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Cayman Chemical, a leading supplier of research tools for the life science community, has widened their portfolio to include molecular-based detection kits through a strategic partnership with PCRassays.com. PCRassays.com offers more than 200 qPCR-based assays for infectious diseases, over 50 of... - June 07, 2024 - Cayman Chemical Company

Believed to be an experimental design for the first car to have fully removable wheels that pre-dates even the earliest prototypes. - June 07, 2024 - Bridge Classic Cars

AetherX Inc. Introduces the RAYD8 Scalar Rejuvenation App

A new free mobile app product delivers rejuvenating benefits to its users by utilizing Scalar technology – energy that exists all around us to help improve our health overall. - June 06, 2024 - AetherX

Kidney Care Partners (KCP) – the nation’s leading kidney care multi-stakeholder coalition representing patient advocates, physician organizations, health professional groups, dialysis providers, researchers and manufacturers – today commends Sens. Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Marsha... - June 06, 2024 - Kidney Care Partners

To accommodate expanding programming across the country, NACCE has added four new members to its organization. - June 06, 2024 - National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

Nikki Giovanni is Featured Guest at 18th Annual Austin African American Book Festival June 29

Renowned poet and author Nikki Giovanni will headline the 18th Annual Austin African American Book Festival, themed "Black Feeling, Black Talk: Activism in Poetry and Prose," on Saturday, June 29, at the Carver Museum and Library. The festival will feature readings, panels, and performances by acclaimed authors, poets, and artists. This event aims to explore the impact of literature on social movements and foster positive change. - June 06, 2024 - Austin African American Book Festival

GenRocket Advances the State of Test Data Automation Technology

Unveils G-Families to simplify synthetic data modeling, design, and deployment for testing complex database environments. - June 06, 2024 - GenRocket, Inc.

Florida Literacy Awards and Grantees Honored at 40th Annual Florida Literacy Conference

The Florida Literacy Coalition (FLC) hosted its 40th Annual Florida Literacy Conference from May 8-10 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, bringing together adult education, literacy, and ESOL practitioners to network and share promising practices. The new Adult Learner book, Pathways, was released during the annual meeting with impactful author readings. - June 06, 2024 - Florida Literacy Coalition

Mary Jo Schell’s New Book, "Annabella’s Story," Centers Around a Young Woman’s Life as She and Her Family Live Through the Civil War on Their Plantation

Fulton Books author Mary Jo Schell, a loving mother of two who spent thirty years in the accounting field from 1983 to 2013, has completed her most recent book, “Annabella’s Story”: a captivating story that follows a young southern woman’s attempts to survive and care for... - June 06, 2024 - Fulton Books

Mark VanSkiver’s Newly Released "A Radical Journey to the Higher Country" is a Transformative Spiritual Exploration

“A Radical Journey to the Higher Country: Tethered to Jesus to Hear His Astonishing Words from the Sermon Mount” from Christian Faith Publishing author Mark VanSkiver is a profound devotional that delves into the life-changing teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount, encouraging readers to embrace kingdom living. - June 06, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Judith Wolfberg’s Newly Released "The Pillow Connection" is a Captivating Historical Journey

“The Pillow Connection” from Christian Faith Publishing author Judith Wolfberg is a compelling tale that weaves historical intrigue with personal narratives, exploring the hidden secrets and connections within a seemingly ordinary pillow. - June 06, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Gary Corbin’s Newly Released “The Book of Revelation, Its Timeline: Overview of the Beginning, and Much More!” Unveils Intriguing Insights Into Biblical Prophecy

“The Book of Revelation, Its Timeline: Overview of the Beginning, and Much More!” from Christian Faith Publishing author Gary Corbin is an illuminating exploration of the book of Revelation, offering readers a comprehensive guide to its timeline and major themes. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, Corbin delves into the prophetic significance of key events, providing readers with a deeper understanding of biblical prophecy and its relevance to modern times. - June 06, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

John Bowling’s New Book, "Lake Cora Haiku," is a Fresh, New Collection of the Admired Poetic Form of Haiku Inspired by the Beauty and Serenity of Michigan’s Lake Cora

Fulton Books author John Bowling, who served for many years as a college professor, pastor, and university president, has completed his most recent book, “Lake Cora Haiku”: a powerful and poignant series of haikus prompted and influenced by the author’s time spent admiring the... - June 06, 2024 - Fulton Books

Author Joseph Barnard’s New Book, "Alcoholics Redeemed," Reveals the Transformative Power of Faith and Fellowship in Overcoming Addiction to Find True Redemption

Recent release “Alcoholics Redeemed” from Covenant Books author Joseph Barnard is a compelling look at the ways in which the group Alcoholics Redeemed works with its members to help them overcome the struggles of alcohol addiction through faith and spiritual transformation, presenting testimonials of redemption and hope to those struggling with alcoholism. - June 06, 2024 - Covenant Books

Author Carl W. Basden’s New Book, "Leadership That Makes an IMPACT Bible Study Guide," is an Eye-Opening Look at the Author’s Leadership Model He Developed

Recent release “Leadership That Makes an IMPACT Bible Study Guide: A Complement to the book Leadership That Makes an IMPACT” from Covenant Books author Carl W. Basden is a fascinating guide that presents a tool designed by the author to help readers from all walks of life reach their highest potential as leaders. - June 06, 2024 - Covenant Books

Author Sheri L. Pinckney’s New Book, "Bryce," is an Inspiring Tale That Centers Around a Disabled Teen Who Refuses to Let the Bullying from His Classmates Keep Him Down

Recent release “Bryce” from Covenant Books author Sheri L. Pinckney is a captivating story that centers around a teenage boy who is bullied by his classmates due to his disability and use of a wheelchair. Despite this, Bryce chooses to rise above the bullying and work hard to overcome his struggles. - June 06, 2024 - Covenant Books

Recent audiobook release “Garghoul” from Audiobook Network author Jeff Medeiros is a haunting collection of horror stories that will terrify and thrill listeners are they follow along on this spine-tingling journey through the darkest recesses of the human psyche, which each entry promising to be more frightening than the last. - June 06, 2024 - Audiobook Network

Author Shawn Paul Jones’s New Book, "Divinity at a Distance," is a Reflective Novel Exploring Controversial Topics About Humanity’s Existence and Life in the Universe

Recent release “Divinity at a Distance” from Page Publishing author Shawn Paul Jones is a profound journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that invites readers from all walks of life to explore the age-old question of humanity's place in the cosmos and reconsider conventional notions about one’s understanding of the divine. - June 06, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Sherry Chappell’s New Book, "Mirror Image," is a Fascinating Story About Identical Twin Sisters with Conflicting Values

Recent release “Mirror Image” from Page Publishing author Sherry Chappell is an intriguing story based on a case of mistaken identity. - June 06, 2024 - Page Publishing

Authors Frances J Tolbert & Dayna Imara Defoe’s New Book, "A Cool Eyeglass Party," Follows a Young Girl Who Worries About Being the Only One in Her Class to Wear Glasses

Page Publishing has recently released a new book by authors Frances J Tolbert and Dayna Imara Defoe. It is a charming story, “A Cool Eyeglass Party” that centers around Dayna, a first grader, who was told by her family ophthalmologist that she must wear glasses to see better in school. Dayna, concerned about being different, refuses to wear her glasses. Her parents help her become more confident and she gains the acceptance of her peers. - June 06, 2024 - Page Publishing

Tongue-Operated AI-Powered Device Wins Red Dot 2024 Award

Tip Assistive Technologies LLC is thrilled to announce that their product, Tip Device, has won a prestigious global Red Dot Award in the Healthcare category. The Red Dot Award is one of the largest international design competitions. Having a long history and esteemed credibility, the Red Dot label... - June 06, 2024 - TIP Assisitive Technologies

Deschutes Investment Consulting Advisor Phil Sherman Wins National Award for Outstanding Plan Participant Service

Deschutes Investment Consulting is thrilled to announce that Phil Sherman, CFP®, CPFA®, NQPC™ one of our distinguished advisors, has received a national award for his exceptional service to 401(k) plan participants. This prestigious accolade, presented by Planadviser, acknowledges Phil's dedication to delivering outstanding education and support to retirement plan participants. - June 06, 2024 - Deschutes Investment Consulting, LLC.

A-Team Group has announced the winners of its TradingTech Insight Awards USA 2024. - June 06, 2024 - A-Team Group

Tagbox ups the engagement game with Reactions feature for social walls. Brands can now leverage likes, claps & emojis to boost audience interaction & gain valuable content insights. This innovative feature keeps viewers engaged within the social wall & lets you run exciting contests. Tagbox empowers brands to connect deeper with their audience. - June 06, 2024 - Tagbox

Acquisition is expected to generate EBITDA yield on cost of approximately 7%. - June 06, 2024 - CapitaLand Investment Limited

PriviNet, a leading startup in IoT and AI, announces Dr. Sisay Tadesse Arzo as Senior Network Research Scientist and R&D Lead. With a Ph.D. from the University of Trento, Dr. Arzo brings vast experience in 5G, network softwarization, and automation, with over 20 publications and roles at General Electric Aerospace Research and the University of New Mexico. Dr. Arzo will spearhead R&D projects, integrate blockchain with PriviNet’s IoT network, and enhance SkyyeWave. technology. - June 06, 2024 - PriviNet

Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB), a statewide grassroots environmental and community improvement non-profit organization, recently named Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB) a Gold Star Affiliate. Gold Star recognition is the highest membership recognition status any community affiliate can achieve. “Keep... - June 06, 2024 - Keep Irving Beautiful

MTS' country soul sensation Zach McKenzie has released the highly anticipated music video for his latest single, “The Day that I Found You,” which recently achieved an impressive #7 position on the UK iTunes chart. The music video, now available on YouTube at... - June 06, 2024 - MTS Management Group

Scientology Media Productions was honored with 14 Viddy Awards, including 7 Platinum, in the 2024 international awards competition honoring video excellence in the digital world. Scientology Media Productions is a state-of-the-art multimedia communications center located in the heart of Hollywood... - June 06, 2024 - Scientology Media Productions

Rubenstein Law, P.A., a personal injury and mass torts firm headquartered in Florida, announced today it is expanding operations in New York to support the growing demand from customers in the region. Rubenstein Law has offices throughout the states of Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New... - June 06, 2024 - Rubenstein Law

New SaaS solution by AlbiMarketing aims to enhance employee motivation and engagement through digital rewards and gamification. - June 06, 2024 - Albi Marketing

Devart released updated versions of dotConnect products. - June 06, 2024 - Devart

Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, today announced advanced robotic machine tending compatible for in-line inspection with connectivity for the entire range of Renishaw inspection probes. Now, companies can enable robot-driven manufacturing with... - June 06, 2024 - Flexxbotics

Prescience Decision Solutions, a Bangalore based Data and AI company, announced the general availability of Data Sentinel, an enterprise-grade data quality solution on the AWS Marketplace. This data quality assessment tool is equipped with over 100 prebuilt data quality rules, capable of... - June 06, 2024 - Prescience Decision Solutions

AAEON will demonstrate the versatile market potential of its AI edge solutions range powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform at its headquarters during COMPUTEX 2024. - June 06, 2024 - AAEON Technology

New Digital Interactive Guide Simplifies Coatings System Selection for Industry Professionals - June 06, 2024 - AMPP

Gov. Beshear and Lt. Gov. Coleman Welcome Mountain View PACE to Kentucky

Mountain View PACE – a leading PACE provider to rural and Appalachian communities in the commonwealth – is proud to announce the launch of two new centers in Pikeville and Corbin, Kentucky. Mountain View PACE’s opening will provide older adults in Pikeville, Corbin, and... - June 05, 2024 - Mountain View PACE

Arthur M. James’s New Book, "Untertauchen: A Historical Novel," Follows a Jewish Couple Living in Nazi Germany Who Must Go Into Hiding and Eventually Flee Their Home

Untertauchen is a Historical Novel based on the true story of a German-Jewish couple who opted to go underground when their deportation notice arrived, thus outliving Hitler's Thousand Year Reich. - June 05, 2024 - Arthur M. James

Steven Maglio Celebrates 1st & 20th Anniversaries at The Cutting Room & The Carnegie Club

The great success of Sinatra Saturdays was thought to have pigeonholed Steven Maglio, but he proved them all wrong with “NOT Just Sinatra.” - June 05, 2024 - Steven Maglio

Eenox Revolutionizes the Skate and Bicycle Market with Precision Bearing Technology

Eenox emerges as the game-changer in the high-performance world of cycling, skateboarding, and inline skating with premium Swiss-Made bearings. - June 05, 2024 - Eenox

Angaza Center and CMU-Africa’s Techskills Marketplace Partner to Advance Digital Literacy in Rural Africa

CMU Africa collaboration aligns with Angaza Center’s mission to improve economic and social circumstances through the transformative power of technology access and digital literacy. - June 05, 2024 - Angaza Center

Sell to Bobby Secures Trademark for Company Name and Logo in the United States

Sell To Bobby is thrilled to announce that it has successfully obtained a trademark for its company name and logo in the United States. This significant milestone solidifies Sell To Bobby's brand identity and protects its intellectual property rights in the market. Securing the trademark for both... - June 05, 2024 - Sell To Bobby LLC

JVZoo Announces New Ownership

Affiliate Network and Online Marketplace Enters New Era of Ownership. - June 05, 2024 - JVZoo

Edwin Lupberger’s New Book, "Serendipitous Management," Follows the Author as He Reflects on His Time in the Power Industry Amidst a Changing Corporate Landscape

Fulton Books author Edwin Lupberger, who spent forty-years working in the US electric power industry and played an active role in setting both industry and national regulations and policy, has completed his most recent book, “Serendipitous Management”: a fascinating overview of the... - June 05, 2024 - Fulton Books

Authors Laura Britton and Popper’s New Book, “Popper's Tails: Oh No, Teddy!” is a Heartwarming and Engaging Tale of Love, Compassion, Support, and Friendship

Recent release “Popper's Tails: Oh No, Teddy!” from Newman Springs Publishing authors Laura Britton and Popper is an adorable tale that centers around Popper, an adventurous dog who realizes his friend Princess is upset one day. After Princess reveals her favorite teddy bear was destroyed, Popper helps to console her while her toy is mended. - June 05, 2024 - Newman Springs Publishing

Author Lori J. Brooks’s New Book, "The Heart of Nursing," is an Eye-Opening and Captivating Memoir That Takes Readers Through the Author’s Career as a Nurse

Recent release “The Heart of Nursing” from Covenant Books author Lori J. Brooks is a riveting and engaging account that follows the author over the course of more than twenty years as she navigates a profession in nursing, revealing all sorts of experiences in patient care that the average person is often unaware of. - June 05, 2024 - Covenant Books

Author Bradley Lawton’s New Book, "To Hell and Back Safe," is a Stirring Memoir Detailing the Author's Journey from the Depths of Addiction to Success and Sobriety

Recent release "To Hell and Back Safe" from Page Publishing author Bradley Lawton is a testament of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption that follows the author throughout his cycle of addiction as he works to achieve sobriety and overcome countless obstacles in order to forge a life of his own design, free from his inner demons. - June 05, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author William A. Cantoni’s New Book, “A Man of Many Faces An Amazing True Story,” Shares the Author’s Life-Changing and Spiritual Journey to Finding a Life Led by Jesus

Recent release “A Man of Many Faces An Amazing True Story” from Page Publishing author William A. Cantoni takes readers on a journey throughout the author’s life and shows how God repeatedly forgives a man like him, time and time again, who made just about every possible mistake in life. - June 05, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author R. F. Green’s New Book, "Saving Jace," is an Enthralling Romance That Follows Two Lovers Who Must Trust in Each Other and Their Love to Overcome the Odds

Recent release “Saving Jace” from Page Publishing author R. F. Green is a heartfelt and riveting tale of unexpected attraction between Navy SEAL Jace and archaeologist Riva. Despite their initial reluctance to pursue a relationship, the two find themselves unable to resist, but must confront their own fears and insecurities while navigating the challenges of Jace's dangerous career. - June 05, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Randall McCord’s New Book “Lindale, Lint and Leather 1825-2001: Lindale, Georgia—The Rise and Fall of a Southern Cotton Mill” is the Author’s Third Published Work

Recent release “Lindale, Lint and Leather 1825-2001: Lindale, Georgia—The Rise and Fall of a Southern Cotton Mill” from Page Publishing author Randall McCord presents a comprehensive history of the author’s hometown, a small prosperous textile hamlet established at the end of the nineteenth century. - June 05, 2024 - Page Publishing

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