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Frank Easterling’s Newly Released "My Love for Jesus and the American Spirit: Song Potpourri, Song Lyrics, and Poetry" Celebrates Faith and Patriotism

“My Love for Jesus and the American Spirit: Song Potpourri, Song Lyrics, and Poetry” from Christian Faith Publishing author Frank Easterling offers a heartfelt collection of songs, poetry, and stories that honor family, faith, country, and God. - June 26, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Chanel and Jameson Young’s Newly Released "What Does a Yawn Sound Like?" is a Delightful Interactive Adventure for Young Readers

“What Does a Yawn Sound Like?” from Christian Faith Publishing authors Chanel and Jameson Young is an engaging and interactive children's book that sparks imagination and laughter, inviting young readers to embark on a creative storytelling journey. - June 26, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Gale Stoddard’s Newly Released "10,000-Mile Trek to Paradise with God’s Angels" is an Inspiring Journey of Faith and Resilience

“10,000-Mile Trek to Paradise with God’s Angels” from Christian Faith Publishing author Gale Stoddard chronicles the remarkable journey of a Filipino/Asian nightclub entertainer who defied the odds to pursue her dreams in America. Through tales of perseverance, sacrifice, and unwavering faith, Stoddard’s book offers readers a powerful testament to the transformative power of resilience and the guiding presence of God’s angels. - June 26, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Omolola Mayowa Adeola’s Newly Released "Who Is He?" is an Enlightening Spiritual Exploration

“Who Is He?” from Christian Faith Publishing author Omolola Mayowa Adeola is a profound and insightful guide that delves into understanding and forming a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. - June 26, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Superhero Support, a non-profit organization bringing the power of costumed heroes to good causes, and the Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club, a fellow non-profit group celebrating comics, anime, and cosplay, are thrilled to announce a unique partnership at RisuCon 2024. This exciting... - June 26, 2024 - Superhero Support Inc.

Renowned Artist Leigh Herndon Unveils LeighArtWear™ Brand, Transforming Wearable Art and Sustainability in Fashion

Award-winning artist Leigh Herndon is proud to announce her wearable art creations, designed from her original silk Japanese batik paintings, have evolved into the LeighArtWear™ brand. "As an artist, I've always sought to push boundaries. With LeighArtWear™, I've fused the world... - June 26, 2024 - Leigh Designs Naples LLC

Ardo Launches Free Wearable Breast Pump for Most Insurance Plans - Breastpumps.com is First DME

Ardo medical, Inc., announces the global release of the “Ardo Melia” wearable breast pump, now available through Breastpumps.com, featuring advanced technology for efficient and comfortable breast pumping. - June 26, 2024 - Ardo

TruerCatering’s Sensor Self-Opening Electric Chafing Dish: Embrace Convenient, Refined, Versatile Food Service

True Catering is delighted to launch its new Truer Sensor Self-opening Electric Chafing Dish. The chafer's design combines the time-tested methods of food chafing with cutting-edge technology. This aligns with Truer's commitment to creating high-performance and user-friendly food service solutions. - June 26, 2024 - TruerCatering

About The Shadow of the Daughter’s Ring: All the friends who know Jennifer are fond of her. They all have such a nice, sweet camaraderie amongst them. Jennifer is a well-loved and pampered Granddaughter. On Jennifer's birthday she receives a gift, a ring from her beloved Grandmother. This... - June 26, 2024 - Michael Terence Publishing

Michael Terence Publishing is excited to announce the release of "The Balloon Man in April," an uplifting story by John Robertson Nicoll. - June 26, 2024 - Michael Terence Publishing

Starting this Wednesday, June 26, 2024, The Lamb Pub will serve food from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM, Wednesday through Sunday. Customers new and old in the local community are invited to come and enjoy the delicious new menu. - June 26, 2024 - The Lamb Pub

On Friday, June 28, Loveforce International will release two new Digital Music Singles by Mo Justice and inRchild respectively. - June 26, 2024 - Loveforce International Publishing Company

Power-efficiency, real-time data processing, and synchronized interfaces make the PICO-RAP4 a small board for big projects. - June 26, 2024 - AAEON Technology

Daugherty Business Solutions, a leading advisory services and technology consulting firm, ranked 2nd in the large company category of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Top Workplaces awards. - June 26, 2024 - Daugherty Business Solutions

Danos Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Milne as the new Chief Executive Officer. This leadership change marks a significant milestone as the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. - June 26, 2024 - Danos Group

This November, we will closely watch whether Washington State voters repeal the recently enacted long-term care insurance program declared Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI). “Washington’s long-term care insurance program started... - June 26, 2024 - American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Since its inception, Mobile Wellness Care has revolutionized how clients receive health treatments by eliminating the need to travel to traditional clinics. The expansion aims to address the growing demand for convenient healthcare services that cater to the busy schedules of modern consumers. With a focus on high-quality, personalized care, Mobile Wellness Care ensures that professional wellness services such as chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massages, and acupuncture treatments are just - June 26, 2024 - Mobile Wellness Care

Telarus Announced as ChannelVision Visionary Spotlight Award Recipient

Telarus SolutionVue named in Best Emerging Technology Breakthroughs with Addition of the AI QSA. - June 25, 2024 - Telarus

Vistula Management Company Appoints Selena Vives as Chief Operating Officer

The Vistula Management Company revamps their Executive Leadership team with the appointment of Selena Vives as the new COO, promotions within to include Kathleen Crowley's appointment as Vice President of Finance, and Tracey Franklin as Director of Housing. - June 25, 2024 - Vistula Management Company

HBCU Leggings’ Founder, Amina Hammond, Garners National Attention and Success

Amina Hammond, a proud 2006 graduate of Howard University’s Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts, is making significant strides with her innovative brand, HBCU Leggings. Since its establishment, the company has been designing leggings, hoodies, tees, and blankets. According to Amina,... - June 25, 2024 - HBCU Leggings

Inner Power Partners® Celebrates Strategic Partnership with Better Business Bureau®

Itz Why® LLC, doing business as Inner Power Partners®, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with the Better Business Bureau® (BBB). This collaboration, initially formed on March 8, 2024, was celebrated on Friday, June 21, 2024, in a grand event that brought together members... - June 25, 2024 - Itz Why LLC

Generous Funding from Community Foundation Tampa Bay Ensures Accessible, Lifesaving Swim Education - June 25, 2024 - St. Petersburg Foundation

Author Maral Tyson’s New Book, "Maral's Kitchen," is a Collection of Recipes That Create a Tantalizing Journey Through Global Flavors and Classic Favorites

Recent release “Maral's Kitchen” from Page Publishing author Maral Tyson presents a delightful fusion of recipes from around the world, ranging from the aromatic dishes of Armenia to the savory delights of the Middle East and the comforting classics of America. With each recipe meticulously crafted and lovingly presented, Tyson invites readers to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other. - June 25, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Terry Marr’s New Book, "Prophetic Insights from the Throne of God," is a Transformative Journey Into the Realm of Divine Revelation and Spiritual Enlightenment

Recent release “Prophetic Insights from the Throne of God” from Page Publishing author Terry Marr is a riveting and poignant journey that offers Scriptural references and colorful anecdotes from the author’s own experiences to assist readers in recognizing the awesome power of God in their own lives so they can ultimately understand their assignment and purpose in the kingdom of God. - June 25, 2024 - Page Publishing

Author Peggy Masterson’s New Book, "Through All of It," is a Compelling Account of the Author’s Experiences in Caring for Her Parents as They Suffered from Dementia

Recent release “Through All of It: A Daughter's Story: Navigating the Dementia Journey with Her Mom and Dad” from Covenant Books author Peggy Masterson is a powerful memoir that details the author’s personal, ten-plus-year dementia journey with her parents, sharing all that she endured, highlighting the mistakes she made, and recapping the many things she has learned along the way. - June 25, 2024 - Covenant Books

Author Joe Hier’s Book, "The Man Who Would Not Be King," Follows a Refreshingly Down-to-Earth Man Who Unintentionally Becomes Involved in Deciding the Fate of the World

Recent release “The Man Who Would Not Be King” from Newman Springs Publishing author Joe Hier is a captivating work and a fun read, a good dream of how things could be if you or I were in charge. - June 25, 2024 - Newman Springs Publishing

Richard Briley Jr.’s New Book, "Rethinking Genesis," is a Thought-Provoking Read That Confronts Age-Old Questions About the Validity of the First Book of the Bible

Fulton Books author Richard Briley Jr., a retired operations supervisor in the chemical manufacturing field, has completed his most recent book, “Rethinking Genesis”: a fascinating, faith-based exploration of the timeless narratives found in the biblical book of Genesis that will... - June 25, 2024 - Fulton Books

Adam Walker’s Newly Released "The Praying Nurse" is a Sweet Story of Connection and the Power of Prayer

“The Praying Nurse” from Christian Faith Publishing author Adam Walker is a heartwarming story of a special connection when a determined nurse meets an uncertain patient and reminds him that God is in control. - June 25, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Helen Holmes’s Newly Released "Women Seeking Intimacy with God" is an Inspirational Journey Into Biblical Femininity

“Women Seeking Intimacy with God: Fifty-Two Devotionals of Wisdom and Truth from Women of the Bible” from Christian Faith Publishing author Helen Holmes offers readers a collection of insightful devotionals inspired by the lives of women in the Bible. Through these reflections, Holmes invites readers to deepen their intimacy with God and embrace the timeless wisdom of these biblical figures. - June 25, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Wanda M. Brewster’s Newly Released “Snatch Back Your Joy: With the Word of Truth” is a Refreshing Guide to Reclaiming and Maintaining Your Joy

“Snatch Back Your Joy: With the Word of Truth” from Christian Faith Publishing author Wanda M. Brewster is a compelling handbook designed to empower readers with uplifting prayers and scriptures, guiding them towards maintaining joy despite life’s challenges. - June 25, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Laura Hall’s Newly Released "Gus’s Playday" is a Delightful Adventure of Animal Mischief and Imaginative Hijinks

“Gus’s Playday” from Christian Faith Publishing author Laura Hall invites young readers on an enchanting journey with Gus as he embarks on a day filled with unexpected surprises and delightful encounters. - June 25, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

Author J. Edwards’s New Book, "Space Goblyns," Follows Lilyoblyn and Her Pet Squito on an Epic Journey Through Space to Meet New Friends and See Exciting New Worlds

Recent release “Space Goblyns” from Page Publishing author J. Edwards tells the captivating story of an alien girl named Liloblyn and her pet Squito as they embark on a bold adventure in space to discover new people and places. After landing on a strange new world, the two set off to make friends of all shapes and sizes with the various space creatures they meet. - June 25, 2024 - Page Publishing

Samantha C. Sinclair’s Newly Released "The Call for Emily" is an Intriguing Blend of Mystery and Faith

“The Call for Emily” from Christian Faith Publishing author Samantha C. Sinclair is a captivating tale that intertwines themes of adoption, faith, and justice. Through its compelling narrative, the book delves into the complexities of family, identity, and the search for truth. - June 25, 2024 - Christian Faith Publishing

SolarCraft Brings Solar Power to Cal-West Locations in San Rafael and Petaluma - Premier North Bay Rental Company Implements Solar Power at Sonoma and Marin Sites

SolarCraft, serving Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties for forty years, has completed two solar power installations for Cal-West Rentals. Located in Petaluma, Sonoma County and San Rafael, Marin County, the solar systems will save Cal-West more than a combined $17,000 annually in electricity costs. By utilizing clean, sustainable solar energy for its operations, Cal-West aims to reduce its carbon footprint, cut utility expenses and protect against PG&E rate increases. - June 25, 2024 - SolarCraft

Patricia A. Smith Chosen as a Woman of the Month for May 2024 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized)

Patricia A. Smith of Montgomery, Alabama, has been chosen as a Woman of the Month for May 2024 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of education. About Patricia A. Smith Patricia A. Smith is a... - June 25, 2024 - P.O.W.E.R. Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized

PASSERINE, an award-winning family-owned Creative Agency and Production Company helmed by Shalonda Cornitcher, Adam Tillman-Young, and Lori Cornitcher, is proud to announce its collaboration with Microsoft to produce an entertaining, forward-looking live-action film. This innovative project marks... - June 25, 2024 - PASSERINE

Gallowglass Books Breaks Ground with Debut Publication "MONAD": Featuring Works by Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus

New hardcover release of Thomas Taylor's translations of the Neoplatonist philosophers Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus. - June 25, 2024 - Gallowglass Books LLC

2024 Northport Tea Dance

Information regarding the 2024 Tea Dance located in Northport, MI. - June 25, 2024 - Chetcuti Evans Foundation

As most schools have already ended their '23-'24 school year, it's time to look ahead and prepare for the '24-'25 academic year. Imagine a Non-English speaking student joining your school mid-year without an interpreter—struggling to understand lessons, feeling isolated, and missing out on... - June 25, 2024 - Interpreters Unlimited, Inc.

Frisella Landscape Group is proud to announce its new landscape design architecture service line, an expansion of the company’s design-build services, along with the appointment of Megan Wilker as the Lead Landscape Architect. Responding to increased demand for projects requiring a landscape... - June 25, 2024 - Frisella Landscape Group

Temple Grandin is one of the most respected individuals with high-functioning autism in the world. She earned a PhD in Animal Science and is currently a Professor at Colorado State University. She is a bestselling author and presents at conferences nationwide, helping parents and professionals understand how to help individuals with autism. Grandin is also a celebrated animal advocate who revolutionized animal movement systems, improving the quality of life for agricultural animals worldwide. - June 25, 2024 - Future Horizons, Inc.

Pickled Geeks is excited to announce that they have started a social media vlog/blog/podcast for the nostalgia-seeker in everyone. “Pickled Geeks” was a name they came up with because there wasn’t anything out there that incorporated geeky, fun, nostalgic interests… good... - June 25, 2024 - Pickled Geeks

Accurate Information Systems, LLC has earned accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association's (PBSA) Background Screening Credentialing Council. This accreditation indicates compliance with high standards in areas like information security, legal compliance, and client education. PBSA, a not-for-profit trade association founded in 2003, supports over 900 member companies in the background screening industry. - June 25, 2024 - Accurate Information Systems

The Westchester County real estate market continues to demonstrate remarkable resilience despite ongoing challenges with low inventory and rising home prices. Recent data indicates that Westchester County's housing market is experiencing significant growth in home values. The average home value in... - June 25, 2024 - John Pontillo - REALTOR® / SRES® Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Mexican-American composer Nathan Felix will present his new immersive opera titled The Thinker at Cincinnati Art Museum on Friday August 16. The Thinker, is a short opera about French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The opera will feature Corbin DeSpain (tenor) as Auguste Rodin, Rachel Kobernick (soprano)... - June 25, 2024 - Nathan Felix

RideBoom, a pioneering mobility startup, today announced to launch electric auto rickshaws sharing service in major cities. - June 25, 2024 - RIDEBOOM

The World Listening Project is thrilled to announce that the theme for World Listening Day 2024 is "Listening to the Weave of Time." This year’s theme was created by Chilean sound artists Valentina Villarroel Ambiado and Camila Cijka Arzola, who work as the art collective AOIR. - June 25, 2024 - World Listening Project

Strategic Technology Solutions (STS) Has Ranked on Channel Futures 2024 MSP 501 - Tech Industry’s Most Prestigious List of Managed Service Providers Worldwide

The Annual Channel Futures MSP 501 Identifies Best of the Best in the Managed Services Industry. - June 24, 2024 - Strategic Technology Solutions

Introducing an Iconic Collaboration: The Daytona x Kakha Kaladze

In the world of horology, where tradition meets innovation, DiW Manufacture proudly presents an extraordinary timepiece: the Daytona x Kakha Kaladze. This unique collaboration is a tribute to the remarkable journey of Kakha Kaladze, blending Georgian heritage with cutting-edge watchmaking craftsmanship. - June 24, 2024 - Designa Individual

87% of older Americans support the bipartisan Stopping Addiction and Falls for the Elderly (SAFE) Act to expand Medicare beneficiaries’ access to comprehensive falls risk assessment and prevention services at no cost to patients. - June 24, 2024 - Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation

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