Mon Ethos Pro Support and Virgin Islands Police Department Successfully Enhance Security at Crucian Christmas Festival Amidst Presidential Visit

Mon Ethos Pro Support and Virgin Islands Police Department Successfully Enhance Security at Crucian Christmas Festival Amidst Presidential Visit

Innovative Security Collaboration Triumphs at Crucian Christmas Festival Amid Presidential Visit - January 08, 2024 - Mon Ethos Pro Support, LLC (MEPSVI)

SHI Cryogenics Group Releases World’s Highest-Capacity 4K Cryocooler

New Model Expertly Combines Gifford-McMahon and Joule-Thomson Technologies - January 05, 2024 - Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America, Inc.

Spellmasons’ Indie Strategic Tactical Roguelite with Online Co-Op Has Sold Nearly 10,000 Copies

Spellmasons is a tactical turn based strategy roguelike PC game developed and published by first time indie developer Octavia Blue. Due in part to regular updates and online multiplayer the game has sold almost 10,000 copies and has been rated Very Positive on Steam based on over 200 reviews. - December 22, 2023 - Octavia Blue LLC.

SAF Tehnika Unveils Integra-X2: High Capacity Meets AES 256 Encryption

Building upon the success of the Integra-X series, the Integra-X2 is designed to meet the advanced security needs of government institutions, utilities, and public safety entities. The Integra-X2 includes significant safety features of the preceding Integra-X model, such as secure web access (HTTPS), secure monitoring via SNMP V3, and a Secure Command Line Interface by SSH. Additionally, the Integra-X2 offers multi-level user login access for enhanced security management. - December 21, 2023 - SAF Tehnika

From Marie-Antoinette to the Digital Age – How Artworks Reach Their Collectors in the US

The renowned art shipping company Chenue looks back on a 260-year history that traces its origins to crafting transport crates for the French queen Marie-Antoinette. Today, Chenue is a global leader in art transportation and has developed an innovative shipping solution called "Moviiu," ushering the transport of artworks into the digital era. - December 21, 2023 - Moviiu SA

Proteus Industries Inc. Announces Durable and Accurate Liquid Flow Products for the SEMI, Medical, and Industrial Markets

Proteus Industries Inc. Announces Durable and Accurate Liquid Flow Products for the SEMI, Medical, and Industrial Markets

Proteus Industries Inc. is a renowned provider of liquid flow sensing and control instruments, offering a wide range of high-precision products that can operate in extreme temperatures and rugged environments for the semiconductor equipment, medical, and industrial markets. According to Philip... - December 18, 2023 - Proteus industries

QNAP Releases Thunderbolt™ 4 All-Flash NASbook – The TBS-h574TX Empowers Video Production with Breakthrough Speed and Hot-Swappable M.2 SSD

Unmatched performance with ZFS data protection to accelerate video projects from pre-production to post-production. - December 16, 2023 - QNAP

QNAP Launches TS-hx77AXU-RP Series Enterprise ZFS NAS with Revolutionary AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Processors

Powerful 6-core/8-core processors and AMD AM5 platform unleashes the power of DDR5 and M.2 PCIe Gen 5. - December 14, 2023 - QNAP

ASIX Unveils USB Ethernet iPXE Solution for Network Booting

ASIX USB Ethernet iPXE solution integrates the iPXE network booting technology with ASIX’s latest USB Ethernet controllers to provide users with a new powerful, flexible, and efficient iPXE network booting experience. - December 14, 2023 - ASIX Electronics Corp.

E-Switch and New Yorker Electronics Enter New Franchised Distribution Agreement

New Agreement Provides Valuable Extension to New Yorker’s Current Switch Offerings - December 08, 2023 - New Yorker Electronics

DC Immune RCDs FDB11 and FDB2 Protection Devices Available from FDB Electrical Ltd

Now is usually the time for regular Railway maintenance. This year has been slightly different with intermittent strikes which have put special demands on scheduling of maintenance and repair works, and the FDB Online store has been very helpful in fulfilling availability of the specialist units required throughout this highly variable scheduling period. - December 08, 2023 - FDB Electrical Ltd

Proteus Industries Inc. Announces Its 8000EMR Series of EMI- and RFI-Resistant Liquid Flow Meters

Proteus Industries Inc. Announces Its 8000EMR Series of EMI- and RFI-Resistant Liquid Flow Meters

Proteus Industries Inc. has introduced its 8000EMR Series flow meters, built to withstand even the most challenging electromagnetic and radio-frequency environments. - December 07, 2023 - Proteus industries

Monch is Announced as the Winner of This Month's Lighting Product Designer Award for the Okeli Lights Lighting Brand

Okeli Lights is delighted to announce that their exceptional designer, Monch, has received the prestigious title of "Best Lighting Product Designer of the Month." This recognition is a result of the esteemed Okeli Lighting Design Awards, which celebrates creativity and innovation in the... - December 07, 2023 - Okeli Lights

Sencore Unveils AG 2700: A Revolutionary Solution for Future-Proof Retransmission Reception Infrastructure

Sencore, an innovator in broadcast solutions, is thrilled to introduce the AG 2700, a versatile and dense solution engineered for receiving ATSC RF signals, transforming them into ASI and IP outputs, and enabling seamless retransmission for MVPDs and other broadcast entities. Future-Proof... - December 06, 2023 - Sencore

QNAP Upgrades Qfile Pro Mobile App by Integrating File Sync Feature for Enhanced Mobile Backup and Synchronization

Qfile Pro provides the best QNAP mobile file management for Android and iOS. - December 06, 2023 - QNAP

THINKWARE Announces Christmas and Holiday Deals

Many of THINKWARE's best-selling dash cams will be on sale for the holidays. - December 06, 2023 - THINKWARE

Ease, Inc. Appoints Mark A. Phillips as New Chief Financial Officer

Phillips appointment follows a recent growth investment by Luminate Capital and comes at a time when is poised for significant expansion. - December 05, 2023 - Ease Inc.

SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum Announces 2024 Leadership, Plans for 2024 SAS Plugfest

SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum Announces 2024 Leadership, Plans for 2024 SAS Plugfest

SNIA SCSI Trade Association Forum (STA), a SNIA technology forum and the respected authority on Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology, today announced its Fiscal Year 2024 Board of Directors. The newly elected Board of Directors comprises accomplished storage industry professionals with a shared... - December 05, 2023 - SCSI Trade Association

GPT is Edging Out BERT According to Developers

Two major architectures for Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks are vying to dominate the market but GPT has an edge according to developers working with NLPs. In Evans Data’s semi-annual Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development survey conducted last month, developers were... - December 04, 2023 - Evans Data Corporation

Okeli Brand Illuminates the Industry with the Grand Opening of Okeli Lights Online Store

Okeli Lights Store stands as the premier destination for those seeking modern indoor home lighting. - December 02, 2023 - Okeli Lights

ASIX Unveils AX88772E: a Low-Power, Driverless USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Controller

ASIX launches the latest AX88772E USB 2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller, featuring a small form factor, low power consumption, and driverless capabilities, which not only satisfies customers' demands for energy-saving and carbon-reducing products, but also enables users to effortlessly achieve a good plug-and-play networking experience. - November 29, 2023 - ASIX Electronics Corp.

New 3.5" IPS Displays with MIPI Interface at Newhaven Display

Newhaven Display International, Inc. announces the release of new 3.5” IPS TFT displays with high-resolution 640x480 pixels and 4-lane MIPI DSI. - November 29, 2023 - Newhaven Display International

QNAP Releases New PCIe Interface SATA HDD JBOD Storage Enclosure Series to Obtain Petabyte-Class Storage

The brand-new TL-Rx00PES-RP PCIe JBOD series uses SATA drives to achieve both breakthrough performance and massive capacities. - November 28, 2023 - QNAP

SMC Exhibits at the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Nov. 30 – Dec. 1

The ACTE’s CareerTech VISION hosts 200+ Exhibitors, 400+ Presenters and 6000+ Attendees offering comprehensive programming focused on career and technical training as well as numerous networking opportunities. - November 22, 2023 - SMC Corporation of America

THINKWARE Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Dash Cam Deals

Many of THINKWARE's best-selling dash cams and accessories will be on sale. - November 22, 2023 - THINKWARE

Sencore Introduces Enhanced Descrambling Capabilities for ARD 3000 Series, Facilitating Seamless ATSC 3.0 Deployment

Sencore Introduces Enhanced Descrambling Capabilities for ARD 3000 Series, Facilitating Seamless ATSC 3.0 Deployment

Sencore, a leading innovator in professional receiver decoder platforms, announces a significant advancement in its ARD 3000 series, further solidifying its position at the forefront of the evolving ATSC 3.0 landscape. The new update, integrated into version 1.17.0 of the unit software, introduces... - November 17, 2023 - Sencore

Pulse Power, a Startup Company in Renewable Battery Development in Korea, Expands Into the Mongolian Market

Pulse Power, a renewable battery development company aligning itself with strengthened environmental regulations and the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market, is garnering attention for its remarkable growth. With Pulse Power's technology, the company is on the brink of entering the... - November 17, 2023 - Pulse Power

QNAP Introduces the New Half-Width Rackmount 100GbE QSFP28/25GbE SFP28 Managed Switch, QSW-M7308R-4X, with up to 1.2Tbps of Switching Capacity

The entry-level 100GbE switch provides four 100GbE QSFP28 and eight 25GbE SFP28 ports, perfectly suitable for SMBs. - November 17, 2023 - QNAP

Kegr: Advancing Beer Enjoyment Through Innovative Technology

Kegr is set to introduce a novel beverage dispensing solution, bringing an upgrade to social gatherings and the way we enjoy drinks. The upcoming Kickstarter campaign in Q1 2024 aims to bring forth a product designed for convenience, control, and precision in serving your favorite drinks. Kegr, a... - November 12, 2023 - Kegr LLC

ProjectorCentral and Announce Winners of 2023 Laser TV Showdown UST Projector Shootout, the world's leading online retailer of projectors and screens teamed up with Projector Central, the world's largest projector resource, to host the 2023 Laser TV Showdown. They assembled the largest collection of 9 top ultra short throw projectors into a battle royale to determine the absolute best. After hours of testing and deliberation, the judges have crowned an unexpected winner. - November 11, 2023 -

New Format of Esports: Stellar Sports by Ukrainian Indie studio

Stellar Sports Open Testing, an eSports game that's changing the way people experience cybergaming. Stellar Sports offers quick, action-packed matches on mobile, making eSports accessible to all. No need to be a pro gamer or invest in high-end gear. In Stellar Sports, players engage in hyperdynamic cyber jet battles, aiming to outscore opponents by hitting their gates. - November 08, 2023 - Vireye

SMC Exhibits at Rockwell Automation Expo 2023, November 8-9 in Boston

SMC Corporation of America will exhibit pneumatic valve technologies for control network solutions and Fieldbus units used in automation systems in the Common Industrial Protocols (CIP) EtherNet™, EtherNet I/P™, DeviceNet™ and ControlNet™ as well in IO Link compatible automation products. - November 05, 2023 - SMC Corporation of America

Electrocube Capacitor Series Offers Rugged Alternative to Electrolytic Capacitors

New Non-inductively Wound Double Metallized High-current Capacitor Series Designed for Military and Commercial Land and Sea Applications; Power Generation, Avionics, EVs and Robotics - November 05, 2023 - New Yorker Electronics

Industry Tech Days 2023: A Resounding Success with Record-Breaking Attendance and Exciting Enhancements

EETech, the leader in electronics industry data insights, community, and digital transformation celebrates the resounding success of All About Circuits virtual conference Industry Tech Days (ITD) 2023. This annual event, renowned for its commitment to innovation and industry insights, surpassed all... - November 04, 2023 - EETech Media

Arctek Celebrates Success with the Afiniti Platform, Anticipates Future Growth with Sencore

Arctek Celebrates Success with the Afiniti Platform, Anticipates Future Growth with Sencore

Arctek, a leader in live sports transmissions, is thrilled to mark their partnership with Adtec's Afiniti Platform and is looking forward to the promising future of this collaboration with industry leader Sencore. Brian Stanley, Owner of Arctek, provides insights into this remarkable journey,... - November 03, 2023 - Sencore

THINKWARE to Showcase New Products and Features at SEMA Show 2023

Along with demos of its latest dash cams, THINKWARE will also be highlighting its KALTWIN ACTIV Smart Tint product. - November 03, 2023 - THINKWARE

Ignitarium is Among the Top 10 Best Workplaces™ for Women (Mid-Size) 2023

Ignitarium Technology Solutions has been recognized by Great Place to Work® among the Top 10 Best Workplaces™ for Women 2023 in the category "Mid-size Organizations." This prestigious recognition is awarded based on the experiences shared by current employees of... - November 01, 2023 - Ignitarium

75% of Cloud Developers Would Switch Cloud Providers

Evans Data Corp. reveals cloud developers attitudes toward their cloud providers and deployment. Using data directly from the recently released Cloud Development Survey Report which delves into AI and machine learning in the cloud, Kubernetes and microservices, orchestration, multi and hybrid cloud, data centers, and much more. - October 31, 2023 - Evans Data Corporation

MediTechSafe Signs a New Contract for Product Security with a Medical Device Company

MediTechSafe Signs a New Contract for Product Security with a Medical Device Company

Innovative software platform addresses cybersecurity threats plaguing healthcare industry. - October 30, 2023 - MediTechSafe

QNAP Introduces New Dual-port 10GbE Network Cards Supporting SR-IOV for Boosting VMware Applications

QNAP® Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today launched the new QXG-10G2SF-X710 10GbE network expansion card. Equipped with the advanced Intel® Ethernet Controller X710-BM2, this PCIe Gen 3 card (compatible with PCIe Gen 2) can be installed into a... - October 30, 2023 - QNAP

QNAP Releases the World’s First Thunderbolt™ 4 NAS TVS-h674T/TVS-h874T, Powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5/i7/i9 Processors

Unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility in data management to revolutionize the way creative professionals work with their media projects. - October 26, 2023 - QNAP

Innerspace Cases Unveils Cutting-Edge Cases for ARRI SkyPanel X, Elevating Protection and Portability

Innerspace Cases launches ATA-rated cases for ARRI SkyPanel X, ensuring durability and mobility. Precision-engineered for a snug fit and easy access, these cases reflect a commitment to form and function. Available at - October 25, 2023 - Innerspace Cases

Omni Pro Features New Versatile 4 and 8-Bit Monolithic Programmable Delay Lines

New Delay Lines with Digitally Buffered Inputs/Outputs Allow for Programmable Delay Values - October 25, 2023 - Omni Pro Electronics

Omni Pro Electronics Expands Circuit Protection Offerings with Two Industrial Fuse Series

Opti-Fuse TPK & FPK Series from Omni Pro Electronics Allow Designers to Select the Correct Fuse for Industrial and High-Power Applications - October 25, 2023 - Omni Pro Electronics

ASIX Unveils AX88179B: Instantly Experience Driverless USB Ethernet Connectivity

ASIX launches the new generation of driverless USB Ethernet controller solution - “AX88179B USB 3.2 Gen1 to Gigabit Ethernet Controller.” This solution eliminates the need for annoying driver download and installation steps, enables users to effortlessly achieve a good plug-and-play networking experience. - October 21, 2023 - ASIX Electronics Corp.

Introducing the New iFoiler+ Induction Sealer: Higher Power for Higher Speed Lines

The newest addition to the Induction Sealing product line from Pillar Technologies. - October 20, 2023 - ITW Air Management

SMC Recognized as 2023 Indiana Best Place to Work in Manufacturing

SMC was recently named as one of the Indiana Best Places to Work in Manufacturing for the second year in a row. This program was created by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as a means to recognize and celebrate the state’s robust manufacturing sector and the employers who go above and beyond to create a thriving corporate culture. - October 20, 2023 - SMC Corporation of America

the*gamehers Appoints Nicole LaPointe Jameson and Sig Mosley to Board Amid Growth Surge

In a strategic move to enhance its global position, the*gamehers, a prominent platform dedicated to uplifting women in the gaming sector, has added two industry heavyweights to its Board of Directors: Nicole LaPointe Jameson, formerly at the helm of Evil Geniuses, and tech-investment magnate, Sig... - October 19, 2023 - the*gamehers

QNAP Introduces the Half-Width Rackmount 16-Port 10GbE QSW-M3216R-8S8T & QSW-3216R-8S8T L2 Managed/Unmanaged Switch, with Up to 320Gbps of Switching Capacity

New space-saving and cost-optimized switch series with a compact case and more 10GbE ports. - October 18, 2023 - QNAP

QNAP Launches the Half-Width Rackmount Full 10GbE Managed Switch QSW-M3212R-8S4T with Greater Space-Efficiency

Twelve-port Ethernet switch with compact design, ideal for SMB/SOHO users. - October 17, 2023 - QNAP

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