Deck 7 Joins Zoho’s Channel Partner Program

Top lead generation and brand awareness firm to introduce Zoho’s cloud solutions to its network of clients. - September 09, 2020

Deck 7 Announces Bronze Partnership with Adobe

Through this partnership, Deck 7 aims to strengthen its multichannel marketing hub (MMH) solutions. - September 09, 2020

Deck 7 Joins RingCentral’s Channel Harmony Program

This partnership will allow Deck 7 to establish their expertise in the webinar software tech space. - September 04, 2020

Deck 7 Interviews Siobhán K Cronin, Engineering Manager at Landed

Siobhán talks about championing the unique voices of women in the field of tech. - June 15, 2020

Deck 7 Interviews Morgan Gregory, Leader in Strategy & Programs at Google Office of the CTO

In this interview, Morgan discusses the new and growing field of AI. - June 08, 2020

Deck 7 interviews Rashim Mogha, Founder – eWOW, Keynote Speaker, Startup Advisor, Women in Tech Evangelist, Author, Podcaster

In this intellectual interview, Rashim discusses how to nurture women into becoming leaders. - April 13, 2020

Deck 7 Interviews Anne Høyer, Founder of Group Saint Honoré and Chairwoman of Advisory Board at Smart IoT London

Anne talks about her experience of how she started in the field of tech. - April 09, 2020

DECK 7 interviews Danielle Deibler, Co-Founder and CEO at

Danielle talks about the ups and downs of her career journey as a woman in technology. - March 23, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Praveena Patchipulusu, Director QA at HPE

Praveena discusses her role at HPE, life as a woman in technology and her mantra for success. - February 24, 2020

DECK 7 to Attend the Upcoming B2BMX2020

Most anticipated marketing event to bring in industry leaders and experts under one roof. - February 14, 2020

Deck 7 Goes Beyond Its Peers in Technology Deployment and Integration

The lead generation company boosts its customer-centric culture by building and enhancing customer-centric applications. - February 10, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Tom Raftery, Global VP at SAP

Tom discusses smart cities initiatives and reveals his favorite part about working at SAP. - February 07, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Jay Gaines, CMO and Research Fellow at Forrester

Jay shares insights about the audience-centric approach at SiriusDecisions. - February 07, 2020

DECK 7 Empowers Brands in Becoming More Data-Focused in 2020

The company’s best-in-class, insight-driven offerings answered marketers’ most pressing problems - February 05, 2020

DECK 7 Optimizes Its Strategic Marketing for 2020 Using a Revised ABM Strategy

Top lead generation company, DECK 7 is more data-focused than ever. - February 04, 2020

DECK 7 interviews John A. Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

John sheds light on intent data’s role in sales and marketing operations. - February 03, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Amy Barzdukas, EVP & CMO at Poly

Amy discusses Poly’s brand transformation and the next generation of video conferencing. - February 01, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Maliha Aqeel, Director of Global Communications at Fix Network World

Maliha emphasizes on bringing the brand promise and purpose into the decision-making process. - January 30, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Mark Halstead, Managing Director at iCumulus

In conversation with DECK 7, Mark discusses the untapped area of AI and chatbots. - January 28, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Randy Frisch, CMO and Co-Founder at Uberflip

Randy discusses the need for great content experience to drive meaningful conversations. - January 27, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Patrick Welch, President and CMO at Bigtincan

Patrick shares insights on boosting customer interactions through the help of AI and automation. - January 24, 2020

DECK 7 interviews Andrea Lechner-Becker, CMO at LeadMD

Andrea sits down with DECK 7 to discuss the key role of great brand stories for customer success. - January 23, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews David Spark, Managing Editor at Spark Media Solutions

In conversation with DECK 7, David shares valuable lessons about content creation and content marketing. - January 22, 2020

DECK 7 Framework for Digital™ Redefines Its B2B Model for 2020 Lead-Gen Goals

A central powerhouse for business integration and strategy across all channels. - January 20, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Paige O’Neill, CMO at Sitecore

Paige shares her journey into the field of marketing and her unrelenting zest for technology. - January 17, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Ed Breault, CMO at Aprimo

In conversation with DECK 7, Ed discusses the impact of AI in content development. - January 16, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Margaret Molloy, Global CMO at Siegel+Gale

Margaret shares the importance of brand relevance in order to drive business forward. - January 14, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist at Terminus

Sangram talks ABM and how he stumbled upon the idea of flipping the funnel. - January 13, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Tom O’Regan, CEO at Madison Logic

In conversation with DECK 7, Tom reveals the key factors for ABM success. - January 10, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Robert Rose, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at The Content Advisory

Robert shares some interesting insights on what makes content a core output of any business. - January 07, 2020

DECK 7 Interviews Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard

Tyler shares his journey into marketing and unlocking the power of video to empower the audience. - January 06, 2020

Media 7 Announces Its Launch to Happen Soon

A leading digital media network that specializes in brand influence and audience engagement. - December 19, 2019

DECK 7 Interviews Latane Conant, CMO at 6sense

In this Q&A, Latane talks about the critical aspect of ABM powered by predictive intelligence. - December 16, 2019

DECK 7 Interviews Erik Charles, VP and Solutions Evangelist at Xactly Corp.

Erik discusses the importance of sales and marketing alignment for business ROI. - December 11, 2019

DECK 7 Interviews Jeanne Hopkins, CMO at

In this fascinating Q&A, Jeanne talks about the impact of agile marketing on corporate travel. - December 09, 2019

DECK 7’s Webinar Benchmarks Report Underlines Best Practices for Webinar Organizers Worldwide

DECK 7 brings a vendor agnostic report based on data from top webinar platforms. - November 20, 2019

DECK 7 Interviews Jaime Punishill, CMO at Lionbridge

In this Q&A, Jamie talks about his journey into marketing and the prospect of AI in digital media. - October 29, 2019

MEDIA 7 Goes All-Out to Maximize Brand Awareness and Audience Reach Globally

A data-driven channel that brings publishers to the forefront of B2B digital media. - October 24, 2019

DECK 7’s Content Has Evolved to Engage and Strike the Right Chord

Top lead generation company, DECK 7 strengthens its content to engage with B2B buyers. - October 21, 2019

DECK 7 Presents an Insightful Q&A with Former CMO of Skillsoft, Tara O'Sullivan

Tara O’Sullivan shares her thoughts on marketing and its changing dynamics. - October 16, 2019

DECK 7 Drives Lead Generation with Targeted Marketing in Multiple Geos

Top lead generation company, DECK 7 strengthens its content to engage with B2B buyers. - September 18, 2019

DECK 7 Releases 2019 Webinar Benchmarks Report

Best strategies from 5,619 webinars in one report. - September 14, 2019

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