Testrite Instrument Celebrates 20+ Years Manufacturing for the Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Living Industry

By working directly with designers, innovators, and product inventors, Testrite is excited to help new products and ideas take shape to help enhance the hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports experience. This is a market that values Testrite’s ability to innovate, deliver quickly, and manufacture in the USA. - November 25, 2021

Testrite Visual Offers New Onsite Signage to Optimize Hiring Efforts

Testrite Visual is using its 102 year history and experience in visual display and hardware to provide solutions to help businesses create eye-catching messaging for prospective employees. Testrite Visual is working with Human Resource Managers, Recruiters and hiring agencies to create visual display solutions at the store entrance, in the store, and for hiring fairs and recruiting events. - October 21, 2021

New Cannabis Dispensary Retail Display Solutions Now Available

Testrite Visual, America’s leading manufacturer of visual display solutions in September, launched an exceptional line of signage and display solutions for cannabis dispensaries, packaged as a “Best Practices for Dispensary Signage.” Medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries... - September 24, 2021

Testrite Visual Enhances Wine & Liquor Tasting Experience with New Brandable Tasting Stations

Testrite Visual is pleased to announce its new line of customizable hardware for tastings in the liquor industry, wine tastings, and more. Tastings are key to introduce customers to new wines, liquor brands and spirits. To help these brands and businesses maximize their investment, Testrite has... - August 31, 2021

Testrite Visual Showcases New Signature Products at RetailX Chicago

Testrite Visual is pleased to announce it will be attending RetailX taking place August 24th and 25th in in Chicago, Illinois. RetailX is a premier education resource and networking partner for all things retail and is expecting hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees working in all areas... - August 18, 2021

New "Build-A-Stand" Gives Visual Creators an Amazing Toolkit

Testrite Visual is focused on providing businesses with customizable and affordable visual display solutions. Their New “Build-A-Stand” system doubles down on that commitment. Build-A-Stand is Testrite Visual's new 1” square tubing system which allows marketers, digital printers,... - August 07, 2021

Testrite’s New Adjustable LLT Mounts Offer Greener Display Solutions

Testrite Visual, the American leader in manufacturing visual merchandising hardware, is pleased to introduce it’s new line of Adjustable Countertop Double LL Mounts to provide businesses and customers with more sustainable and cost-effective display solutions. “We meet with visual... - June 30, 2021

Testrite’s New Lollipop Stands Add Pop and Variety to Visual Merchandising

Testrite’s new Lollipop Display Stands deliver a bold, refreshing update for visual merchandising. By providing hardware to support circular and custom shaped signage designs, the Lollipop Stands break the mold from the conventional square and rectangular displays. In 2020, round floor... - May 27, 2021

Testrite Highlights New & Improved Back to Work & School Safety Solutions

Testrite Visual has doubled down on its line of safety shields, sneeze guards, and dividers as the country begins its transition back to work and school to make the return to normal less stressful with a full line of quality, American-made safety solutions. - April 30, 2021

The New American Eagle Banner Stand Combines Elegance with Durability

Testrite Visual, the value-driven and American manufacturing leader in visual merchandising hardware, announces the release of their new fixed width banner stand, The American Eagle. Available in four different widths and three different heights, The American Eagle Banner Stand will help you up... - March 31, 2021

Testrite Expands Manufacturing for Visual Merchandising Displays During Global Supply Chain Disruptions

As a result of global supply disruptions caused by the pandemic, Testrite has stepped up to offer expanded hardware solutions and services. Testrite is a US based manufacturer of aluminum and steel hardware solutions providing a complete catalog of visual merchandising hardware, displays and graphics. - February 23, 2021

Testrite Expands In-House Prototype Services for New Inventors and Inventions

Testrite offers rapid prototyping services for a fraction of the cost of most other companies. Due to the high demand for prototype services, Testrite has expanded its internal team to provide additional engineering, prototype and production support for new inventors and inventions. - January 14, 2021

Testrite Introduces Vaccine Distribution Support Products

Testrite Introduces Vaccine Distribution Support Products

The COVID-19 vaccine could be the largest vaccination effort in U.S. history. A nationwide roll out of the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna is already underway. To assist with these efforts, Testrite Visual has launched its line of vaccine hardware and signage solutions. Products include: -... - December 31, 2020

Introducing SideBAR - The Ultimate Side Table

Introducing SideBAR - The Ultimate Side Table

Always on top of industry and consumer trends, Testrite HOME Designs, the newest division of Testrite, has launched SideBAR, a ground-breaking convenience product for those looking to take outdoor living to a whole new level. SideBAR is designed as the ultimate side table for drinks, food, and... - December 21, 2020

Testrite Expands Team to Provide Telescopic Tubing for Advanced Engineered Applications

Always adapting to the ever-changing needs of clients, Testrite Instrument Company, the leader in Custom Telescopic Tubing Manufacturing is actively increasing its work with engineers to develop custom hardware solutions and has expanded its team to meet the growing need for advanced engineered... - November 30, 2020

Testrite Instrument Company Announces Its Latest Innovation: The World’s First Infinitely Adjustable Square Telescopic Tube Lock

Testrite Instrument Company, the leader in Telescopic Tubing, is now offering a wide range of square telescopic tubing. The big innovation debuting this month are the world’s first infinitely adjustable locks for square tubing. - October 23, 2020

Testrite Provides Hardware to Support Medical Innovation Partners with Three of the World’s Top Medical Device Companies

Three of the world’s top medical device companies rely on Testrite’s almost 101 years of experience, making Testrite a valued partner for medical device design companies developing new products. As demand grows for custom-engineered medical devices, Testrite has expanded its operations to include the manufacture of telescopic tubes for medical applications. - September 19, 2020

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Hardware Now Available for Schools

Testrite Visual Launches New Hardware Just in Time for Back to School. - August 19, 2020

US Manufacturer Tackling COVID-19 Design Challenges

New Jersey-based manufacturer of graphic solutions acting as source for products needed in response to COVID-19. - July 29, 2020

New Expanded Product Line for Safety Shields & Safety Barriers; Testrite Helps Put America Back to Work Again

Safety Shields and Safety Barriers are easy to install, affordable to buy and can be installed in cashier and office work stations, but different applications require different designs and installation options. In response to this growing demand, Testrite Visual has developed an expanded line of safety shields and safety barriers. - July 13, 2020

Hanging Shields Now Available from Testrite Visual

Employers are looking for the right products to minimize coronavirus transmission risk in the workplace, providing employees and customers comfort in the process. Testrite Visual is laser focused on designing flexible and low cost solutions that provide safety in the workplace and excited to introduce new hanging shields for retail stores, restaurants, office workspaces and more. - May 30, 2020

Testrite Introduces New Sanitizer & Sneeze Guard Products in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Speed and Innovation When It Matters Most

Testrite Visual is pleased to announce the release of several new products to US and International markets in response to COVID-19. With over 100 years of industry leadership and manufacturing experience Testrite is uniquely suited to provide hand sanitizer dispenser hardware, signholders, cashier shields, sneezegaurds and custom hardware to help flatten the curve of Coronavirus. - May 01, 2020

Testrite Visual Partners with Core Creative Group

New Jersey-based manufacturer Testrite Visual has partnered with Core Creative Group to commemorate its 100th anniversary with a creative-marketing remodel for the new decade. In order to better understand the needs of its customers, Testrite’s overhauled branding will include a new visual... - March 05, 2020

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