of attack from aliens from... - May 31, 2023 - Fulton Books

Author Pete Prescott’s New Book, "In My Quiet Time: Going Deeper," Shares the Author’s Captivating and Inspiring Journey Into Faith and Finding God’s Love

Recent release “In My Quiet Time: Going Deeper,” from Covenant Books author Pete Prescott, offers readers insight into the author’s experience of accepting God into his life, recounting his journey to faith through devotions. - May 31, 2023 - Covenant Books

Mick Stevens’s New Book, "Earth Force: Return of the Neanderthals," is a Daring and Lively Novel That Follows the Adventure of the Fighting Team Known as Earth Force

Recent release “Earth Force: Return of the Neanderthals,” from Page Publishing author Mick Stevens, is a thrilling and bold tale that brings readers into a futuristic and vulnerable world as a fight ensues. - May 31, 2023 - Page Publishing

Euthal Green’s Newly Released "A Bitter Fumble" is a Thrilling and Suspenseful Race to Find a Missing Woman

“A Bitter Fumble,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Euthal Green, is a complex fiction that examines the disappearance of a young woman on vacation and the seemingly inept government agencies resistant to aiding a desperate mother. - May 31, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

IZR Galmore’s Newly Released “Itta’s Abscess in Her Left Breast: God Always Heals” is a Personal Account of a Woman’s Journey Through a Serious Illness

“Itta’s Abscess in Her Left Breast: God Always Heals,” from Christian Faith Publishing author IZR Galmore, is a private reflection on key moments that challenged and shaped a woman’s understanding of nature and God. - May 31, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Kenneth C. Parsons, MD’s Newly Released “Making Rounds with Jesus: A Physician Looks at the Ministry and Mission of Jesus” is a Unique Perspective of Jesus’s Life

“Making Rounds with Jesus: A Physician Looks at the Ministry and Mission of Jesus,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Kenneth C. Parsons, MD, is an immersive reading experience that encourages readers to take a front-row perspective of the life and works of Jesus. - May 31, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Timothy Neboyskey’s Newly Released "A Pilgrim’s Crux" is a Thoughtful Arrangement of Inspiring Poetic Works That Explore the Idea of Choice and Consequence

“A Pilgrim’s Crux,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Timothy Neboyskey, is a thought-provoking anthology that delivers an impactful message within each carefully articulated message of faith. - May 31, 2023 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author Christine Gacharná’s New Book, "Right My College Application Essay," is an Effective Guide for Students Embarking on This New Style of Writing

Recent release “Right My College Application Essay,” from Page Publishing author Christine Gacharná, bridges the gap between high school English lit and academic writing at the undergraduate level, starting with the college application essay. - May 31, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Robert Poindexter’s New Book, "Who Do You Think You Are? Retaking Control of Our Life," Helps Readers Reframe Their Approach to Life’s Choices

Recent release “Who Do You Think You Are? Retaking Control of Our Life,” from Page Publishing author Robert Poindexter is about reclaiming control of one’s life following a lifetime of being a victim, either of society or some individual involved in one’s life. - May 31, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Mickee Brick’s New Book, "Peppy the Pepper," Follows the Adventures of a Jalapeño Pepper Who Loves His Spiciness But Worries It May Limit Culinary Opportunities

Recent release “Peppy the Pepper,” from Page Publishing author Mickee Brick, is a charming story of a spicy jalapeño pepper with a penchant for adventure who makes a mess of things in the pepper patch with his latest invention. After being told his spiciness may be a hindrance to his culinary potential, a wise friend gives Peppy the encouragement he needs. - May 31, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Wilma Roberts’s New Book, "The Lucky Little Chicken," is a Charming Story with an Important Lesson for Young Children About Being True to Yourself

Recent release “The Lucky Little Chicken,” from Page Publishing author Wilma Roberts, is an entertaining picture book introducing Lucky, a baby chick confused by the myriad differences between his siblings and himself. After trying different ways to be more like them, he learns that he is perfect just as he is. - May 31, 2023 - Page Publishing

Author Ron Scribner’s New Book, "How To Be The Best, Best Man," is a Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Duties and Tasks That a Best Man Must Undertake

Recent release “How To Be The Best, Best Man: A Complete Must-Have Guide for Every Best Man,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Ron Scribner, is the perfect handbook for readers who have assumed the task of best man, but may need guidance to ensure they correctly fulfill their role and ensure that every event, from the bachelor party to the wedding day, goes off without a hitch. - May 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

Hadi Numan Al-Hity’s New Book, “Numan's Fables: Tales and Lessons for Children Volume 2,” is a Collection of Tales Designed to Teach Readers Important Morals About Life

Fulton Books author Hadi Numan Al-Hity, a former dean of the Mass Communication College at the University of Baghdad, has completed his most recent book, “Numan's Fables: Tales and Lessons for Children Volume 2”: a collection of short stories designed to impart important values to young... - May 31, 2023 - Fulton Books

Author Calvin Davis’s New Book, "Chicago Hoops," is the Story of a Man’s Journey of from High School to College Academics, Basketball, & School District Administrator

Recent release “Chicago Hoops,” from Newman Springs Publishing author Calvin Davis, is the story of a man who took the new opportunity of Chicago basketball and made it his success. - May 31, 2023 - Newman Springs Publishing

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